An intro to carshares in Chicago

Need to make a local or long distance trip, without having to use public transportation? These car shares in Chicago can make that happen.

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By Editorial Team

A road bridge in central chicago.

Don’t have a car? Is it because you transferred to Chicago recently for your job, to start school, or because you moved from the suburbs and sold your car?

No matter the reason, finding a carshare in Chicago could be a solution when you need to get around the city. Carshare companies offer a range of vehicles, affordable rates, and unique member features.

So, getting on the road without a long-term commitment is easier than ever.

You can book a car to help with your move or transition to Chicago.

Another company that makes moving a seamless process is Blueground. With fully equipped and furnished apartments in Chicago’s best neighborhoods, Blueground can make your transition much smoother.

Plus, residents get access to a guest app to help them schedule maintenance, arrange for cleaning services, complete payments.

Now, it’s time to talk about your carshare options around Chicago.  


Car2go is the first carshare in Chicago that offers a free-floating service. That means you can pick up a car in one spot, then drop it off in another, as long as it’s parked within a Home Area.

And becoming a member of Car2go is simple. You can go online or use the official Car2go app to sign-up. Once approved, you’re all set to start driving.

To book your first car, open the app then choose a car and your desired package. Each package offers different options for time, mileage and cost.

A man driving a rideshare car in chicago

Package options and rates

Drive for 30 minutes, and under 40 miles

  • Smart car: $5
  • MBenz CLA and GLA: $7

Drive for one hour, and under 60 miles

  • Smart car: $10
  • MBenz CLA and GLA: $10

Drive for three hours, and under 80 miles

  • Smart car: $25
  • MBenz CLA and GLA: $29

Drive for six hours, and under 120 miles

  • Smart car: $49
  • MBenz CLA and GLA: $59

Drive for one day, and under 150 miles

  • Smart car: $59
  • MBenz CLA and GLA: $79

Drive for two days, and under 300 miles

  • Smart car: $99
  • MBenz CLA and GLA: $149

Drive for three days, and under 450 miles

  • Smart car: $139
  • MBenz CLA and GLA: $219

All these prices include free parking when you park in an approved non-metered spot. Also, insurance and gas come included in these rates. If you run out of time before returning the car, you’ll need to pay per minute at a rate of $0.24 for the smart car and $0.29 for the Mercedes Benz.


Using a carshare in Chicago like Zipcar is convenient because you can find cars in countless neighborhoods around the city.

And best of all, becoming a member is easy. There are only a few requirements to sign up. The first one is age. You need to be 21 years and older unless you’re a student.

As a student of a Chicago University that partners with Zipcar, you just need to be 18. Secondly, you must have a valid driver’s license and lastly, you’ll need a debit or credit card.

Then, select a carshare plan that fits you best. You can pay $70 for the annual membership, or pay $7/month for the monthly plan. It can take a few days for Zipcar to verify your driver’s license.

Once they do, you’ll receive a notification that you’re approved.

Within three to seven days your Zipcard should arrive by mail. Simply activate your Zipcard to book your first car, either on their site or the app.

Membership options


  • Book a car to drive by the hour or for the entire day
  • Once you book, unlock the car by tapping your Zipcard on the windshield’s card reader. Keys are inside the car
  • Return to the car to the same parking spot you found it, then lock it up with your Zipcard


  • With the commuter plan, you get complete access to a Zipcar and a dedicated parking spot, Monday through Friday
  • You get unlimited access to your Zipcar during the work week
  • At the end of day Friday, return your Zipcar to the dedicated spot

Rates and fees

  • When paying for a Zipcar by the hour or day, prices in Chicago range from $11 to $15/hour and $78 to $104/day
  • Each booking includes 180 miles. If you drive more than 180 miles, Zipcar charges $0.45 to $0.55 per mile
  • Included in your rate for any car are insurance, gas, and maintenance
  • If you drop the car off late, you’ll have to pay a $50 late fee. Instead, you can extend your reservation via the app when needed


Getaround is a carshare in Chicago that offers its customers a car for every moment.

Even more, membership is free and insurance and roadside service come included. This makes the cost of driving much more affordable.

You can pick a hybrid commuter car, a fancy sports car, minivan, SUV, and more. Cars are locally-owned, so you can locate thousands of cars in most Chicago neighborhoods.

Top down view of a road in a parking building in chicago.

All you need to get started is to fill out some information online. Getaround will then verify your driver’s license and credit or debit card. When you’re all set, find a car to rent hourly or daily.

Then, use the Getaround app to unlock your car.

Other cool tech features include Getaround Connect. This technology provides security features like GPS tracking and tamper detection.

It also serves as your digital key and can help you find where you parked the car during your rental period.

Rates in Chicago start as low as $5/hour.


Maven is a carshare in Chicago that was founded in 2016 with the backing of GM. They pride themselves on making carshare renting convenient and stress-free.

You can book a car and manage the reservation all from their app. Their entire fleet of cars come well-equipped with the latest technology.

Some of their vehicle options include electric cars, SUV’s, and trucks.  

To sign up, the requirements state you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

But, there is no sign-up or membership fee.

So, you can drive when you like without making any long-term commitments. Reserve a car for the day, or for a few hours. Rates start as low as $8/hour, plus tax.

Special features

  • After reserving your car, you can unlock and start it from the Maven app
  • The cost of gas and auto insurance comes included in your rate
  • Use a gas card inside the car if you need to fill up on your trip
  • In-car smart technology lets you navigate while driving, plus you can make hands free calls and texts
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