6 safest neighborhoods to live in Boston, MA

The safest neighborhoods in Boston marry peace of mind with liveability. Discover these safe areas of Boston with low crime rates.

Keenan Wong

By Keenan Wong

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Visiting Boston versus living in Boston differs in how you choose where to lay your head at the end of the day. Of course, safety plays a part in both, but when you choose a neighborhood and apartment to live in year-round, you want to be sure that you feel safe whether out on your own, with your kids, with a pet, or with friends. Should you be planning to move to Boston in the near future or looking to follow the safest neighborhoods in Boston in 2022 as a local, you’re in the right place to find areas that blend livability with peace of mind. 

Especially as a new resident of the city, sometimes having a local’s take or an expert opinion can help uncover safer areas to live in more quickly instead of unintentionally committing to an unsafe area in Boston and only realizing in the first few weeks living there. 

While there are a number of safe areas around Boston, we’ve personally handpicked six that stand out for having rock-bottom crime rates matched to desirable neighborhood characters and proximity to the city center. 

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What Makes a Neighborhood “Safe”

Safety is measured in a number of ways and encompasses everything from traffic, burglaries, street harassment, and more. 

For those wondering about the crime rate in Boston at large, Boston police noted a 23% drop in almost every crime category from homicides to residential burglary from 2020 to 2021. This figure emerged in conjunction with a rise in firearm arrests that are keeping guns off of Boston’s streets. 

Additionally, many believe that having spaces for children to play freely outside, being able to jog at night alone, or simply recognizing neighbors on a walk around the area. All of these examples are qualitative indicators to evaluate a neighborhood’s safety.


Lovely Brighton is a top area as a contained community, with all the amenities you could need for your day-to-day.

When looking for apartments in Brighton, MA, you’ll be surprised how many homes have a grocery store and a wide selection of restaurants and shopping within walking distance. 

With Cambridge across the river and Boston College nestled into its southwest corner, Brighton is remarkably quiet considering how well connected it is to Boston.

Families and couples love having Chestnut Hill Reservoir and the Charles River bike path nearby for weekend and evening strolls.

When looking for safety, connectivity, and calm, you can bet an apartment for rent in Brighton, Boston is the answer.


Young professionals naturally gravitate to Allston thanks to its high safety score and proximity to Harvard’s facilities.

Even closer to Boston’s and Cambridge’s centers, Allston gets all of the city fun, shopping, and culture without the density of Central Boston.

Residential stock here varies from Victorian classics to modern builds – a few will surely meet your expectations when looking for apartments in Allston, Boston.

Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain is certainly no misnomer, considering how much of this area is dedicated to green space. As one of the safest neighborhoods to live in Boston, residents love having Jamaica Pond, the Arnold Arboretum, and Forest Hills Cemetery available to them.

Apartments for rent in Jamaica Plain may not be the easiest to come by, but if you manage to move in, you’re in for a treat.

Beacon Hill

As far as safe areas go in Boston, you can’t get more central than Beacon Hill. Red brick walk-ups and sleek apartments throughout Beacon Hill, Boston, give this area a certain cosmopolitan feel that you can’t find outside of here and Back Bay.

With Boston Commons and the State House within a few blocks, you’ll be near the city’s most famous sights as well.

For students and professionals looking for a walking or biking distance commute to work and school, you can’t beat Beacon Hill.

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Hyde Park

At the southern tip of Boston’s city limits, Hyde Park lives up to its nickname as “A Small Town in the City,” along with a crime rate 25% lower than the national average.

While considered a suburban area, Hyde Park hosts its own set of Gothic buildings at its core. The area library lends this area a charming character.

Residents love having well-lit streets that are accommodating to strolls with dogs and kids. Neighborhood favorite hangouts include Ron’s Gourmet Ice Cream, the local YMCA, and Crunch Fitness.


Quiet Roslindale is set along the same portion of the MBTA Orange Line as Hyde Park and Jamaica Plain. These areas share a similar safe atmosphere.

Welcoming Roslindale is a highly diverse neighborhood, with 2020 census data showing that more than half of residents self-identified as non-white.

Local residents praise the area for being very safe. Thankfully, their biggest concern is having to ditch the car in place of taking the train to get Downtown or to Cambridge!

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How to choose the best neighborhood in Boston

Each person’s idea of the best neighborhood in Boston will vary based on their individual needs.

Questions to ask yourself include the following, just for starters. Where do I need to commute to in the Boston area? What neighborhood amenities are non-negotiables for me? Do I plan to keep a car, or can I rely on the MBTA to get around?

When guided by this list of safest neighborhoods to live in Boston, you won’t have to worry particularly about getting home before a certain hour. You also won’t need to second guess what’s happening outside your front door. 

When working with a seasoned furnished housing provider, you can rest assured that their selection of apartments has already been vetted for being in the safest neighborhoods around Boston.

Make your next move all the simpler but moving into a turnkey home.

Keenan Wong

Keenan Wong

Keenan Wong is the former Content Marketing Manager at Blueground. He loves contributing expertise around relocations for expats on the move, and neighborhood advice for those looking to connect with their new area. His favorite trips involve a bike with panniers, and his favorite meals involve small plates and good friends.