The 6 best neighborhoods in Chicago

Finding the right neighborhood to live in Chicago can be overwhelming, but here are our top picks.

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

The giant "bean" statue in downtown Chicago with skyscrapers in the distance.

Want to move and live in Chicago? Let’s discover some of the best neighborhoods in Chicago, including Logan Square, River North, and more. Chicago has many great neighborhoods to live in. But if you don’t know the city, it might be a little daunting to choose the best neighborhood for you.  After all, each one of these places has its own charm, but some might be a better fit for you than others, depending on your lifestyle.

Chicago skyline

So, here are some of the best neighborhoods in Chicago, along with the type of lifestyle you can expect. Hopefully, you’ll find these tidbits helpful in picking the best place for you to live.

1. Logan Square (for those who suffer from FOMO)

The fear of missing out can become a real problem for some people, especially those living in places like Chicago, New York, or San Francisco, where tons of things seem to be happening at the same time all over the city.

Well, Logan Square is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago if FOMO is a real problem for you because it positions you right in the thick of things. There’s always a hot new bar opening up, or someplace serving the tastiest food in Chicago. Not everyone may agree with what’s going on in this historic neighborhood, but it really is one of the most exciting areas of Chicago at the moment.

2. River North (for those who hate commuting… and can afford it)

Today, very few people enjoy commuting. Especially when it involves ridiculous amounts of time waiting in traffic or pretending to be a sardine on the train. Having to walk so much that your feet feel as if they’re about to fall off isn’t pleasant either. Not everyone, though, has the luxury of living in River North. Why? Simply because River North is pretty expensive. However, that’s worth it because you have access to everything you could possibly need or want. A brilliant solution to coping with the high rent in this area is finding a cosigner to help you out. 

Take a leisurely stroll along the river to get from your apartment to your office. For example, you can get a drink, eat some great food, and enjoy some great art, all within comfortable walking distance. In this case, you’ve got practically everything you need right under your nose. That’s why you’ll rarely venture out into the “wilderness” of Chicago. However, there is a problem. Despite being expensive, people really want to live in River North, which can make it ridiculously difficult to find housing. One way to escape the frustration and find a great apartment in River North is by working with a company like Blueground. They have various furnished apartments available in the area. All of them are beautifully decorated and thoroughly equipped with many amenities you might need.

3. Hyde Park (for those who need to see something green that’s not a traffic light)

Expecting to find a lot of greenery and fresh air in any major metropolitan area is a dream. Some might even say delusional. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any greenery at all. If you’re looking to see something green beyond traffic lights and that funky green sweater your coworker constantly insists on wearing, one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for you is Hyde Park. Hyde Park is located between Jackson Park and Washington Park. This means it’s practically the wilderness by Chicago standards.

Hyde park in Chicago


Also, you actually have space to play frisbee and enough greenery to have a proper picnic. Plus, you also have beautiful Kenwood nearby with its streets lined with trees, and the historic campus of the University of Chicago. Both of them are not only stunning but they also make for great walks.

4. Lakeview (for those who love water… partying… and baseball)

As the name implies, Lakeview offers stunning views of Lake Michigan so if you love water, this is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for you. However, it’s also perfect for baseball fans because it is home to Wrigley Field. If baseball isn’t your thing, it’s still a great place to live if you want exciting nightlife because it’s full of great bars. Also, it has a lot of amenities and there’s something to do all the time. The only drawback is that you’ll pay through the nose for the honor of living in Lakeview. It has one of the highest costs of living in Chicago, but it is worth it.

5. Lincoln Park (for those who want to make a statement)

Lincoln Park is all about luxury. This is where people move once they’ve made it big in their careers. People go there when they can afford a swanky place and can finally move out of the shoebox they’ve been living in with two other people. Here, you’ll be able to find lovely apartments with views of the lake, run in the park, or hit the gym like all the other successful folks.

Morning view of Lincoln Park in Chicago

While it might not be the most exciting neighborhood, you won’t have to worry about filing noise complaints in the middle of the night. Also, the cost of a cab to a more stimulating part of the city won’t bother you because you’re now much farther up the food chain.

6. West Loop (for those who identify as foodies)

You love everything about life but have an incredible passion for amazing food. A self-proclaimed foodie, you’ll try anything once and are happiest when you have a ridiculous assortment of incredible food to choose from. If that’s you, then West Loop is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for you because it’s full of high-end restaurants. Appreciate good food? The West Loop is the perfect place for you! Here, the food doesn’t just taste great, it’s an entire experience.

Places like Au Cheval, J.P. Graziano, and The Publican are located in this great neighborhood. So no matter what your tastes are, there will be a Michelin-star restaurant that offers exactly what you want. While other areas in Chicago might offer more options from a cultural standpoint, foodies are going to be happiest in West Loop with Fulton Market and Randolph Street to make their taste buds jump for joy.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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