7 things to do when looking for accommodation in Berlin

What can you do to land the perfect home in Germany’s capital?

Kevin Crain

By Kevin Crain

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Thinking of moving to Berlin? There’s a lot to love about the German capital. It’s a lively metropolis, bringing in people from all walks of life thanks to its rich history, diverse culture, and thriving job market. But what should you do when figuring out your future accommodation in Berlin?

Whether you’re relocating for work, school, or just a change of scenery, it’s important to think through your living situation. After all, whether you live in a fully furnished Blueground apartment in Berlin or not, your home will impact your entire experience. That’s why we’ve put together these seven tips. They’ll help you determine the perfect place for you to stay in Berlin.

1. Define your priorities

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Before you even start your housing search, ask yourself: What’s important to me? You can physically write out your list on a piece of paper, type it on your phone, or simply think through your top wants and needs. 

Weighing these preferences is crucial. For instance, what type of accommodation in Berlin is ideal? Where would you like to be located? Is access to public transportation critical? Which amenities are essential and which would be nice to have? Do you want a studio apartment in Berlin or something much larger? A clear understanding of your lifestyle will streamline your search process and ultimately deliver a more satisfying living experience.

2. Budget wiselymoney on table in 50 euro notes

Money is always top of mind when thinking about a move, especially because Berlin caters to a diverse range of living options at various price points. Some homes are cheap and basic. Others are expensive and luxurious. Of course, a whole lot land right in the middle. 

However, creating a realisticbudget isn’t just about rent. Remember to factor in utilities, internet, transportation costs, and additional living expenses. Also, don’t forget that even in the competitive Berlin housing market, you can sometimes negotiate with landlords. This might be the most effective way to get a good deal on a great place to live.

3. Research the neighborhoods

Berlin is full of diverse neighborhoods, each boasting a unique personality. So do your due diligence. Conduct thorough research with your lifestyle preferences in mind. Safety, accessibility to amenities, noise levels, and the overall atmosphere should all weigh into your decision-making process. 

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4. Go property hunting

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When you make the decision to move, it’s tempting to try and find your new home as soon as possible. However, persistence and patience pay off. Literally! When you’re looking into accommodation in Berlin, be sure to leverage online platforms, real estate websites, and social media groups. Each of these will help with your property search. 

Quick responses to new listings and prompt viewings are key in this fast-paced market. Like we already mentioned, slow and steady will make your overall search successful, but once you find the perfect place, speed can make all the difference. 

5. Verify the legal aspects

Ensure the chosen home adheres to all legal requirements and regulations. Don’t just sign your life away. Meticulously read over any leasing contracts to make sure you understand the terms, conditions, deposit amounts, and tenancy duration. We know it’s not fun, but looking at the terms and conditions of any big decision will help you in the long run. Going a step further, you should even look into what’s required to stay in one of the pet-friendly Berlin apartments. When in doubt, seek legal advice for a comprehensive review.

6. Consider transportation & your commute Train for public transportation in Berlin

Berlin’s superb public transportation system is an asset (it’s also surprisingly easy to ride a bike in Berlin), but proximity to essential places is crucial. Where will you be working? How easy is it to get there from different parts of Berlin? It’s a fact that a shorter commute can significantly enhance your overall quality of life. 

Obviously, there’s more to factor into your equation than the distance from your home or student housing to your workplace or university. You should also consider what you’ll be doing socially and how close you’ll be to groceries and other essentials. 

7. Beware of scams

Sadly, like any other major city, Berlin has rental scams. Exercise caution with deals that seem too good to be true. Never transfer money or personal information without authenticating the landlord or agent. Lastly, avoid paying deposits or rent in advance until you’ve physically visited the property and verified its legitimacy.

Ready to make your move?

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Navigating your next living situation may pose challenges, but armed with the right knowledge, you’ll be successful. If you do all seven of the actions we’ve suggested, you can secure the perfect accommodation in Berlin. Viel Glück!

Kevin Crain

Kevin Crain

Kevin Crain is a writer from Dallas, Texas. He’s dedicated to helping every Blueground guest live like a local and make their apartment feel like home. His favorite topics include active experiences, bucket list essentials, and hidden gems in cities around the world.