How to find London sublets | A complete guide

This guide will tell you what to consider when seeking sublets

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Are you looking to move to the UK’s capital for the short term? Sublets in London can be a great way to spend a limited amount of time in the city.

A sublet flat in London is also a great way to check out a new area within the city or to experience several different neighborhoods through different short term rentals.

Of course, the rules for finding sublets depend largely on where you are looking. Things may be a little different in London that where you’re from.

We have put together this guide to finding London sublets to help you map out your search then find the best flats. We will share tips for your search for short term rentals as well as which websites have the best listings.

Let’s get started!

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Tips to help you in your research

  1. What to consider before searching for London sublets
  2. Where to start your search for a London sublet
  3. Look for a furnished rental in London
  4. Check classified ads to locate a good sublet
  5. Use social media for your flat search
  6. What to look for in a London apartment

1. What to consider before searching for London sublets

Before you begin scouring ads for a new flat, it’s a good idea to set your budget for housing. London flats can be quite expensive! Before you start looking for a new home in London, you will want to be honest about what you can afford to spend on rent.

You will also want to include the approximate cost of utilities like electricity, gas, water, and your mobile phone. Even if the bills are relatively low, the total will add up!

Be sure to consider that clothing, food, and entertainment might be more expensive in the UK capital than in your current city. You may want to consider living with a roommate or two if you cannot afford to rent a studio or a one-bedroom apartment on your own. Splitting the rent makes London more cost friendly. Once you have established your rent budget, it’s time to target some neighborhoods for your sublet search. Start by thinking about which London neighborhoods fit your lifestyle. Someone who is all about clubbing likely won’t want to live two hours outside Central London. On the other hand, parents who are looking for London sublets to share with their families might find the same location ideal.

Choose four to five neighborhoods to target in your search. The Internet is your best friend when it comes to your housing search.

2. Where to start your search for a London sublet

There are quite a few websites that specialize in matching renters with sublets!

Here are some of the top websites to help you find sublets in London.


One of the most popular apartment sites in the UK, this is an ideal place to begin your search. Nestpick has listings for all types of housing stock, including sublets.

If you simply search for apartments, you will see thousands of advertisements for London and its environs. To save time and hassle, use Nestpick’s search filters to limit your search to the neighborhoods you’re interested in.

There are so many listings on Nestpick that the results can be a little overwhelming.

Furthermore, although it’s possible to find short-term housing and sublets, there are ways to filter your search specifically. However, if you use the dates filters you will be able to find matches for your desired rental period.


Believe it or not, Craigslist is still a great place to start your search for a sublet flat in London.

Craigslist has flats throughout London and the surrounding area. There are no filters, so it is important to use search terms wisely.This bare bones website lets landlords list for free, but not all include photos of properties. You can simply contact your potential new landlord through the site’s email system without having to sign up or provide your personal details.

Just like with Nestpick, you can find every type of accommodation on Craigslist. If you only want to see sublets in London, you can simply search in the sub-lets/temporary housing subcategory. Make sure that you check Craigslist often for new properties or sign up for email alerts, since good flats go fast!


SpareRoom is another great website for sublet flats in London. This shared apartments website is quite different from sites like Nestpick and Craigslist. Instead of seeing ads for individual rental apartments, SpareRoom matches renters who are seeking sublets or short-term rentals with leaseholders who are looking to move out early.

You can also find professionally managed short term housing in London on SpareRoom. SpareRoom also has a feature that lets you search for a new flat based on commute time to your job.

As the name implies, this rental website specializes in sublets in London and thousands of other cities worldwide. In all, is the easiest place to look for sublet flats in London. That’s because the site doesn’t include every type of flat, house, hotel, and short-term rental in its database. has listings that include photos and other important details about each property. You will also see long and short-term furnished apartments as well as vacation rentals and current renters who are looking for new flatmates.

3. Look for a furnished rental in London

Sublets are a great way to experience a new city short term, but the selection can be limited.

Flexible short term rentals are a great alternative to sublets in London. They give you even more flexibility around dates, plus total privacy. If you are subletting from an individual, you are bound by their schedule. You may want to move to London in February and stay until August, but they are looking for someone from mid-March to mid-June, for example.

Blueground has fully furnished, move-in ready studio, one, two, and three bedroom apartments all over the city. Our furnished apartments in London upscale amenities like gyms, rooftop lounges, pools, and more.

Blueground’s short term furnished rentals in London all have appliances, including full kitchens. The Blueground team equips each unit with fresh linens and fittings, as well as custom high-tech extras like SmartTVs and Marshall speakers.

A short rerm furnished rental is also a great way to experience London without committing to a year-long lease or the purchase of a home.

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4. Check classified ads to locate a good sublet

The local newspaper – and its website – is always worth a look when you are flat hunting. For London sublets, the London Times is the best way to go.

For bonus points, collect the free local newspapers and magazines that you find in bars, cafes, and other public places. It’s best to look directly in the neighborhoods you are targeting in your sublet search. Beyond the newspaper classifieds, you can look at bulletin boards at bars, laundromats, restaurants, and coffee shops for flatmate and sub-let wanted flyers.

5. Use social media for your flat search

You might be surprised to learn that your social feeds can fuel your housing search.

Facebook, especially, can be a great place to find a sublet in London. Use Facebook Marketplace to see who might be looking for someone to take over their lease in the city. It’s important to actually “sublet” or “sub-let” into the search box so that you won’t see year-long rentals and flatshares. You could also post on your own Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok to see if anyone in your network has a lead for you. After all, you only need one connection to find your perfect new sublet apartment.

6. What to look for in a London apartment

Remember, narrow your range down to 3-5 neighborhoods to begin your search. Looking at a number of flats in various neighborhoods will give you a sense of their relative value. You will also get a sense of what your budget will “buy” you. Make sure these areas are appropriate for your budget. If you already have a job, you will also want to be sure that each of your target neighborhoods is a reasonable commute to work. If you own a car, you will also want to think about parking. Is there a carpark? Numbered lots? Street parking? Many flats in London also come with rules about household pets. If you’re looking for a sublet and planning to bring your dog or cat, be upfront about it in communications. Every time you inquire about an apartment, use your phone to make notes about the unit and building. Is there a pool? A rooftop lounge? A gym? Finally, since you will likely be living with someone else’s style choices, quietly take a few pictures while you are viewing a potential sublet apartment. This way you won’t need to wonder what to pack and what to leave at home.

In a nutshell

  • Narrow down your search to 3-5 neighborhoods
  • Compare flats in different neighborhoods to understand their value and budget fit
  • Ensure chosen neighborhoods are suitable for your budget and commute
  • Consider parking options if you own a car
  • Check for pet rules if bringing one
  • Take notes on apartment amenities during inquiries

Now that you are armed with tips for finding sublets in London, you’re practically assured a wonderful new home. Good luck with your flat search!

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