11 amazing things about living in Boston

If you’re unsure about making the move, here are some of the greatest things about Boston that will convince you this city is the place to be…

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

alley with brownstones with autumn brown leaves on the ground, moody weather, and a US flag hanging from a house down the alley

If you want to live in a vibrant city that boasts incredible diversity, amazing cultural opportunities, outstanding healthcare, brilliant shopping, and a good dash of history, then Boston is the place for you.

Every city has its own quirks, but it’s those differences that create a city’s character. Those quirks are also what keep people from moving elsewhere. Read on for some of the coolest things about living in Boston and why you should seriously consider relocating.


Boston has four different seasons

Boston’s general climate is neither too hot nor too cold – thanks to the Atlantic Ocean. It still has four distinct seasons with no major temperature extremes. Thus, in July you can expect average high temperatures of 81°F, and the lows in January won’t fall very far beneath freezing. You’ll still experience spring and autumn, which have become quite rare in many parts of the world.

If you ask the locals, though, many will say that Boston looks loveliest in the autumn, when the city is dressed in stunning shades of orange, yellow, and red. Boston, however, isn’t immune from nor’easters and severe winter storms which can dump snow in surprising quantities on Massachusetts. 

George Washington statue in the middle of Boston Public garden. It's snowy but the sky is blue with golden clouds closing in on the sunset.

It’s never boring

One of the coolest things about living in Boston is that you can always find something to do. Cultural activities in Boston and Cambridge, professional sporting events, festivals, and concerts take place practically every day. Then, you have things like the Boston Marathon that happens each April, the Cambridge Science Festival, Harborfest, Boston Calling Music Festival, tree lighting ceremonies, lots of museums, and much more. As an educational hub, you count on a number of academic conferences and workshops in town, and collaterally, some excellent nightlife options too.


Boston is a shopper’s paradise

Whether you live for upscale brands or your tastes run towards the quirky and unusual, you’ll find the perfect shop in Boston. For example, merchants have been selling their wares at Faneuil Hall since 1743 and it now features hundreds of stores, restaurants, and more.

When you venture into downtown Boston or its suburbs, you’ll find everything from high-end department stores to quaint boutiques. New Balance and Wayfair also call Boston home. Those hunting for a deal will also be close to Wrentham Outlets and Assembly Row outlets for a day of retail therapy.


History is everywhere

When you’re living in Boston, it’s almost like you’re moving through the centuries with every step you take. You can find a historical site or marker practically everywhere in the city. From the Tea Party Ship parked in the harbor to Paul Revere’s House on North Street. Bostonians aren’t shy about the city’s massive role in the history of the United States. They make sure to celebrate and preserve these pieces of history so future generations can be just as proud.


Boston boasts amazing cultural diversity

Boston is a melting pot of cultures. You have the early French and English inhabitants, joined by Italian, German, Jewish, Syrian, Irish, and Lebanese immigrants in the late 1800s. Many other cultures continued to flow into this amazing city throughout the years. This cultural diversity with its eclectic mix of races and ethnicities has led to a unique culinary and entertainment scene that never gets boring. Any type of food craving you might have can easily be satisfied. 


Sports is a really big thing

Bostonians take their sports seriously, making it the perfect place for any sporting enthusiast. If you’re a Red Sox fan, you’ll definitely want to see Fenway Park. If hockey and basketball are more your speed, then you’ll definitely have to grab a beer at TD Garden when the Bruins and Celtics are home (or away for that matter!) For football and soccer fans, Foxboro is only a short drive away.


Fishing on your doorstep

When you’re living in Boston, you don’t have to drive for hours to enjoy great fishing. You just have to head over to Boston Harbor, and you can fish for flounder, striped bass, bluefish, and more. It’s all basically on your doorstep.

Saltwater fishing has long been a part of Boston’s tradition, which makes it perfect for anyone who enjoys fishing. If you want something a little different, you can always drive over to Cape Cod Bay for some haddock, tuna, cod, or mackerel.


Outstanding healthcare

One of the many things you’ll be able to enjoy while living in Boston is access to amazing healthcare. Few other cities can boast so many highly-rated doctors and hospitals within their limits. People from all over the world come to Boston to go to hospitals such as Boston Children’s Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital. Whether it’s surrogacy, cancer treatment, or another medical procedure that requires multiple months of recovery, Boston is a prime medical tourism destination for both the quality of care and the lifestyle benefits here.


Amazing Education

Another thing you find everywhere when living in Boston is education. It seems like you can’t turn a street corner without bumping into a college or university campus. Few cities boast quite as many top-notch institutions, like Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Berklee College of Music. In keeping with the amazing trend of higher education, the city, and surrounding suburbs also boast some of the best international schools and public school districts in the country.

There is a downside to all this educational prowess, though. Due to the large number of students, it’s generally a good idea not to attempt relocating to Boston at the end of August. It will be very difficult to find a place to live.

One alternative is to use a company like Blueground. They offer great apartments in some of the best locations in Boston, available to move in through all months of the year. Every property is fully-furnished, equipped, and serviced. So, it’s move-in ready from day one. Also, you can rent your apartment through their website so you won’t have to battle the massive influx of students that arrive at the end of every summer for open houses.

famous MIT dome, blue sky in the background

A diverse job market

The job market in Boston often seems as diverse as its people. Boston used to have a reputation for its blue-collar roots, but things have changed. Nowadays, you can find jobs in almost any sector, including life sciences and biotech.

In fact, Boston is the top region in the United States for life sciences, with names like Sanofi, Takeda, Biogen, and Novartis locally.  You can find jobs in other tech sectors, professional business services, and finance too (with State Street, Iron Mountain, and Liberty Mutual headquartered here). When it comes to career opportunities for local students, one of the great things about Boston is that academia also employs a large number of its own graduates.


The New England Aquarium

Though far more specific than anything else on this list, the New England Aquarium deserves to be put under the spotlight. Spend the afternoon seeing penguins and sea lions and then grab an IMAX movie.

big aquarium tank with fish and stingrays

The New England Aquarium has been in operation since 1969. It constantly reinvents itself, keeping its exhibits and facilities updated, which is probably why they have over 1.3 million visitors every year.

Yes, the aquarium has an IMAX theatre. In fact, watching Aquaman at the New England Aquarium’s IMAX would be an incredibly immersive experience, especially after wandering among thousands of sea creatures. 

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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