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By Editorial Team

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Finding pet-friendly apartments in Boston can be challenging. However, things aren’t quite as bad as they used to be even just a few years ago. Don’t get discouraged when moving here although it feels overwhelming and unnecessarily complicated to find a nice place to live with your animal companion.

The good news is that it’s not impossible. The following tips will make your search for pet-friendly apartments here much easier.


Look in the right places

At first glance, finding pet-friendly apartments in Boston seems pretty easy. Many landlords advertise their apartments as being open to pets. The problem is that once you arrive, you either discover they’ve already rented to someone else or the landlord will find a reason for which your particular pet is unacceptable.

Therefore, take advantage of the many real estate websites available but try to stick to ones that are geared toward pet owners. For example, websites like Boston Pet Apartments and Boston Pet Pads help people with animal companions by curating listings that specifically claim to be friendly to pets.

Another option is to start with a company like Blueground, which offers pet-friendly apartments for rent in some of Boston’s most sought-after neighborhoods. All of the turnkey apartments are beautifully appointed, fully furnished, and completely equipped. From pet-friendly studios in South Boston to two bedrooms in Kendall Square, Blueground has a wide selection of sizes and areas for you and your pet to choose from.

You’ll also never lose out on a pet-friendly Blueground apartment to another tenant just because they don’t have a pet. To find the apartments that are pet-friendly, simply sort the Boston listing page by the ‘Pet Allowed’ filter.


Patience is a virtue

Get used to the idea that finding an apartment for you and your pet is never going to be as easy as when you’re looking for a place just for you. It will take time and determination, so you need to practice patience.

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If you rush, you might take the first place that says they’ll accept your pet, even if it’s not in the best area or isn’t exactly right for your needs.

Keep in mind that if you’re caught being less than honest about your pet’s size or breed (or if you try to sneak your pet into the building) you stand a good chance of being evicted. Don’t expect to get your security deposit back, either. Plus, you’ll be so worried and stressed all the time about getting caught, it’s just not worth it.

You will eventually find the right apartment for you. In fact, here are some examples of apartment complexes that accept pets:

  • Colonnade Residences – no weight limits and no fees for dogs
  • One Back Bay at 135 Clarendon – only one dog per apartment, weighing less than 50 pounds
  • Garrison Square Apartments – you can have two dogs, but they must not weigh more than 75 pounds together
  • Harborview Navy Yard – no weight limit and you can two dogs, but fees apply


Be prepared to pay for the privilege of owning a pet

It’s far easier to find pet-friendly apartments in Boston when you are prepared to pay extra for the privilege. In some cases, the landlord will advertise up-front that they require a larger security deposit, or that there’s a pet fee. With Blueground, a nominal monthly pet rent and a one-time pet fee are charged to the renter.

Also, you might have to be the one to make the initial offer to put the landlord’s mind at ease. Some might have had a bad experience with pet-owning tenants in the past. It could be that they weren’t responsible or were simply unwilling to pay for any damages their pet caused.

If you offer first, though, it might help the landlord relax because you’re obviously willing to pay for the privilege of having a pet.

Boston is an expensive city, so paying even more for rent won’t be easy. Keep your neighborhood choices and budget as flexible as possible. When it comes to choosing a home for you and your pet, the trade-off between a centrally-located studio in the North End and a spacious one-bedroom in East Boston could be worth the extra commute, since it allows for enough playing room for your pup.


Put your best foot forward

For the most part, landlords aren’t mean people and they don’t hate animals. They’re just looking after their investment. When you understand that concept, you can tackle the problem of finding pet-friendly apartments in Boston a little differently than you might have otherwise.

A landlord will be far more agreeable to the idea of you moving in with your pet if they know that you are responsible and have a great track record. One way to convince them of this fact is to provide references from previous landlords as well as testimonials from neighbors.

You should also consider writing up a description of your pet. Think of it like a resume where you extoll their virtues. However, stick to the truth and don’t embellish.

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It’s also helpful to provide vaccination records and even a letter from your vet stating your pet is completely healthy. However, if you’ve said that your dog doesn’t bark, make sure that they can deliver in a face-to-face meeting. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your credibility, and your landlord will doubt that all your other claims are valid.

Instead, be honest while still putting you and your pet in the best possible light. If the landlord asks to meet your pet in person, do so! Your pup’s sweet face could help sweeten the deal. Just make sure they’re on their best behavior.

With a little dedication and patience, you’ll find a great place to live in Boston before you know it. You just have to accept that moving here with your pet means you will be choosing from a narrower selection of properties and that you’ll probably have to pay some extra fees.

Once you do find a pet-friendly apartment that suits you, don’t hesitate. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you’ll lose out on the property to someone who was better prepared than you. Move fast so you don’t miss out.

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