6 of the safest neighborhoods to live in NYC

NYC is much safer than what it shows on the big screen.

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

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Some people still have the erroneous impression that New York is a city plagued by high crime rates. TV shows and movies have done little to dispel this notion.

The good news is that NYC has moved far beyond the reputation it had in the 80s and early 90s. This was a time when things were just about as bad as you imagine.

While it’s not perfect and crime still occurs, NYC is far safer than it used to be.

If you really want to make sure that you’re living in a completely safe area, here are some of the safest neighborhoods in NYC.

1. City Island

City Island is a great place to live for families and retirees because of its low crime rate and relatively affordable housing (well, affordable for New York standards). The median monthly rent is $2,625, while the median purchase price for a home is $470,000.

What makes it one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC is its low crime rate, which is 65% lower than the national average.

This is due, in part, to the very tight-knit community of fewer than 5,000 people that lives here.

It also offers great schools, affordable and tasty dining options, as well as excellent entertainment. It’s far more low-key than busy Manhattan. That’s why so many find it to be a very attractive option when deciding where to live. 

2. Throgs Neck

This peninsula in the Bronx is a very friendly and relaxed neighborhood. It’s perfect for almost everyone, from professionals and families to students and retirees.

Offering surprisingly affordable housing for NYC, with a median rent of $1,500 and a median home value of $415,000, Throgs Neck is beloved thanks to its amazing Italian restaurants, great shops, and exciting nightlife.

You can even go boating and fishing here, due to the excellent location near the water. This is likely why it is home to the State University of New York Maritime College.  

Ultimately, what makes it one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC is the crime rate that’s below the United States average by 32%.

3. Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge in Brooklyn is as close as you can get to a small-town feel in the big city. It features stunning sidewalks that are lined with trees and rowhouses.

While you’ll find mostly find single-family homes in this area, there are quite a few apartments available, as well as some Tudor and Colonial-style properties.

Above all, this beauty comes at a price. The median rent is $2,300 per month, and the median home value is around $845,000.

Still more affordable than some neighborhoods in the city, but not exactly what you’d call cheap.

The amazing thing about Bay Ridge is that you won’t get lonely. The area frequently holds street fairs and parades so residents can quickly get to know one another.

What lands it on the list of the safest neighborhoods in NYC is the fact that its crime rate is 71% below the national average.

Impressive, to say the least.

4. Murray Hill

Hands down one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC, Murray Hill is located in Midtown Manhattan. It’s the perfect place to live for students, professionals, and families, thanks to the more sensible feel of the area.

In other words, you get the amazing landscape of the city without having to put up with all the noise of Lower Manhattan’s nightlife.

grand central station

It’s also close to the New York Public Library and Grand Central Station, which makes it great for bibliophiles and culture lovers. The crime rate is 71% lower than the U.S. average.

Combining the relative affordability of Manhattan with median rents of $2,900 and home values of $1.1 million makes finding a normal place in Murray Hill tricky.

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5. Upper East Side

The Upper East Side isn’t just one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC, but it’s also one of the few to offer relatively spacious housing. If you’re looking for a quiet area with great schools, beautiful parks, and fun community centers, then you definitely can’t go wrong with the Upper East Side.

Funnily enough, it’s still quite affordable (for New York). Median rents are $4,495 per month and median home values of $1.3 million. It might sound expensive, but when you see the area and the homes, you’ll understand why it’s classed as affordable.

upper east side manhattan

The only issue is that it can be a little more complicated to get to some of NYC’s great entertainment and dining spots.

However, the 71% lower-than-average crime rate, and its proximity to Museum Mile and Central Park will more than makeup for it.

6. Great Kills

Despite its name, Great Kills is one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC. The crime rate is 48% below the national average.

Plus, in a way, it’s almost like a fly trap. People move here and the last thing they ever want to do is move away.

Lots of people have moved from Manhattan to Great Kills, which is located on Staten Island. They wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world, despite the fact that the commute to Manhattan takes a while.

All in all, some attractions include amazing schools, a tight-knit community, tons of restaurants and shops, and close proximity to Great Kills Harbor and Great Kills Park.

It also has some exceptional housing options at relatively affordable prices. The median rent hits $2,200, and the median home purchase price is coming in at $425,000.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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