A guide to living in Cambridge, MA

Check out the unparalleled education opportunities, entertainment options, apartments, and more.

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

Harvard Bridge in Cambridge,MA

Regardless of whether you are a student, a working adult, or someone who recently retired, Cambridge, Massachusetts is a city that is suitable for everyone. This liberal city has something to offer in every category.

That’s why so many individuals decide to pick up and move here.

But what is it about the city that draws so many new residents every year?

This comprehensive guide includes all of the best things to do in Cambridge

Education in Cambridge

There is a reason why such a large population of those living in Cambridge are students. Education is an area that Cambridge excels at, and the city’s many schools give their flavor to life in Cambridge. The collection of universities and colleges that are located in Cambridge is astonishing, to say the least. 

Besides the obvious heavy hitters of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), there are also several other smaller universities and colleges that still have a prestigious standing in the education community. These schools have educated some of the most powerful and brilliant minds in the country.

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Finding an Apartment

Any individual could look for an apartment in almost any Cambridge neighborhood and find one of good quality.

Also, this means that getting the best ones will require beating out many other applicants. That is why it can be very beneficial to head directly to a company like Blueground.

So individuals who are new to the city of Cambridge can choose from a variety of affordable and fully furnished apartments. That is a part of why life in Cambridge is so appealing for many.

With our large collection of exceptional properties, locating and leasing your new turnkey apartment is easier than ever. 

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Finding your dream apartment in Cambridge requires understanding which neighborhoods provide the best settings for your lifestyle. Luckily, Cambridge has a vast number of fantastic neighborhoods that are designed to accommodate a wide variety of individuals.

So a good rule of thumb is to look for any place with “square” attached to the name. 

The first example of this is Harvard Square, which is located right next to Harvard University. This is often regarded as the heart of Cambridge and presents a wide selection of bars, stores, street performers, and people-watching opportunities. 

However, if Harvard Square is not quite what they are looking for, then they can always look for apartments in Central Square. The extremely good selection of nightclubs and ethnic food options are some of the reasons to visit the area. 

Another great neighborhood is Kendall Square. This neighborhood contains yet another massive university, with MIT being located in this buzzing community.

Kendall Squareoffers a bit of everything, including a great selection of food, specialty shops, and an award-winning movie theater. Any of these three neighborhoods would be more than suitable for almost any individual.

Public Transportation

Having to deal with driving in a new city can be a pretty stressful thing.

Luckily, Cambridge has no shortage of public transit options. Residents can easily walk down to the nearest bus stop or train station and get to where they need to go within only a few minutes.

So a plethora of transit options is a huge plus since there are so many things to do in Cambridge. 

The MBTA – or ‘the T’, as Cambridge residents say – has trains operating all over Cambridge, Boston, and Somerville. Even if someone needs to leave the city, they should have no issue finding a train that passes near where they need to go. 

Nothing compares to the city’s extensive bus routes, in spite of the impressive train network.

No matter where someone lives in Cambridge, it is almost guaranteed that they will not have to go more than two or three blocks before finding a bus stop. 

Of course, there are also those individuals who prefer to get a little exercise during their travel to school or work.

For example. for individuals who own a bicycle and love to get out and ride it as much as possible, they will be pleased to learn that Cambridge is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the entire country. Its massive selection of bike paths provides an opportunity for someone to easily ride their bike to almost any location in the city.

Things to Do in Cambridge

There is no shortage of awesome entertainment options when living in Cambridge. Regardless of a person’s interests, they won’t have to go very far to find a venue that fits their niche.

For example, individuals who are massive fans of comedy, only need to head down to The Comedy Studio for some of the best up-and-coming acts in the industry. This legendary comedy club has been the starting place of legendary comics such as Louis CK and Mike Birbiglia. 

blueprint blueground living in cambridge silhouette of people in front of stage lights band of rock stars concert crowd

However, if someone prefers the music scene instead, they can head down to The Cantab Lounge or one of the many other venues in order to see some of the best live music that the country has to offer. 

This is only a portion of what the city has to offer its residents. Thanks to the endless options of things to do, living in Cambridge is a great choice If you want to move to the Boston area. 

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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