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By Editorial Team

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Boston is well-known for providing some of the best college education that an individual can receive in this country.

However, its educational expertise extends far beyond universities and colleges. There are dozens of top-rated elementary, middle, and high schools as well. Among them are several international schools located in the heart of the city.

Here are some of the best ones that Boston has to offer. 

1. British International School of Boston

One school that always pops up in a discussion about international schools in Boston. That school is the British International School of Boston. There are many reasons why this school is so popular.

One is the wide range of ages that it educates. Student age here spans from 18 months old to 18 years old

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Since this school is a part of Nord Anglia Education, the British International School of Boston is able to use the resources of their many various connections. Some of these connections come from other parts of the country, including The Juilliard School.

While others are with Boston’s very own Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is one of the best colleges in the state as well as the country


For any student that is over the age of four years old, the British school offers a wide range of sports and after-school clubs to participate in.

For the first few years, these students learn the basics and rules associated with various sports.

Later on, students will have a full grasp of the sports and will begin playing them during intramural tournaments. This strategic physical education is designed to ensure that students have a thorough understanding and basic skill set in any of the standard sports by the time they reach middle school. 

It is during middle school and high school that students first gain the opportunity to join competitive school teams. Some of the basic sports offered by the school include soccer, basketball, curling, and cross-country running.

2. German International School Boston

This is one of the several bilingual international schools in Boston. It educates children from the ages of 3 to 18 and ensures that by the time they have graduated from grade 12, they will have complete fluency in both English and German.

All in all, this allows the students to pursue higher education in the United States as well as  Europe. 

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German International School Boston puts a big focus on math and science.

So, students in all grades will be studying these two subjects. Once they get to high school, math and science courses are significantly enhanced in order to teach advanced STEM information

After-school Program

Just because German International School Boston puts an emphasis on math and science, that doesn’t they don’t also offer sufficient creative and physical activities. As part of their after-school program, the school provides dozens of specialty classes, including robotics, music lessons, cooking, Taekwondo, crafts, and more.

3. The Newman School

Located in the heart of Back Bay, one of Boston’s best neighborhoods, this institution offers international schooling to students from all over the world.

Since The Newman School only teaches grades 7 through 12, the curriculum is focused on preparing the students for achieving success when they get to university. This involves laying the groundwork for a lot of sophisticated skills, which are hard to find at many other international schools in Boston

Clubs and activities

Education does not stop once the bell rings.

At The Newman School, there are a variety of clubs and activities offered to students both during the lunch period and after school. These clubs and activities are run by school staff who are all highly experienced.

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There are many different types of clubs at The Newman School, such as chess, history, math, mock trial, robotics, and much more. The list of clubs and activities is always changing.

Above all, the reason is that students have the ability to add a club to the list if they are able to get enough of their peers interested in the topic. This encourages students to embrace their passions in life and it provides them with a proper school-life balance. 

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Editorial Team

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