8 must-have apps when your move to Boston

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Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

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Boston is a city steeped in American history, tempered by a modern edge. It’s where New England architecture shares sidewalk space with modern apartment developments. Its contemporary art museums are complemented by cultural landmarks and top-rated attractions.

When you’re new in Boston, an app can be the handiest way to navigate the city successfully. The right apps can guide you around to different places to eat or even educate you on local history.

Take the advantages of living in this sophisticated city into your own hands with the must-have apps most locals can’t do without in Boston. Download and enjoy.

1. BOS:311

Neighborhood watch takes on a new meaning with the BOS:311 app. It empowers residents who care about improving their neighborhoods by enabling them to report issues such as graffiti or potholes.

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Submitted reports are automatically fed into the city’s work order system to be tracked and assigned to service teams. Users can follow the status of their requests with unique tracking numbers.

Also, residents are encouraged to share their reports with others or spread the word on social media.

BOS:311 is available for iOS and for Android.

2. Transit

Officially endorsed by the MBTA, the Transit App utilizes the T’s open real-time data. It highlights departure times for all nearby transit, including ride-hailing and bike-share options.

Additionally, it has a trip planner that shows you the best route to take.

Best of all, the offline mode allows users to access schedules while underground or out of data. A bonus feature enables notifications to be set for stops on transit routes, so you’ll never get lost off-guard again.

Transit App is available for iOS and for Android.

3. Freedom Trail Walking Tour

Boston locals are proud of their history. Walking the Freedom Trail is a rite of passage for new and old residents looking to learn more about the historical roots of Boston.

It passes through 16 site-specific landmarks of events and battles that triggered the start of the American Revolutionary War.

The Boston Freedom Trail symbol in bronze on the ground surrounded by red bricks

With the interactive app, you can explore the trail at your own pace. Features include detailed descriptions of each stop on the trail, plus scalable maps. It’s absolutely a must when walking on the trail.

Another way to educate yourself on the history of this city you’re considering to call home includes checking out the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum.

4. Street Food Boston

This app for foodies gives up-to-the-minute locations for dozens of food trucks in Boston – what better way to take a lunch break? But will your favorite Asian-inspired eats be on the menu?

You can check in advance on the app, which provides truck schedules a week in advance.

Also, this helpful app tells you which trucks take cash and credit, so you won’t leave empty-handed just because you’re unprepared.

Street Food Boston is available for iOS and for Android.


These days, audio is the preferred way to digest news and content on the move. Find your news and entertainment options in one download with the WBUR app.

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You can live stream the station’s award-winning local, national and world news and information.

Plus on-demand programs and cult podcasts like S-Town, Only A Game, and Modern Love.

WBUR is available for iOS and for Android.

6. ParkMobile

Finding a place to park in downtown Boston can be stressful.

If you plan to get around by car, this free app can save you time searching for a spot. ParkMobile enables users to reserve and pay for on-street parking spots ahead of time. You can skip the meter and easily pay for parking right through your mobile device. This app is especially handy when going to a busy concert or sporting event when the roads are surely packed.

You’ll also get a more economical deal compared with a pricey garage spot metered by the hour.

ParkMobile is available for iOS and for Android.

7. Blueground

When guests in a new city move into a Blueground apartment, they have access and support via the Blueground guest app. The app allows guests to handle their home maintenance and management instantly and on the go.

dining and kitchen area in a Boston apartment created by Blueground

From scheduling in cleaning and handling maintenance requests to automating bill payments, it frees up more time to enjoy and explore a new neighborhood.

That’s why the app also features handy need-to-know maps so you can figure out where to get groceries and where the nearest pet-friendly parks are!

All in all, this app is created so that you can just show up, and start living – without dealing with all the other hassles that typically come with relocation.

The Blueground Guest App is for tenants holding a booking. It’s available for iOS and for Android.

8. CityMapper

A sure-fire way to navigating your way around Boston is with CityMapper. This crucial app tracks subways, buses, and trains using real-time data.

With multiple route options and estimated travel times, it also provides fare estimates for taxis and bike counts at Hubway kiosks.

In addition, the app includes insightful journey stats, like how many calories you burned by opting to bike over the bus.

CityMapper is available for iOS and for Android.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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