Places to see in Copenhagen when you want to live like a local

Blueground’s new brand ambassador Abigail Akinyemi shares some of the best places to see in Copenhagen.

Kate Mulcrone

By Kate Mulcrone

Abigail Akinyemi in a Bluegroundu apartment in Copenhagen

Denmark is one of Europe’s coolest cities! You’re sure to enjoy yourself no matter how much time you spend in this tiny country. Wondering about the best places to see in Copenhagen? You’re in luck.

Blueground’s new brand ambassador Abigail Akinyemi shared some of her favorite spots with Blueprint.

Abigail Akinyemi strolls through Copenhagen

Since she spent an entire month in Denmark’s capital, Abigail was able to live like a local, not a tourist.

Hygge at home

Hygge, the Danish word for comfort, elevates it to an art form. Think a pale lace curtain half open to the winter sun, cozy linens, and a steaming mug of tea.

Blueground’s furnished apartments in Copenhagen have stylish décor that meshes perfectly with the hygge sensibility.

The spirit of hygge is well and alive in the city’s bars and eateries, as well.

“Lighting really can alter your mood, warm lighting and candles should be a thing in all restaurants!” Abigail said.

The best places to see in Copenhagen

Abigail recommends checking out Kongens Have – literally, the king’s garden. This magnificent park traces back to 1606, when Christian IV planted flowers and fruit trees on the land outside his castle’s east ramparts.

Taking a walk around this historic garden, which is also called the Rosenborg Castle Gardens, is a must-do when you visit Copenhagen.

Abigail Akinyemi explores Copenhagen

Nyhavn, the city’s historic harbor, is another must-see attraction in Copenhagen. It’s also the perfect spot for a selfie: “Make sure to walk until you see the brick arches, and take your picture from there!” Abigail said.

She also ventured outside of the city with a trip to the Louisiana Museum in Humlebaek.

This is one of the most popular day trips from Copenhagen.

The museum has an amazing collection of 20th century art, including many paintings by Jean Dubuffet, Louise Bourgeois and Pablo Picasso.

Eating & drinking

Since she has to stay connected on the road, Abigail loves finding a cafe to work from. In Copenhagen, her favorite spot was Paludan Cafe. “They had outlets and huge tables, plus a full menu including cocktails,” she said.

After dark, she recommends Curfew, a “secret” speakeasy where customers enter from a secret door set behind a bookcase.

Abigail also loved Ristorante Cafe Leo for what she called “some comfort Italian food.”

Her Blueground apartment was just a short walk from the nearest Aldi, one of the most beloved grocery chains in the world.

All Blueground apartments have full kitchens, making it easy to cook healthy on the road.

She also shopped at smaller local markets during her month in Copenhagen.

“Instead of buying bread at the grocery store, go to your local Lagkagehuset and get a loaf of fresh bread for the same price, and it comes sliced!”

Follow Abigail on Instagram to see get a firsthand look at her adventures in Hong Kong, the next city on her six-month trip around the world with Blueground.

Kate Mulcrone

Kate Mulcrone

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