Best gym memberships in Chicago

Want to explore the best gyms in Chicago, IL? These four best gyms in Chicago offer more than cardio equipment and free weights.

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

A dumbbell rack and weight station in a gym.

Living in a big city like Chicago gives you access to many attractions, restaurants, theaters, sporting events, and yes, even gyms! If you’re a fitness fanatic this is important to you. Even as a casual gym-goer, having plenty of options is a big advantage to city living.

And there is no shortage of gyms in Chicago, which is in your favor as well.

Even more, when you live in a Blueground apartment you’ll have even better access to the best gyms around.

All in all, fully-furnished turnkey apartments are strategically located throughout Chicago’s top neighborhoods.

So, now there are no more excuses about not finding a gym near you.


N1: ENRGi Fitness

Neighborhood: River North

ENRGi Fitness is one of the best gyms in Chicago for group fitness. This community of members has a lot of energy, likes to work hard, and has fun during the process! Their motto is “burn calories, build muscle, and recover faster with our 3-step process; workout, recover, repeat.” ENRGi Fitness is in the River North neighborhood.

The facility is 8,500 square feet and contains four group fitness studios. Gym amenities include filtered water fountains, showers, and locker rooms with complimentary towel service.


A man and a woman each running on a treadmill in a gym.

Parking in Chicago can be difficult, but you could park in the “Ohio Street Parking” lot across from ENRGi. The cost is $5/hour. Metered street parking is another option.

Types of classes

  • Six strength-based classes using equipment such as kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, hammocks, suspended bars, climbing ropes, TRX trainers, dumbbells, and more
  • A cardio-based class
  • A cardio and strength hybrid class using circuit training
  • Two types of yoga classes
  • Two kinds of dance classes: one called werq and the other is zumba fit
  • At the conclusion of each class, there is time set aside for foam rolling, deep stretching, or mobility exercises

Membership plans

  • Basic plan: Four classes and four compression therapy sessions, and unlimited open circuit for $89/month. Offered month-to-month
  • Challenge plan: Unlimited classes, accountable for 16 visits per month for $129/month
  • Offered month-to-month
  • Unlimited plan: Unlimited classes and compression therapy sessions and open circuit for $159/month. Offered month-to-month
  • One-month trial membership for $99
  • One class: $26
  • Five class package: $125
  • 10 class package: $230

N2: Chicago Primal Gym (CPG)

Neighborhood: Lake View

CPG is not your average gym. With the help of CPG’s supportive community, members get encouraged to have fun, while becoming stronger and healthier. Instructors offer group classes using kettlebells to help you lose weight and build strength.

Above all, the owners spent five years developing a program that gets you results while training smarter, not harder.

You start with an introductory class then move onto level one of the four-level program. Classes run Monday to Friday from morning until night, and there are a few morning classes on Saturdays.

Class levels

  • Essentials: This is an introductory class that teaches you proper technique while learning the basic kettlebell exercises
  • Protege: Also called level one, this is where you begin to build your foundation. New skills at this level include one-hand swings, double KB swings, cleans and front squats
  • Swinger: This is level two where the central theme is progress. New skills at this level include military press and snatch
  • Ninja: Level three is all about becoming a kettlebell ninja. Skills taught at this level are double snatch, push press, clean and jerk
  • Masters: Only the most dedicated make it to this level. If you make it here, you’ll be one of the strongest and skilled athletes in Chicago

Membership plans

  • Class packages – contact gym for pricing
  • Monthly memberships – contact gym for pricing
  • Six-week primal challenge – contact gym for pricing


N3: Studio Three

Neighborhood: River North and Lincoln Park

Studio Three is one of the first gyms in Chicago to combine interval training, cycle, and yoga under one roof. Each of these exercise modalities is suitable for all fitness levels.

Overall, both locations in River Park and Lincoln Park feature luxury amenities for their members. These amenities include large seating areas, storage lockers, full-size locker rooms, and a cafe.

Graze, the studio cafe serves superfood smoothies and creamy acai bowls. The Studio Three in Lincoln Park offers a Kids’ Care to make working out a bit easier for parents.


A row of dumbbells in a rack at a gym.

Class descriptions

  • Cycling: The cycle room has stadium-style seating, concert lighting, and a powerful sound system. All to give you an energetic fitness experience
  • Yoga: Students can take Vinyasa style yoga and strength-training yoga classes. These classes help build a strong mind-body connection and improve flexibility. Classes are either offered in a heated or unheated environment
  • Interval training: This is a group workout setting called TORCH. It’s a three-zone program that includes running, lifting, and rowing intervals. You’ll see improvements in your endurance, strength, and conditioning with TORCH

Several cycle, yoga, and interval classes are scheduled throughout the day, seven days a week.

Membership plans

  • 1 class: $15 (for first-time students)
  • Drop-in class: $30
  • Five pack of classes: $145
  • 10 pack of classes: $280
  • 20 pack of classes: $520
  • 50 pack of classes: $1,150
  • Monthly unlimited for cycle, yoga and interval classes at $245/month
  • All three flex: four classes monthly at $99/month


Anytime Fitness

Neighborhood: Wicker Park, Edgewater Glen, and Horner Park

Anytime Fitness does just as it promises, members can workout anytime they want with 24/7 access to the gym. Members enjoy the friendly staff, the cleanliness, and the new and well-maintained equipment. Membership prices vary per location but start as low as $38 a month, so contact them for more details.

As a member, you get a complimentary fitness consultation and access to more than 3,000 gyms around the globe. Not to mention the clubs pride themselves on providing a supportive and welcoming community.

Gym amenities

  • 24-hour access
  • 24-hour security
  • Worldwide club access
  • Showers and tanning
  • Group fitness classes live and online
  • Latest in cardio equipment:
    • Elliptical cross-trainers
    • Rowing machines
    • Spin bikes
    • Stair climbers
    • Treadmills
  • Strength training weights:
    • Barbells
    • Dumbbells
    • Plate loaded squat racks
  • Functional training equipment:
    • Battle ropes
    • Kettlebells
    • Medicine balls
    • Resistance bands
    • TRX
    • Plyometric boxes
  • Training and coaching services:
    • Fitness assessment
    • Personal training packages
    • Small group training
    • Virtual coaching
    • Virtual studio classes
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