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Park alley in NYC

New York City is one of the most exclusive cities in the world and it’s made up of a huge network of neighborhoods. Trying to figure out the best neighborhoods in NYC is an overwhelming task, but also a necessary one. No matter what sort of life you’re interested in having here, there is likely going to be a specific neighborhood that appeals to you more than others.

These top seven locations give you a place to begin your search and will hopefully help you figure out what you want from the city. Take a look through the list below and then compare them to your budget. You’ll notice that we included the average monthly rent for an unfurnished unit (according to RENTCafe) as well as the price of a furnished Blueground apartment in the same area.


Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is known for its stunning views and colorful atmosphere. The area is home to New York University and is a bustling combination of restaurants, shops, and small venues.

Brick building exterior in Greenwich Village in NYC. There is a black door with a light on above while the next building has a green door

It offers the rare feeling of a small community in the middle of New York City, which is one of the things that the residents love best. In terms of safety, you never have to worry. Greenwich Village is one of the best places to live in NYC.

Unfurnished One Bedroom ($4,197) – Furnished One Bedroom ($6,126)


Kips Bay

Positioned nearby Murray Hill, Kips Bay is a location that’s known for being quieter than others. It’s one of the sections of the city that you want to move to if you’re concerned about safety. Kips Bay is known for its micro-apartments and for having more reasonably priced rent than other sections of NYC. It’s a relaxed place to call home with wide streets and good walking paths. It is a bit further away from amenities though if that’s a major concern for you.

Unfurnished One Bedroom ($3,925) – Furnished One Bedroom ($4,419)



New York manhattan skyline seen from water

SoHo is a trendy location within Manhattan and is the ideal place to live if you fancy yourself to be a foodie. There are countless top-rated restaurants to enjoy dining in this location. For instance, the Blue Ribbon Brasserie offers excellent seafood and meat dishes, Le Coucou provides top-notch French meals, and Houseman offers the best burgers you can get. In addition, there are tons of high-class boutiques you simply have to explore. SoHo is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan if shopping and eating are two activities you enjoy. Keep in mind though, it’s also a costly place to live and properties here don’t come cheap.

Unfurnished One Bedroom ($5,066) – Furnished One Bedroom ($5,572)


Prospect Heights

This centrally-located community is positioned right in the middle of Brooklyn. Here you’ve got easy access to Prospect Park which offers 582 acres to roam around and enjoy. This neighborhood offers quick and easy access to the most essential amenities. It’s also home to the Brooklyn Public Library as well as the Barclays Center. Prospect Heights is well-known for its regular food events and community activities.

Unfurnished One Bedroom ($3,145) – Furnished One Bedroom ($3,459)


Murray Hill

New York World Trade Center street view

Murray Hill used to be considered the most prestigious location in the city. Today, it definitely still makes the list of where to live, but now it’s best known for its exciting nightlife. Murray Hill is a neighborhood made up mostly of postgraduate students. There’s an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants (which is why it’s also known as “Curry Hill”). It’s also often hosting special events and dive bar parties that are tons of fun to attend – even if you haven’t been a student in the last decade.

Unfurnished One Bedroom ($3,883) – Furnished One Bedroom ($4,323)



Even though it has a silly name, DUMBO is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in NYC (as well as one of the most expensive). The acronym stands for Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass, and as you can guess, this location offers easy access to Brooklyn and Manhattan. It’s known for its thriving tech community and is the best place to live if you have a tech-related position.

Unfurnished ($3,473) – Furnished ($4,950)


Battery Park City

When looking for the best neighborhood in NYC to raise a family, Battery Park City usually comes up. This well-planned neighborhood is home to parks, and walking paths and is known for being safe as well. If you’re searching for a particularly safe neighborhood, this is the one to test out. It’s near the Hudson River at the lower tip of Manhattan and offers plenty of residential locations to call home.

Unfurnished One Bedroom ($5,363) – Furnished One Bedroom ($5,899)

By understanding what’s considered to be the best neighborhoods in NYC, you have a solid starting point for your house hunt. Blueground offers properties in some of the most exclusive areas and helps (new and lifelong) New Yorkers figure out where to live no matter what they’re looking for. When it comes to living like a local, Blueground tenants can move between apartments and discover new corners of the city – all on the same tenancy contract.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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