Top 10 museum memberships in Berlin you should have

These ten Berlin museum memberships will help you expand your cultural horizons and make the most of your time in the city.

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Berlin at twilight

If you’re planning a visit to Berlin or have visited recently, you know how many wonderful museums can be found in Germany’s capital city. Anyone planning to move to Berlin will want to consider investing in a museum membership, rather than buying a one-time only ticket for admission. (It’s also a good idea to consider a furnished apartment in Berlin, rather than taking your chances with the classified ads.) But what are the key museum memberships in Berlin you should have?

There are scores of museums in Berlin, including Museum Island, an tract of land in the middle of the Spree River that is home to five separate museums. Whether you love art, science, design, or history, there is an ideal Berlin museum for you. Here is a look at the top 10 museum memberships in Berlin you should have.

Berlin's Museum Island from the Spree

1. Pergamonmuseum

One of Berlin’s most famous museums, the Pergamonmuseum is actually three museums in one, all situated on Berlin’s famous Museum Island.

The site is home to the Antikensammlung, the Museum für Islamische Kunst, and the Vorderasiatisches Museum. Your membership will allow you to explore the Pergamonmuseum’s entire collection. The museum’s careful reconstructions of ancient archaeological structures like the Ishtar Gate and Processional Way from Babylon make the Pergamonmuseum Germany’s most visited museum, and it’s also popular with visitors from all over the world.

The museum was designed by noted German architect Alfred Messel. Thorough renovations of the institution began in 2013 and will not be fully complete until 2025, so be sure to check to see which exhibitions are open before your visit.

2. Senckenberg Museum

Although it is located in Frankfurt rather than Berlin, a membership to the Senckenberg Museum is perfect for natural history lovers.

The institution underwent extensive renovations in 2003 to add new exhibits about conservation, including a fully accessible simulated rain forest. The Naturmuseum Senckenberg has an extensive collection of natural specimens and fossils, including one of the most impressive collections of large dinosaur fossils in Europe.

If your children love dinosaurs, a membership to this museum will more than pay for itself in repeat visits.

3. The Reichstag

The Reichstag is the historic Berlin building in Berlin where the lower house of Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag, gathers to enact legislation.

The Reichstag first opened in 1894, and was modeled after Philadelphia’s Memorial Hall. After German reunification the building went through a decade of renovations before becoming the official meeting place for the Bundestag.

Today, visitors are welcome to tour the historic dome and the Reichstag’s roof terrace.

4. Neues Museum – Egyptian Museum of Berlin

Berlin’s Neues Museum is another institution offering some of the best memberships in the city.

Located on the city’s Museum Island, this wonderful museum is dedicated to Egyptian and Sudanese art and artifacts. The Neues Museum is famous for artifacts like a historic painted bust of the Egyptian ruler Nefertiti.

Purchasing a membership to the museum makes it easy to visit time after time when you live in Berlin.

5. Charlottenburg Palace

Another amazing Berlin museum where you may want to take out a membership is Charlottenburg Palace. This stately, historic complex is Berlin’s largest palace and dates back to the 16th century.

The vast palace was home to seven generations of Prussian and German rulers before being decommissioned and then damaged during the Second World War.

The refurbished palace is now a wonderful place to see period interiors and artworks to experience Germany’s history. The Baroque bedchamber of Frederick I is especially interesting, thanks to its ornate furnishings and draperies.

6. New National Gallery

Set on Berlin’s famous Museum Island, the New National Gallery is a wonderful museum to visit time and time again. This famous museum underwent extensive renovations between 2015 and 2020, so it’s well worth the cost to buy a membership.

Noted architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was the genius behind the design of the New National Gallery, which has one of the world’s most incredible collections of 20th century art.

The museum is the ideal place to see works by artists like Salvador Dalí, Paul Klee, Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso and more.

People paasing in front of the brandenburg gate in Berlin

7. Berlin Wall Memorial

The Berlin Wall Memorial is another amazing institution in Berlin’s capital city. This important landmark hosts tours and education sessions that highlight the importance of the Berlin Wall in Germany’s political history.

Rotating exhibitions illustrate the symbolic importance of the wall as well as its impact on the city and its inhabitants.

The Berlin Wall Memorial also has a detailed audio tour that helps provide context for visitors who may not know the history of the Cold War Era and how the city was divided into East Berlin and West Berlin.

Berlin Wall Memorial

8. German Museum of Technology

The redoubtable German Museum of Technology is another museum membership in Berlin that you should have.

This institution is known for its vast collection of technical artifacts, including not only computer equipment but also motor vehicles and railway cars from several eras.

There are also permanent exhibits of printing technology, photography equipment, and even brewery equipment. Set on the grounds of the decommissioned Anhalter Train Yard, this large museum has plenty to explore, making a membership well worth the cost.

9. Jüdisches Museum Berlin

The Jüdisches Museum Berlin is another one of the top museum memberships in Berlin you should have. The museum’s innovative building was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, and is considered a Berlin landmark.

The Jüdisches Museum Berlin’s exhibitions include artworks, artifacts and historical records.

There’s also an onsite library with more than 70,000 volumes, and tours are available for groups.

10. Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art

Berlin’s Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art is another incredible institution where you can buy a membership. Unlike more traditional museums, the Urban Nation Museum is dedicated to street art, graffiti, and other forms of urban art.

Exhibitions change frequently, and highlight emerging and non-traditional artists.

Established in 2013, the museum is run by the Berliner Leben Foundation and offers educational programs and scholarships. There are also events that are open to the community and museum members.

In conclusion, it’s hard to go wrong with a membership to any of these wonderful Berlin museums. Each of these ten institutions provides an experience that is worth a second or third visit, whether you’re a resident, a tourist, or have just moved to Berlin.

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