Starting a ghost kitchen out of an apartment: A Blueground experience

Entrepreneur Federico De Cesare started Alfresco from his DC home.

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

Federico De Cesare ran a business out of his DC Blueground apartment

When Federico De Cesare first arrived in Washington, DC he found a lot to love about the nation’s capital. “Washington is a modern, inclusive, multicultural city with deep roots and a clear vision of the future,” he told Blueprint in an interview.

But nothing is ever perfect, and he was somewhat dismayed by the way his native cuisine was represented in this multicultural city.

“When I came to the United States I saw Italian cuisine — one of the tastiest and healthiest in the world — represented according to old stereotypes and recipes linked to the past.”

Federico De Cesare ran a business out of his DC Blueground apartment

Federico realized that the lack of modern Italian restaurants in his neighborhood represented an opportunity. “A modern interpretation that looked to the future was needed: healthy recipes, including vegetarian and vegan dishes, to be consumed anywhere and at any time thanks to an online order.”

In short order, the budding entrepreneur launched Alfresco — Washington, DC’s first and only modern Italian ghost kitchen — right from his Blueground apartment.

“We chose to launch in Washington, DC because of our ambition to become a national reality. We intend to create a real movement that promotes policies that teach people, starting with children in schools, to adopt a lifestyle that prioritizes the consumption of healthy and sustainable food.

In addition, we want to promote a proper nutrition education program and help those who do not have the opportunity to have a healthy meal every day. This is why our team is identifying some non-profit associations in order to collaborate together and make our resources available to them.

Also, we want Alfresco to become the symbol of a real lifestyle: we don’t just want to sell dishes, but help people get better and live in a better world.”

Now, anyone in the DC area can enjoy fresh, healthy Italian food in the comfort of their own home.

“I am happy to be able to ground my startup in a city rich in culture, history, green spaces and designed for modern mobility,” Federico said.

“Being able to reach your workplace with an electric scooter, take a ride on a public bicycle in one of the many parks in the city, or train by running along the National Mall early in the morning means raising your quality of life.”

None of this would have been possible if Federico hadn’t taken advantage of the comfort and flexibility of a furnished apartment from Blueground.

“My apartment was fundamental for the development of my startup, and when Alfresco is recognized across the country I will be able to say that it all started in a Blueground apartment in DC instead of in a Silicon Valley garage.”

We all want to live in comfortable, stylish homes, but that becomes even more important when a home is also the office.

All of Blueground’s furnished apartments in 15 markets in Europe, the Middle East, and North America come with everything you need to live well and be productive at work, including fast Wi-Fi, smart appliances, and discrete areas for work and relaxation.

“Before finding this place, I was in an uncomfortable apartment. This had serious repercussions on my business since now most meetings are done virtually.

Not being comfortable in the place where I worked and slept made me waste a lot of time and energy. When I finally found my current Blueground apartment, I regained the physical and mental health I had previously lost, and this had a positive impact on my team as well.

Now I sleep well, I have the concentration to meditate and train every day, and I have the right energy to work hard and motivate my team.”

The flexibility of a Blueground lease has allowed Federico to grow his business at his own pace and on his own terms. Convenience and flexibility are why so many people around the world choose Blueground’s furnished apartments.

“Flexibility is key not only for those who want to be entrepreneurs but also for young people entering the world of work.

Those who do not approach the future with a flexible mind and excellent ability to adapt are out of time. Binding yourself with long contracts means wasting time and money. The world goes too fast to stand still in the same place for very long.”

Are you ready to start your own business?

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