Best coffee shops in Boston for work and study

The city is full of quaint and cozy places to get your work done.

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By Editorial Team

A barista preparing an espresso in a boston coffee shop.

Moving to a new city, like Boston, comes with a fair share of excitement. Yet, there might be some level of uncertainty in settling into a new home. Questions may pop up in your mind about the weather, culture, recreation, and entertainment options, for instance. You might even be wondering where the best coffee shops in Boston are.

If you’re moving here for work or school, this could be a high priority. Visiting your local coffee shop gives you a reason to explore your neighborhood and is great for accomplishing tasks.

We are happy to help assist you in your search efforts.

Here is a list of some of the best cafes in Boston to work or study.

1. Barrington Coffee Roasting Company

Neighborhood: Fort Point

Barrington Coffee Roasting Company opened in 1993 by two college best friends and coffee connoisseurs. Their coffee beans get sourced from the world’s finest farms, are sustainable and roasted daily. You can visit this coffee house in Fort Point seven days a week until 7:00 p.m.

One factor that separates them from other coffee shops in Boston is their milk. They source their milk from Highland Farms which is more rich and creamy than milk served at other coffee shops. Barrington Coffee provides customers with free WiFi and about a dozen workspaces. The coffee shop is very spacious for working or studying.

And the only food choice they have are pastries because their focus is on making top-notch coffee drinks.

2. Jaho Coffee Roaster and Wine Bar

Neighborhood: Chinatown

You can find this coffee house and wine bar in Chinatown. They are open late every day, either until 11 p.m. or midnight. Seating is generous, with armchairs, high and low-top tables, couches, and the bar available for use.

There is also outdoor seating, strong free WiFi, and lots of charging outlets. Jaho Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Boston to work and study.

They also have a large drink and food menu. Besides coffee, they offer tea, bubble tea, smoothies, pastries, sandwiches and soft serve ice cream. Their soft serve flavors include red velvet hot chocolate, custard pastry, and matcha/vanilla. Customers can’t get enough of the delicious maple soy latte and other drinks prepared by friendly and attentive staff.

3. Ogawa Coffee

Neighborhood: Downtown

You can find Ogawa Coffee in the heart of downtown Boston. There is plenty of seating on the stair-steps and tables. The cafe is cozy and bright and the background music is low enough to work or study here.

Here, coffee artisans from Kyoto, Japan own and operate Ogawa Coffee. They commit themselves to crafting exceptional coffee. They do this by cultivating their beans from healthy soils and then carefully roasting them.

Repeat customers refer to the latte art as exceptional and say their matcha tea lattes are the best in Boston. They offer latte art classes for baristas and anyone else interested in learning about the delicate art form.

Also, as one of the best coffee houses in Boston, Ogawa is well-known for their signature drink. It includes a chilled sweetened espresso drink served in a martini glass accompanied by a small hot cappuccino. Only select baristas can make this delightful drink.

They also offer shakes and smoothies on their menu along with brioche sandwiches, salads, and quiche.   

4. Render Coffee

Neighborhood: South End

Locally owned and operated, Render Coffee is on the South End of Boston.

All in all, there are tons of windows, including a dome ceiling complete with windows that allow natural sunlight to shine in. On a warm spring or summer day, you can enjoy your cup of coffee on the outdoor patio. Come and work here using their free WiFi, offered in a two-hour block of time.

Whether you come in the morning or afternoon, there are many breakfast and food selections. You can choose from several bagel varieties, a lox bagel, breakfast sandwiches or a quiche.

During lunchtime, they serve sandwiches and wraps. According to return customers, the favorite drinks are the hazelnut lattes and the malted cold brew. It’s worth noting, that Render Coffee makes their hazelnut syrup in-house.

5. Caffe Nero

Neighborhood: Chinatown

Caffe Nero has locations all over Boston and many of their layouts meet the needs of students and working professionals.

Above all, the cafe provides lots of seating, including booths, tables, couches, and outdoor seating for the warmer months. It’s usually quiet, with relaxing music playing, which makes it possible to read.

Others prefer to work using their three-hour free WiFi.

Also, there are lots of charging outlets, an indoor fireplace and a separate conference space. That is why Caffe Nero is one of the best coffee shops in Boston to work and study from.

The vibe is friendly and laid-back. And there are books scattered around which really lends to the comforting vibe.

If you’re hungry, they have all day breakfast as well as sandwiches, soups, salads, pastries and snacks. Some of their food items are gluten-free and vegan.

6. Cuppacoffee

Neighborhood: South End

A native of Sydney, Australia owns Cuppacoffee in Boston’s South End. They aim to make the best espresso-based coffees in Boston while serving some of Australia’s most nostalgic foods. Their coffee beans are from Red Barn Roasters, a family-owned company based in New England.

Some of their Australian food items are savory meat pies, sausage rolls, Tim Tams, Caramello Koalas, and Anzac biscuits.

Additionally, other favorites include the Aussie breakfast and the lamington, a butter cake coated in chocolate sauce and desiccated coconut.

WiFi is free for customers and lightning-fast. Cuppacoffee is a quiet coffee shop with ample seating, including a community table. You can work, read, take a business call, or host a small meeting here.

Working from home

Coffee shops can be a second home, especially if you don’t have your own home office. But, there are times when you’d rather stay home on a cold winter day than go out.

Having a comfortable space in your apartment to finish up some work or study would be ideal.

Many of the furnished apartments in Boston listed by Blueground, offer this option to tenants. The apartments are cozy, spacious, tastefully decorated and provide comfortable spaces to work on your laptop or read a book.

And there is a fully equipped kitchen where you can roast your own cup of joe!

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