6 best areas to stay in Singapore

Are you a current expat moving to Singapore? This guide is all about the best places to stay in Singapore that are worth checking out.

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By Editorial Team

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Singapore is an incredible destination, whether you are visiting as a tourist or planning to move here. The city is large and scale and can be intimidating for newcomers, however. Many people are left wondering about the best places to stay in Singapore. Which areas have the nicest hotels and best dining? What about attractions and museums? Some of the best neighborhoods in Singapore are also ideal for expats.

The best neighborhoods in Singapore can also be the most expensive. We have created this guide to the best places to stay in Singapore to help you save time and money. Are you planning to move to Singapore alone? Maybe you plan to relocate with family or friends? Either way, securing a high-quality apartment can be a challenge. Choosing a flexible-term furnished apartment in Singapore from Blueground instead of signing a yearly lease is an easy way to relocate.

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Going this route eliminates a lot of guesswork! That’s because short-term housing providers like Blueground have apartments available in the best neighborhoods in Singapore. Blueground carefully selects apartments in the best places to stay in Singapore, including the best neighborhoods for expats. Here’s a look at some of the best places to stay in Singapore. For even more to do, check out our guide to some of the best things to do in the city.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay is one of the best places to stay in Singapore, thanks to its wonderful location and attractions. The neighborhood is home to some of Singapore’s most magnificent architecture. There are also as well high-end hotels, shopping, and dining.

Afternoon view of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Marina Bay has futuristic skyscrapers, a waterfront promenade, and the stunning Gardens by the Bay. Supertree Grove offers jaw-dropping views from its planted gardens. There’s also Marina Reservoir, where you can watch a dragon boat race. Famous landmarks like the Marina Bay Sands are within walking distance, along with even more fine dining and exclusive shopping.

Marine Parade

If you’re looking for a beachfront neighborhood, Marine Parade may be the perfect choice!

This lovely area is home to East Coast Park a 15-kilometer white sandy beach with ocean views for days. Marine Parade is one of the best neighborhoods in Singapore, and very popular with expats.

marine parade singapore

Many apartments in this tony neighborhood come with a sea view. Even better, everything you need to live well is right in the neighborhood: cafes and restaurants, supermarkets, and even Parkway Parade, a seven-story shopping mall!

Marine Parade is an ideal choice both for travelers and anyone looking to live in Singapore.


Newton is an expat-friendly area known for its hotels and international cuisine.

The culinary scene is dazzling, with everything from fine dining to noodle stands to offer. Enjoy fine dining, high-end shops, and wonderful entertainment right at your doorstep.

The Newtown Food Centre is especially popular!

Newton is one of the best places to stay in Singapore.


The Novena district is an exclusive enclave set within the boundaries of the Central Region of Singapore.

novena singapore

One of Singapore’s best neighborhoods, Novena is home to fine dining, luxury hotels, and world-class shopping. You won’t want to miss the Novena Square Shopping Mall.

Novena is a perfect fit for new arrivals to the city.


Upscale Orchard is one of the best places to stay in Singapore! This area is home to high-end boutiques, malls and dining establishments.

There’s also Orchard Road, Singapore’s most notable shopping street.

orchard, singapore

You can also experience Singapore’s culture at museums like the National Museum of Singapore or The Arts House.


Beautiful Queenstown is situated in the southwestern portion of the Central Region of Singapore.

The area was renamed in 1952 to mark the coronation of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

queenstown, singapore

This elegant neighborhood has excellent street views.

You will also find a variety of hotels, parks, restaurants, and shops.

So how to choose the best places to stay in Singapore?

If you’re looking to move to Singapore instead of just visiting, now is a great time!

All of the Singapore neighborhoods mentioned above are great places to start your housing search.

Of course, location isn’t everything. There are other important factors to consider while you search for an apartment in Singapore.

1. Set your budget

A logical first step is to figure out your budget for housing. Keep in mind that Singapore is on the expensive side!

You may not be able to afford to rent a studio or a one-bedroom apartment all on your own.

No worries!

If you prefer to live in one of the best neighborhoods in Singapore, you may need to live with flatmates. Be sure to consider the cost of utilities (electricity, gas, Internet, water, etc.) as part of your housing budget.

2. Make a list of neighborhoods

Once you settled on a range you can afford to pay for rent, target 3 to 5 specific neighborhoods.

You will want to look at the best places to stay in Singapore, of course, but may want to consider a few less expensive areas, too.

Remember, the best neighborhoods in Singapore are also likely to be the most expensive!

3. Reality check your commute

Will you be commuting to an office every day? If so, this step is very important!

You will want to find a Singapore apartment with good access to public transportation.

On the other hand, if you will be working from home this is less important.

In fact, you could save on rent by choosing a flat that isn’t located near the MRT or a train station and thus costs less.

4. Make a list of the positives

Once you are at the point of looking at flats, the choice of where to live comes down to your wants and needs.

Are you a foodie who wants to live near the best cafes and restaurants?

Are you a parent who wants to live near the best public schools?

Maybe you’re an explorer who likes to live near tourist attractions.

In the end, the best places to stay in Singapore vary from person to person. The neighborhoods above are a great shortlist as you begin your search.

A flexible-term furnished apartment in Singapore is also an easy way to move to the city quickly. You also have the added benefit of furniture and utilities, saving you time and hassle.

We hope this guide to the best neighborhoods to stay in Singapore helps you with your upcoming travels.

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Editorial Team

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