Why Caroline Solomon chose Blueground for her cross-country move

Moving cross country? A flexible-term lease lets you relocate on your own terms.

Kate Mulcrone

By Kate Mulcrone

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Caroline Solomon, the home organization guru behind the helm of Caroline Solomon Home about needed a comfortable place to stay while she house hunted. Luckily, Blueground was able to accommodate her with an amazing furnished apartment in Los Angeles.

In an interview with Blueprint, Caroline shared some of her favorite aspects of living in a Blueground furnished apartment in Los Angeles. She also let us in on some of her top packing and organizing tips!

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The simplicity of a move-in ready furnished apartment in Los Angeles

Caroline grew up in NYC and has called it home since graduating from college, so at first she was a little intimidated by the prospect of a move to Los Angeles.

“I was quite eager for a change and warmer weather! For a while, I convinced myself that moving across the country would be too difficult, but I realized I had friends out here and also enjoy meeting new people.”

Having a well-appointed place to stay upon arrival was key to optimizing Caroline’s cross-country move. She chose a beautiful Blueground furnished apartment in LA’s hopping Koreatown neighborhood.

“I love my apartment! It’s super peaceful and quiet, which is a bonus coming from noisy New York. As a born and bred New Yorker with a penchant for walking, I chose to live in Koreatown because it’s one of the more walkable neighborhoods in LA.”

Booking a two-month stay in a turnkey apartment in Los Angeles means that Caroline can take her time while she searches for a home to purchase.

“Discovering a company like Blueground really clinched the deal for me. Aside from being fully furnished, I love how clean, fresh and modern all the apartments looked online—essentially like a long-term stay hotel. It’s the perfect place to land as I explore different neighborhoods and search for a new apartment.”

Packing and decluttering tips for a smooth move

Caroline’s experience as a professional organizer makes packing almost second nature for her.

“I actually really enjoy moving (and helping others move), because it’s the perfect opportunity to pare down your possessions and keep only what you need, love and use. Ideally, I recommend decluttering each room a few weeks in advance of the move, then packing things up separately.”

Moving into a turnkey apartment like Blueground’s furnished apartments in Los Angeles means that you only need to bring your clothing and personal items. If you’re already living in a fully furnished home, your possessions have to go somewhere – even if it’s into storage.
“I consider myself a minimalist-ish person, but moving cross-country showed me I could stand to lose a lot more random stuff (like the sprouting jar and lid I purchased during the height of the pandemic),” Caroline said. “It’s okay to let go of these items so long as you part with them responsibly.”

She shared some of her best tips for paring down what you own and then packing up what you love.

First, the more you throw away (or donate) the less you have to pack. “Decluttering beforehand will make packing (and unpacking) so much more seamless. It might be a little more effort upfront, but so worth it when starting fresh in your new home,” Caroline said.

“My philosophy behind determining what to keep and donate/sell is straightforward: If you can’t see yourself using the item in question in your new home, then don’t take it with you (sorry, Popcorn Maker!).”

Some things should be thrown away, but others can be gifted or donated.

“When it comes to decluttering, I like to offer items to friends and family first. If it’s a ‘NO,’ then it’s over to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Craigslist is always a reliable option for selling furniture. As for selling clothes, I’m a big fan of using thredup or RealReal for convenience.”

Once you have purged your possessions it’s time to get to actually packing.

Step one? Make a list of the must-pack essentials. “I’m a big list maker. It helps me organize my thoughts and prioritizes everything I have to do,” Caroline told Blueprint. “I like using the Reminders app on my phone to make lists for action items like ‘grocery essentials for the first week.’”

It can be helpful to use headers on your lists for each room, or to have separate lists altogether for each room. Either way, be sure that you pack items that you use together in the same box. “While it’s easy (and tempting!) to toss everything randomly into boxes, I recommend packing items together that belong in the same room (i.e., storing kitchen utensils with kitchen appliances). This will make moving into your new place so much more pleasant.”

Don’t forget to put a few comfort items on your list, like your favorite snacks or objects that remind you of your travels.

“I’m big on home scents, so I packed a travel-friendly stick of Palo Santo wood and a Diptyque candle for the living room,” Caroline said. “I didn’t pack her in my suitcase, but my cat Sweetie traveled with me on the plane and instantly made my apartment feel like home.”

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Exploring a new city from a turnkey apartment

Caroline has had ample opportunity to explore Los Angeles since checking into Blueground apartment last month.

Her very first LA adventure was quite literally next door.

“My neighborhood adventures have been mostly food-related,” she said. “I’m next to an H-Mart, which I’ve been eager to check out after just finishing Crying in H-Mart. Apart from the mouth-watering looking kimchi, it’s fully stocked with so many different kinds of seaweed snacks and Korean gummies and candies (my weakness!).”

Like many Los Angeles neighborhoods, Koreatown has an incredible variety of cuisine on offer. Here are some of Caroline’s favorites so far.

“I just had a delicious bowl of ramen at Iki Ramen. They also serve really fresh sushi and sashimi. Just a few blocks from me, YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea has really good bubble tea with tons of fun topping options. Korean food is also my favorite kind of cuisine, so I picked this neighborhood strategically! Next on my list to try is Dan Sung Sa.”

Moving into a furnished Los Angeles apartment was the perfect transition for this New Yorker turned Californian. She and her two-year-old cat Sweetie have both broadened their horizons since settling into their new home.

home organizer caroline solomon and her cat

Are you thinking about relocating? A furnished flexible-term rental lets you move across the country – or the world – on your terms. Whether you’re attempting a big move or just want to upgrade to a new apartment in your home city, living in a furnished Blueground apartment will elevate your style. All of our move-in ready homes in cities across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America are individually designed and laid out by our team of talented interior designers.

We hope these ideas will help you stay organized and inspired the next time you move. Find out more about the Blueground experience.

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Kate Mulcrone

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