Famous historical museums around the world

Every time you travel, you expand your horizons. This can look like trying a totally unfamiliar food or exploring a chapter of the past. That’s why…

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Every time you travel, you expand your horizons. This can look like trying a totally unfamiliar food or exploring a chapter of the past. That’s why visiting famous historical museums is so popular. It’s a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with a destination more deeply.

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Here’s a look at famous historical museums in cities where Blueground has a presence.

Asian Civilisations Museum

Singapore’s Asian Civilisations Museum tells the story of the city-state’s multiethnic history. This is done through carefully curated objects.

It’s not only one of the world’s most famous historical museums, but the top museum in Singapore.

Both the permanent collection and rotating exhibitions explore the entire region. Exhibits cover mainland China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and West Asia.

Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia is one of the most important historic structures in the world. It was once known as the eighth wonder of the world.

hagia sofia at sunset

Have you already visited Hagia Sophia mosque? Don’t worry. There is so much more to discover at the Hagia Sophia Museum.

The museum’s collection includes a variety of artifacts and documents related to its history and construction.

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

It’s no wonder that Hong Kong’s most famous historical museum is dedicated to the sea!

Set along the harbor front, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum is easy to find. It’s the ideal place to learn all about the city’s long history of fishing, overseas trade, and even piracy.

The permanent collection has a number of artifacts related to Hong Kong’s seafaring. There are also rotating exhibitions that call out particular aspects of maritime history.

Landesmuseum Zürich

As with many famous historical museums, Switzerland’s national museum popular. It is also an ideal way to immerse yourself in Swiss history.

The Landesmuseum Zürich is set along the banks of the Limmat river in a beautifully restored mansion.

The museum lays out the entire history of Switzerland in immersive style. Many of the exhibits use high-tech projections or have interactive elements to bring history to life.

Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s impressive Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg can be tricky to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for!

The city’s main history museum is “hidden” within a row of interconnected historic homes. Each level contains a different cache of local treasures.

The museum is the perfect place to explore Luxembourgish history. You will find models of the city in former times and plans for famous buildings. You’ll also see local handicrafts, ceramics, textiles, and photographs of Luxembourg in days past.

Museo Nacional de Antropología

Mexico’s Museo Nacional de Antropología is the country’s most popular museum. In addition, it’s one of the most famous historical museums in the world.

Located in Mexico City, this sprawling anthropology museum is the ideal place to explore the ancient cultures of the Yucatán.

aztec calendar stone

The Museo Nacional de Antropología has both archaeological and anthropological artifacts from Mexico’s pre-Columbian era. Some of the museum’s most famous exhibits are a massive Aztec calendar stone and a formidable statue of Xochipilli.

Museu do Fado

Lisbon’s Museu do Fado is the perfect place to explore the history of this unique art form.

If you have never heard fado music, you are in for a treat. This uniquely melancholic musical style became popular in Portugal in the 19th century.

The museum has a collection of photographs, posters, musical instruments, and other artifacts. Basically, it’s the perfect way to get a deep look at the fado world.

The Junípero Serra Museum

The one-of-a-kind Junípero Serra Museum is located in San Diego. The existing structure was built in 1929 on the site of the first Spanish mission. The Mission San Diego was founded in what was then called Alta California.

In addition to the unique mission architecture, the museum and its adjacent archaeological site showcase historic objects. Some of these date back to the 1500s. The Serra Museum is open Saturdays and Sundays.

Each of these institutions lets you take a deeper look at local culture. Wherever you decide to travel next, we hope you will have time to visit one of these famous historical museums!

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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