The Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

Does Chicago deserve its reputation for crime? Definitely not. The safest neighborhoods in Chicago are easy to come by as long as you follow a few …

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By Editorial Team

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For anyone relocating to Chicago, a top priority in renting an apartment is finding the right neighborhood to live in.

So, what part of Chicago is the safest?

Well, not all neighborhoods are created equal.

Although many of Chicago’s neighborhoods are perfectly safe, some will make you feel more secure than others, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the city.

Obviously, crime can happen anywhere

However, choosing places to live based on their overall reputation for safety is always a good way to feel confident about your area.

Choose from this list of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago to make sure your experiences upon arrival are positive.

What are Chicago’s safest areas?

  • The Loop
  • Gold Coast
  • Lincoln Park
  • West Loop
  • Streeterville
  • Wicker Park

Is Chicago dangerous?

Unfortunately, the data certainly shows that Chicago has earned its reputation as a violent place.

However, the Windy City is not even in the top three among the nation’s most violent cities.

Like in most places, the neighborhoods of Chicago are diverse and what happens in one area doesn’t necessarily happen in another.

As a cosmopolitan city that welcomes visitors and arrivals from around the world, it’s worth it to live here.

There are definitely neighborhoods that have more than their share of violence.

But most of Chicago is beautiful, green, and liveable. Just make sure you’re doing a bit of research about an area before putting down any deposits

Explaining Chicago’s safest neighborhoods

A man walking on a sidewalk of a chicago street. A train can be seen on a raised platform above the road and tenements line both sides of the street

The Loop

The Loop is the heart of Chicago.

Most of the city’s skyscrapers can be found here, so if you’ve found an office job in this city, you’ll probably be working in the Loop.

While it’s less known as a residential community, the Loop is certainly a safe place to live.

Besides, who can turn down walking to work every day?

Gold Coast

Located on Chicago’s north side, the Gold Coast is well-known for being one of the city’s safest neighborhoods.

The quiet, tree-lined streets are a stark contrast from the bustling tourist scene along the Magnificent Mile just a few blocks further south.

These blocks are occupied mostly by upscale townhomes, although you’ll also find a handful of mid-and high-rise apartment buildings. 

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park has a reputation not only for being the most family-friendly neighborhood in Chicago but also for being safe. This green-filled community is home to the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Lincoln Park Conservatory, the Chicago History Museum, and tons of other entertainment options for all ages.

It’s also the location of the city’s largest park of the same name, which encompasses more than 1,200 acres of parks, beaches, and recreational areas.

West Loop

Directly west of Downtown is one of the hippest and safest neighborhoods in Chicago.

The West Loop is the hotspot for some of the city’s best dining and nightlife, which means it’s safe to walk around central areas just about anytime – day or night. It’s very rare to find yourself alone on the street at any given time in this cultural hub.


Streeterville is one of Chicago’s most unique neighborhoods because it is surrounded by water. Its southern border is defined by the Chicago River, and Lake Michigan spans to the east.

Navy Pier, a major tourist attraction that draws in thousands of people every day, is located in Streeterville.

Since the area is frequented by locals and tourists alike, it’s regularly patrolled by police.

At the center of Streeterville lies the Northwestern University hospital campus, attracting tons of medical staff and patients during the day. Things quiet down once offices close, so you’ll never have to worry about losing a good night’s sleep.

Wicker Park

Although Wicker Park is known for being an edgier up-and-coming area, don’t be fooled by its rough edges. Wicker Park is a close-knit community populated by caring locals who take safety very seriously.

From mom and pop stores to intimate hangout spots, everywhere you go is bound to make you feel like you’re safe and secure.

Safety tips for living in Chicago

The neighborhoods listed above are only some of the most prominent places to live in Chicago for safety.

Almost any of Chicago’s neighborhoods can become a safe place to call home as long as you follow a few general guidelines.

A man carrying his bike walking on a concrete walkway on the lakefront in chicago.

Keep these tips in mind during your apartment hunt:

  • Use the City of Chicago crime map to check for activity in specific neighborhoods or even on individual blocks
  • Research the neighborhood you’re considering online before you commit
  • Try to find an apartment near a school, where police are more likely to patrol frequently
  • Avoid walking alone at night; take a taxi if needed
  • Search for apartment buildings with a doorman for additional 24-hour security and peace of mind
  • If you plan to commute by public transportation, pick somewhere close to the nearest station

Always be alert, trust your intuition, and use common sense. Your body language can make you appear more or less vulnerable.

A tourist (or really anyone!) holding a map, looking confused, and/or walking with their eyes glued to their phone is just asking for trouble.

Don’t flaunt expensive watches or jewelry either – this is just putting a bullseye on your back. 

Finding an apartment in Chicago’s safest neighborhoods

Chicago’s safest neighborhoods are also the most competitive when it comes to finding a home.

Since most renters would prefer to live in a safer neighborhood, demand is much higher for these units. Prices go up and apartments might only be listed for a day or two before someone snags them.

spacious and light fully furnished apartment in Chicago that is managed by Blueground. There is a large grey couch, a marble coffee table and behind that is a wall of windows

To find your ideal space in a safe part of Chicago, use a furnished housing company like Blueground. It’s easy to view and reserve an apartment online instantly, hassle-free.

You’ll only see apartments that are still available, so you won’t have to waste time sending out hopeful inquiries to landlords. You can filter apartment results by certain safety features, such as buildings with a doorman.

So, if you find yourself wondering, ‘Is Chicago a safe city to live in?’, the short answer is yes.

Blueground makes it easy to live in Chicago safely, regardless of how familiar you are with the city.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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