Long-term rentals: Are they right for you?

Find out some of the many advantages of staying in one spot for a year or longer.

Kevin Crain

By Kevin Crain

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There’s a big difference between finding a home and finding a place to live. “Home” is where you can relax. It’s a peaceful retreat, serving as the foundation of your entire life. But it takes time for any place to feel like a home. When you’re comfortable and have the stability that comes with long-term rentals though, you set yourself up for success. 

This article aims to help you better understand the benefits of long-term accommodations. By the end, you’ll learn if staying for a year or more in a furnished apartment is right for you.   

Emotional benefits

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Belonging. One major advantage of long-term rentals is building a sense of community. Staying in the same area for an extended period allows you to form meaningful connections. You’ll get to know neighbors, shop owners, and community members.

Relaxation. Establishing routines is crucial for our mental health. Moreover, knowing where you’ll be living next month or next year reduces stress and provides a comforting predictability to your daily life. 

Contentment. There’s also the psychological peace of mind that comes from having a stable home base. This security allows you to focus on other important aspects of your life: work, hobbies, and personal growth. Overall, long-term living situations make you feel more settled and connected.

Financial advantages

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Predictability. Staying in the same home for several months can significantly impact your budget. Firstly, stable monthly expenses are a key benefit. Knowing exactly what your rent will be each month helps you better plan your finances. 

Savings. Moreover, long-term contracts often come with lower monthly expenses. For instance, the Live@Blueground program features a full year of furnished living with up to $13K in upfront savings and unbeatable monthly rates. That’s because yearlong commitments are beneficial to landlords, too. 

Cost avoidance. Putting down roots also means you won’t have to pay the hefty expenses associated with frequent relocations. Hiring movers? Buying packing supplies? You won’t be doing either of those things for a while. 

Flexibility & freedom

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Personalization. Staying in a home for several months gives you the ability to alter your space. Unlike short-term rentals, a long-term lease lets you decorate and make your home truly your own. That may include artwork, plants, photos, bookshelf decor, and more.  

Pressure-free. There’s way less stress than homeownership. No worrying about property taxes, maintenance issues, or big financial commitments. Leave those issues to people buying a house. 

Mobility. With long-term living solutions like Live@Blueground, you can also easily swap apartments or freeze your contract for a couple months. Whether you’re switching cities for a job or just seeking a change of scenery, you can relocate without the hassle of selling a home.

Maintenance & repairs

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Not your responsibility. It’s the landlord’s job to fix that leaky faucet or a broken heater. Why stress over that yourself? Call your property manager, and they’ll handle it. 

Professional service. Want a repair done correctly and efficiently? You may be able to follow a YouTube tutorial, but skilled technicians will make sure it’s 100% right. This saves you time and ensures the job is done correctly the first time. 

Money matters. Don’t forget about the cost savings on repairs and upkeep. When something goes wrong, it’s usually unexpected. Rather than dip into your savings at an inconvenient time, leave it up to your landlord and their team. That equals more financial peace of mind for you.

Community & social engagement

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Networking. Living in a community for a year or longer often means meeting a diverse group of people. This might include coworkers, neighbors, or people with shared interests. You’ll have more chances to interact with these new acquaintances the longer you live in one spot. 

Get-togethers. Social activities in your building or community let you bond with other residents. From BBQs and book clubs to library events and city-wide celebrations, the opportunities are endless. Over time, interacting with locals leads to cherished memories and connections. 

Lifelong friends. Recurring contact with someone naturally fosters a long-term relationship. Sure, you can meet someone and instantly hit it off. But by staying in the same home for a long time, you can turn your acquaintances into trusted friends. 

Access to amenities

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Easy living. Apartment complexes often boast modern conveniences like high-speed internet, secure parking, and on-site maintenance services, ensuring convenience at every turn. 

On-site enjoyment. Shared facilities such as gyms, pools, and communal spaces add to your daily fun and wellness opportunities. No matter your lifestyle, long-term residents can easily stay active, socialize, and relax without ever leaving the premises. 

Elevated experience. These amenities not only promote a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle but also add significant value without additional costs. Just think of how much it would cost to install and maintain your own pool. Or the time and effort required to travel to an off-site fitness facility. 

Environmental impact

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Green living. Is eco-friendliness important to you? Long-term rentals often boast a lower carbon footprint compared to homeowners. That’s because shared living spaces, like apartment buildings, promote energy efficiency and resource conservation. Modern apartments are thoughtfully designed to maximize energy use. Features like efficient heating and cooling systems and quality insulation reduce overall consumption. 

Sustainable activities. Some complexes feature shared laundry facilities and recycling programs for added sustainability. Many communities go even further. That might include activities like composting, carpooling, and community gardening. 

Legal advantages

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Contractual confidence. Why deal with legal complications? Apartment residents enjoy strong protection under rental laws, ensuring their rights are upheld. However, renters should look over the terms and conditions outlined in lease agreements before signing. Ideally, these will be transparent, helping tenants understand their responsibilities and the landlord’s obligations. 

Fewer disputes. Landlords and tenants sometimes disagree about an issue. Luckily, contracts reduce misunderstandings and create a fair living environment. If there is a dispute, the legal framework makes it easier for renters to address issues effectively and efficiently. 

Stress reduction

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Fewer responsibilities. Mowing a yard. Fixing a toilet. Replacing the roof. These are all homeowner headaches that renters never face. It’s almost always the landlord’s job to take care of these issues. Your blood pressure (and wallet) will thank you. 

Schedule space. With less stress comes more time to pursue your personal interests and hobbies. Whether you’ve always meant to learn the guitar or participate in a monthly book club, renting opens up hours in your calendar. 

Ready, set, rent!

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Long-term rentals feature numerous benefits – in terms of your emotional and financial states, as well as your lifestyle. Thinking about staying in your next home for several months, a year, or longer? Blueground offers thousands of furnished apartments in major cities across the globe. Whether you need a one-bedroom apartment in New York City or 2+ bedrooms in Athens, there’s a fully equipped home waiting for you. 

Kevin Crain

Kevin Crain

Kevin Crain is a writer from Dallas, Texas. He’s dedicated to helping every Blueground guest live like a local and make their apartment feel like home. His favorite topics include active experiences, bucket list essentials, and hidden gems in cities around the world.