A guide to street fairs in NYC

Looking for something to do in New York? Check out one of the many street fairs! These are the best choices that the Big Apple has to offer.

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

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When it comes to street fairs in NYC, visitors have lots of options. Warm weather heralds in street fairs, flea markets, festivals, and more. From April through October, several of Manhattan’s streets open up to include some of the best street fairs in NYC. By closing down car traffic, these street fairs in NYC allow people to browse, socialize, eat, drink, and more.

A city as diverse as New York offers quite a selection of street fairs, and no two are alike. Many showcase food as the central attraction. You will find some street fairs also boast a wide range of vendors, entertainment, and much more.

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Midtown, the neighborhood where several Blueground apartments are located, is bursting with dozens of street fairs during the summer months. May, June, and July mean exciting events filled with food, shopping, parades, and more. A few midtown street fairs you do not want to miss include:

Grand Central Food Fair

Takes place along 43rd Street and Lexington Ave during the last week of May.

Lexington Ave Spring Festival Street Fair

Enjoy this fair during the last week in May, which takes place along Lexington Avenue from 42nd to 57th Street.

Taste of Times Square Street Fair

From 46th street between Broadway and 10th Ave in Midtown West, you’ll find this popular street fair. This event takes place in early June and tickets are required.

Avenue of the Americas Summerfest Fair

This takes place in mid-June and is typically along 6th Ave and 42nd Street in Midtown. 


East Side

Located on the Lower East Side, the Hester Street Fair is one of the best that the city has to offer. It is designed to bring the culture and diversity of the community together. It features multiple events throughout the course of the summer and thousands of individuals flock to this street fair to see what food, goods, and entertainment are being offered.

A street food vendor in his stall grilling sausages.

If you love delicious food, you also want to check out the Taste of the Lower East Side Street Fair. This event gives you a taste of some of New York’s yummiest cuisine. It features games, music, and lots of food. Keep in mind, this is another event where you will need to purchase tickets.


Annual street fairs in NYC

During the warmer months, Manhattan is home to many hidden gems including the lesser-known street fairs. Some can feel a bit familiar while others have an exciting cultural flair that people of all ages will love. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the best street fairs in NYC throughout the year:


June is a big month for street fairs as there are more than 20. Some of the biggest include the Turtle Bay Festival, the Avenue of the Americas Expo, and the Murray Hill Neighborhood Festival.


July has almost 30 fun street festival events. The events this month include Bastille Day, which is a French celebration that is definitely worth checking out.


August has more than a dozen street fairs, which unfold throughout the city. Residents can check out the larger ones, like the Eighth Avenue Festival or the Lexington Avenue Summerfest, both of which are some of the best-known events in the entire city.


September is a great time in NYC. The temperatures are cooling down and it’s an excellent time to be out in the streets, checking out the best that the city has to offer. The big one this month is the San Gennaro Festival.


October brings crisp weather in NYC, and the city responds by holding more than 25 street fairs. The highlight is the Japan Block Fair.

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Each street fair is different. As a general rule, most are running from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Locals recommend going between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to get the best of the food, shopping, and excitement. This timeframe also ensures that vendors are still there and that the crowds haven’t exploded just yet.


Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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