7 awesome cities to live in Europe in 2022

Discover seven of the best cities to live in in Europe along with the reasons why locals and expats love living there.

Keenan Wong

By Keenan Wong

Monument building in Berlin

Europe is one dense continent that can hardly be painted all with the same brushstroke.  Of course, you’ll be privy to the interconnectivity of the European Union (and the proximity of the UK) but also the variations across cultures, languages, and climates all within short flights and train rides. No two cities are the same, and the best cities to live in Europe are an exclusive list. Here we run through seven of the best places to live in Europe with reasons that both locals and ex-pats would use to prove why they love calling their city home. Come along for this ode to the joy of living in Europe’s top cities!


View of a busy street under the Big Ben in London

Okay, hear us out! Life in London is far from perfect, but we have five great reasons to convince you of why London is the best city in the world for English speakers.

Sure it can be mostly grey outside and can be expensive, but these five reasons show that being immersed in a global city like London is worth the move.

Some of the top 5 reasons to live in London are:

  1. It’s a world-class cultural city with music, arts, and museum scenes that attract movers and shakers from around the world
  2. You’ll find jobs across a number of industries, from finance to consulting, that compensate handsomely
  3. You’re connected to Europe and the English-speaking world in all spheres of life, from media to pop culture
  4. The UK is inexhaustible when it comes to travel, and Continental Europe is a short flight or train ride away
  5. Why live in London? Because it’s a microcosm of the world with diaspora from all continents, seen in its residents, dining options, and airline connections

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the eiffel tower at sunset


It’s the dream of so many to live in Paris.  Being in the French capital even as a visitor on a short trip is enough to sell most on the idea of living in Paris.

To live and work in Paris means having 52 weeks a year to uncover all of the delights hidden in the City of Lights. Allow us to show you Paris’ best sides.

Top reasons to live in Paris:

  1. It’s a city that lives up to its best clichés, from stunning architecture to adorable dogs
  2. It has boundless staycation potential, from refined dining to dozens of museums
  3. You’ll be smitten by charming furnished apartments in all arrondissements of the city
  4. Multinationals have a long history of calling the city home, from luxury retail to insurance
  5. There’s its own brand of work-life balance that make living and working in Paris the real deal

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People paasing in front of the brandenburg gate in Berlin

Your mental image of life in Berlin might be of underground nightlife or maybe sprawling avenues, but the German capital is, of course, that and much more!  Its youthful vibe might be maturing with a flourishing tech scene, but its renegade spirit and adoration of all things alternative keeps Berlin “poor but sexy.” With broadened appeal from artists to young professionals, Berlin continues to rank as one of the best cities to live in Europe for many.

Top 5 reasons to start a new life in Berlin

  1. Even in spite of COVID, Berlin’s arts, culture, and nightlife scenes are vibrant as ever
  2. It’s a city with layers of history that begs to be uncovered through its museums, architecture, and literature
  3. Neighborhoods have a distinct character that keeps the debate rolling on the best places to live in Berlin
  4. Germany has some of Europe’s best worker’s rights, where ending work on time is the name of the game
  5. Tolerance is a way of life here, so come as you are and continue to do as the locals do

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Evening skyline of Vienna, Austria

Just look at how the city scores on the liveability indexes and it’s easy to see why Vienna life is one that makes Europeans green with envy. Austria’s largest city has long been considered one of Europe’s premier cultural capitals, but these days, it’s best known for the quality of living offered to its residents. We explain five ways in which Vienna is distinguishing itself amongst Europe’s best cities to live in.

Here are 5 top reasons to live in Vienna:

  1. Living in Vienna means stepping between tradition and modernity, in everything from value systems to the housing stock
  2. Pristine nature is at your doorstep, whether on the water and up in the mountains
  3. The municipal infrastructure just works – from garbage collection to public transport
  4. It’s considered a safe metropole for all, particularly single women, to raise a family
  5. You’ll find yourself with one foot in Western Europe and the other in Central Europe while living in this world-class city

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Sunlit Park Gruell in Barcelona

Settling in Barcelona means having the melting pot of Catalonian, Spanish, and international cultures at all hours of the day.

A mix of quality of life plus job opportunities means that a new generation of Europeans and foreigners are coming to the city to live and work.

Barcelona may be a changing city, but it is one that is changing for the better thanks to these attributes.

5 reasons why living in Barcelona is a good idea:

  1. Each neighborhood has its own vibe with businesses catering to its locals within walking distance
  2. You’ll have a mild Mediterranean climate year-round that will put you in a relaxed mood
  3. Catalonia is one of two economic poles of Spain, meaning finding work in Barcelona has never been easier
  4. Locals know good food and take it seriously (and casually, too)
  5. Barcelona’s first female mayor is putting its residents first with progressive policies

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The city of Zurich from above


Switzerland has no shortage of liveable cities, but postcard-perfect Zurich is our pick of the lot.

From efficient public works to some of the continent’s highest salaries, why not join the blossoming community of folks from abroad that call Zurich home?

Top 5 reasons to settle in Zurich:

  1. It’s a small city that has outsized offerings, from modern infrastructure to cultural institutions
  2. You’re surrounded by the Alps while living in Zurich, whether that’s hiking in summer or skiing in winter
  3. Furnished apartments in Zurich are second to none, just take a peek at a few of the offerings
  4. The Swiss healthcare system has got your back (…head, heart, etc.) covered
  5. Your salary goes the extra mile, even after considering the cost of living

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port view of Copenhagen


Cozy Copenhagen is no hard sell on a list of the best places to live in Europe.

At under a million people, the Danish capital has lots to offer to its residents, all while being small enough to know your neighbors and to cross all on a bicycle.

Are you considering living in Copenhagen? Here’s why we’re rooting for the harbor city.

5 reasons life in Copenhagen just makes sense:

  1. Danes are regularly ranked as the 2nd happiest people on Earth, and you’ll soon discover how they will be friends for life
  2. It’s a city made for bikes, but there’s an expanded Metro when you’re feeling tired or simply rained out
  3. Living in Copenhagen is to change your outlook on rainy weather and realize the potential of hygge living
  4. The dining scene can do you no wrong, from corner eateries to New Nordic fine dining
  5. You’ll find a small-town safety in this medium-sized city that makes it friendly to families or late nights out partying

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Living in Europe is greatly defined by which of its best places you choose to call home.

Beyond the implicit cultural or economic differences by country, it’s worth considering how your aspirations line up with what each city has to offer.

But again, don’t think too much about it, Europe awaits and we’re here to help you make it feel like home right away.

Keenan Wong

Keenan Wong

Keenan Wong is the former Content Marketing Manager at Blueground. He loves contributing expertise around relocations for expats on the move, and neighborhood advice for those looking to connect with their new area. His favorite trips involve a bike with panniers, and his favorite meals involve small plates and good friends.