A turnkey living solution in every large city around the world

blueground is a hospitality-tech company that provides beautifully designed rentals with high-end furnishings for business professionals and individual renters looking for a turnkey living solution.

Our vision
To transform the experience of big city living.
We are on a mission to build a network of conveniently located, fully furnished, beautifully designed apartments in every big city around the globe.

With our connected, turnkey living solution we make it easy for travelers to move between different cities and neighborhoods, fostering diversity of experiences and open-mindedness.
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Our story
blueground was founded in April 2013, in Athens, Greece after one of the co-founders' experiences as a business consultant and traveler. Alex spent almost 5 years in different hotels around the world, for long stretches of time, and he found that hotels were not a comfortable choice for mid and long-term stays. Wanting to provide more cost-efficient and friendlier accommodation solutions for mid to long-term stays is what led to the launch of blueground.
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The problem we are solving
For our tenants:
Finding accommodation for medium-long term stays (1+ months) can be very tedious. It takes navigating between poor-quality apartments, dealing with agents and landlords who are not always professional. Alternatively, hotels are expensive and not a suitable choice for long-term stays. At blueground, we guarantee top quality ready-to-move-in apartments reasonably priced.

For landlords:
Leasing out a property can be very time consuming and, often costly. It involves talking to multiple agents and spending time to handle various issues or hiring expensive property management companies. The tenants often cause damages and vacant apartments lead to loss of income. At blueground, we take away the vacancy risk and look after the property.
Our Values
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the team
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