8 helpful tips for finding student accommodation

Essential things to consider before choosing the home you’ll stay in during the school year.

Kevin Crain

By Kevin Crain

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You’re gearing up for your next big adventure – college life. New experiences, new friendships, and a new home. But with all of the options out there, how do you even begin finding student accommodation? Don’t worry! We’ll help you discover the perfect property for students with these eight simple tips. 

1. Location, location, location

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The classic real estate mantra holds true for student housing in London, New York, and anywhere else around the world. How close your apartment is to campus and essential amenities can greatly impact your daily life. If possible, choose an apartment with a quicker commute and easy access to grocery stores, libraries, and public transportation. A location that lines up with your lifestyle and activities can significantly enhance your college experience.

Consider the safety of the area your apartment is in as well. Research crime rates and the overall reputation of the area. Additionally, ask about the presence of security measures within the apartment complex, such as well-lit pathways, security teams, secure entry systems, and surveillance cameras. With Studentground, Blueground’s premium housing solution for students, neighborhoods are carefully selected with student safety and well-being in mind. 

2. Figure out your budget

Your budget is the cornerstone of your decision-making process. Begin by calculating your monthly income, including any financial support from family or part-time jobs. Deduct essential expenses such as tuition, groceries, and transportation. The remaining amount will help you decide how much you can comfortably spend on rent.

When setting your budget, consider not only the monthly rent but also additional costs like utilities and potential pet or parking fees. While you want to find student accommodation that’s comfortable,  it’s important to consider your financial situation, too. Keep in mind that renting an apartment at the top end of your budget might limit your ability to enjoy other aspects of your college life.

3. The right roommate 

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Many types of student accommodation include a roommate. Although sharing a furnished apartment with roommates can be a rewarding experience, it’s crucial to find people whose lifestyles align with yours. Before finalizing roommates, have open discussions about your schedules, habits, and expectations. If you’re a night owl, living with an early riser might lead to conflicts. Similarly, discussing cleaning routines, study habits, and personal boundaries can help prevent misunderstandings in the future.

In an ideal world, your roommate would have a similar level of commitment to academic and personal responsibilities. Consider their study habits and social activities, as well as their willingness to share chores like cleaning and grocery shopping. By selecting roommates who share your values, you can create a harmonious living environment.

4. Amenities for your lifestyle

When exploring potential student apartments, pay close attention to the available amenities. These facilities can significantly impact your comfort and convenience. For instance, if you’re someone who values physical fitness, look for apartments that offer an on-site fitness center. If you’re a culinary enthusiast, prioritize apartments with well-equipped kitchens.

Many student housing websites make this hard to discover. Luckily, Blueground doesn’t. Each furnished apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen, and lots of the apartment buildings feature gyms, pools, and lounges. Plus, you know you’re getting high-tech touches like fast WiFi, smart TVs, and Bluetooth speakers. Finally, Blueground guests also get exclusive savings on services like food delivery, fitness classes, car rentals, and more. 

5. Safety matters

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Your safety is paramount, and the security measures in place within the apartment complex can make a significant difference to your peace of mind. Look into the access control systems used, such as key cards, apps, or codes, that prevent unauthorized entry into the building. Also, don’t overlook small details like good lighting in common areas, parking lots, and walkways. 

It may seem like overkill, but you can also ask about emergency protocols and the availability of security personnel on-site. A well-prepared and responsive team at your apartment ensures that safety concerns are addressed quickly. Lastly, read online reviews and testimonials from current or previous residents. You’ll may get insights into the security measures and overall safety of the apartment complex that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.

6. Inspect thoroughly

If you’re thinking about how early to look for apartments, sooner is better. That way you won’t be forced to make a last-minute decision. Instead, you can take your time. First, start with Blueground’s detailed photos and virtual tours to get a feel for the space. When you actually visit student housing for rent, you’ll have the opportunity to dig deeper.

Look beyond the furnished decor and pay attention to the condition of essential elements like flooring, walls, and appliances. Check for signs of wear and tear, water damage, or any issues that might require maintenance or repair. Test the functionality of the stove, fridge, and microwave. Turn on faucets to ensure water pressure is satisfactory, and inspect windows for proper sealing and insulation. Checking the quality of your apartment early will help you avoid surprises after you finish finding student accommodation.

7. Research your landlord

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Looking to rent student housing? One major component you can’t forget to check out is the landlord or management team. How responsive and supportive they are can make a big difference in your living experience. Start by researching the reputation of the who owns the property. Online reviews and testimonials from current and previous residents will give you an idea of what living in that apartment is like.

Thanks to Blueground’s guest app, requesting fresh towels or maintenance is simple. Our on-the-ground team is reliable and will get back to you quickly. Because we want to make every guest’s stay as hassle-free as possible. That’s incredibly important for students, who have a lot on their plates already with classes and studying.

8. Future-proof your choice

While finding student accommodation is important for the present, think about your long-term plans and academic journey. If you’re uncertain about the duration of your stay, prioritize furnished apartments with flexible leasing options — like Blueground. 

Our Studentground program features the flexibility to stay one month or more and the benefit of a convenient contract freeze. Seriously, bookings of 12+ months can pause their contract and not pay rent for up to three months during school breaks. Simply choose another available apartment when you return to campus and resume your contract!

Experience the Blueground difference

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Searching for the perfect, premium student apartment? Blueground has your back. We offer move-in-ready apartments in the most sought-after neighborhoods of major cities. So finding student housing for rent in Boston, Los Angeles, and across the globe is easy. By following these tips, you’ll have the best base camp for this exciting next chapter of your life.

Kevin Crain

Kevin Crain

Kevin Crain is a writer from Dallas, Texas. He’s dedicated to helping every Blueground guest live like a local and make their apartment feel like home. His favorite topics include active experiences, bucket list essentials, and hidden gems in cities around the world.