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Are you a digital nomad or someone who can work from anywhere? Many workers who fall into this category are relocating to another continent to see more of the world. After all, you can live anywhere! Some of the world’s best cities for remote work have beautiful architecture, great food and a rich culture.

Of course, affordability and quality of life are also important!

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Here’s a look at some of the best cities for remote work in Europe.


In a recent article in Forbes, travel expert Elizabeth Brownstein raved about this Catalonian city. Barcelona is an ideal landing place for digital nomads.

The city has incredible architecture and a wonderful selection of museums and performing arts spaces. There are also beautiful beaches, and Barcelona has a laid-back vibe that is ideal for flexible workers.

Barcelona is also one of the best cities for remote work in Europe because of its incredible dining and nightlife. You can hop between tapas bars, taverns, and cool clubs. There is also wonderful Catalonian food and a variety of international fare to explore.

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According to a story published by MSN, Berlin is one of the best cities for remote work in the world!

It’s easy to understand why people who can work anywhere would choose Berlin. Germany’s capital is equal parts hip and historic.

Whether you’re checking out the culture on Berlin’s Museum Island or heading out to a cafe to work, the city is easy to fall in love with.

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Istanbul, Turkey also made MSN’s list of the top places for remote work, and it’s not hard to understand why.

This sweeping historic capital has a low cost of living and plenty of new apartment complexes and condos.

Istanbul’s amazing culinary scene is another draw for digital nomads. In addition to the cities hundreds of high-end restaurants, there are cafes and food stalls at the city’s legendary markets.

The city’s cultural landscape includes a number of museums, historic churches, mosques, and palaces. There are also plenty of opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities just outside the city.

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Forbes’ Elizabeth Brownfield also called out Lisbon as one of the best cities for digital nomads in 2023.

Portugal’s capital has seen a huge influx of residents, thanks to work-from-anywhere policies. People from all over the world come for the city’s laid-back culture, natural beauty, and wonderful food scene.

Whether you want to laze on the beach or eat your dinner in a fado restaurant, nothing compares to Lisbon.

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Mexico City

Mexico City also made the Forbes list. This Latin American gem is another one of the best cities for remote work.


The capital is unmatched for the sheer variety of experiences on offer. Mexico City is huge in size as well as heart, and there’s a neighborhood for everyone.

Whether your goal is to try every type of regional Mexican cuisine or hit up all of the city’s vegan restaurants, your calendar will be packed.

Mexico City is also home to an incredible variety of historic churches, museums and performing arts spaces. The city is a great place to expand your cultural horizons.


Finally, gorgeous Singapore is one of the best cities for remote work per Travel Mag.

This lush city-state is known for its tech industry. Outside of work, there is so much to explore that you will never be bored.

There’s a reason Singapore has billed itself as the garden city. No matter where you are, you’re never far from nature!

Visitors will also find a huge variety of cuisine available in Singapore, thanks to the city’s blended cultural heritage.

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