Read about a romance story in a furnished apartment in NYC

When Luca and Alessandro stayed in a Blueground furnished apartment in NYC they had a romantic experience that made memories for a lifetime.

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Just in time for Pride Month we’re delighted to share a very Blueground love story about two guests who stayed in one of our furnished apartments in NYC!

Travel impresarios Luca and Alessandro, the dynamic duo behind the travel brand The Globbers, have shared their adventures from the road with a global audience since 2015.

One Night in a Furnished Apartment in NYC…

Alessandro and Luca’s stay with Blueground in New York City in 2019 was a momentous occasion! The itinerary was action-packed, but there was still plenty of time for a romantic surprise.

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“It was a cold January evening in New York City. After a whole day of exploring The Big Apple, we returned to our beautiful Blueground apartment,” Luca said in an interview with Blueprint. “As a surprise, I presented Alessandro with my engagement ring.”

Needless to say, Alessandro accepted this romantic proposal!

“Although we were tired from the busy day, that was a very emotional moment we will always remember. We still carry that New York apartment in our hearts,” Luca said.

Pride Month Is the Time to Inspire and Motivate

Both men originally from Venice. They have used their popular Italian-language travel blog to encourage LGBTQIAPK+ travel among their compatriots. We asked The Globbers to share what Pride means to them.

“Pride has to do with the simple matter that a right is never won forever, and that you can only get so far with the law anyway,” Luca told Blueprint. “Pride still matters because much work remains to be done, especially in Italy.”

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Most travelers enjoy a level of economic privilege and freedom at home that they may take for granted. The contrast can be especially jarring for gay travelers. “In many parts of the world LGBTQIAPK+ people are punished, tortured, and removed from their communities.”

“An annual celebration doesn’t solve things, but it’s an opportunity for inspiration and motivation,” Luca said.

Luca and Alessandro — and the thousands of other guests who have stayed with us — know they can count on Blueground to provide a safe and comfortable home. (Not to mention an elegant backdrop for their adventures.) That’s why the couple has opted to stay in our flexible rental apartments on two continents…so far.

“We have certainly traveled to many countries where homosexuality is not accepted according to that country’s laws,” Luca said. “In our experience, however, the laws often do not respect the true essence of the people.”

“We have been fortunate to feel welcomed with open arms by the inhabitants and partners of nations that are strict toward homosexuality,” Luca said. If you’re moving or looking for a new place to live this year, check out Blueground’s turnkey apartments in amazing cities around the world.”

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Booking a flexible rental apartment in NYC with Blueground lets you avoid much of the work associated with finding a new apartment. Instead of shopping for a couch two Sundays in a row you can spend more time doing what you love. Our stylish furnished apartments have stocked kitchens, fast Wi-Fi, and discrete spaces for living and working. Find out more about the experience of renting an apartment in NYC with Blueground.

Don’t forget to show your support for LGBTQ rights all month long! And be sure to check out our creative ideas for celebrating Pride this year.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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