Finding a pet-friendly apartment in D.C.

Searching for pet-friendly apartments in D.C. and feeling discouraged? Here’s our advice for finding the ideal space for you and your furry f…

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This capital city has a lot of offerings for pets. Everyone seems to own a dog and there are tons of parks around every corner.

That’s why it might be surprising to discover that finding pet-friendly apartments in D.C. can be a bit of a challenge.

When you do manage to find a potential place, you’ll realize that keeping your furry friend as a roommate in Washington, D.C. is not cheap.

Rents for pet-friendly apartments in D.C. are high, as are the additional pet fees and security deposits.

Furthermore, a lot of apartments here that claim to be pet-friendly impose so many ridiculous restrictions that you start to wonder whether they allow living pets or only statues!

So, does this mean that you’ll have to give up your hopes and dreams of moving to D.C.?

No, not at all.

With a little time and determination, you’ll certainly be able to find a great place to live.

Just be prepared. Read on for our advice.


Create a list of pet-friendly apartment buildings in D.C.

Naturally, the first step is to find pet-friendly apartments in D.C.

Note that this is completely different from actually securing the apartment.

Some places say they are pet-friendly, although they aren’t or they have a list of restrictions that’s so long that they might as well just say they don’t take pets.

You can browse realtor listing pages or websites like People with Pets which cater specifically to pet owners.

Also, make sure to review entire apartment buildings that are pet-friendly.

If you spot a pet-friendly apartment listing, your odds are pretty good that another unit that comes available in the same building would adhere to a similar policy. RENTCafé is an example of a website that allows you to filter by an entire pet-friendly apartment building.


Narrow the list down, pet-owner style

Now it’s time to narrow down your list of apartments. As a pet owner, you have to check the restrictions for each property. For example, if you have a 60-pound dog and an apartment says only dogs 30 pounds or lighter are allowed, then you’ll have to remove it from your list. If you don’t currently own a dog but are planning to adopt one soon, perhaps you’ll also need to narrow down your list to breeds that are more apartment-friendly. Carefully read into the breed’s description in terms of exercise needs and behavior to determine what size and type of apartment is best suited.

two dogs running at the park and playing with a ball

It’s never advisable to lie on your application. You might be tempted, especially if you’ve been searching for pet-friendly apartments in D.C. for a while. However, all of the stress involved with covering your tracks, along with the serious consequences make it a very bad idea.

If a landlord finds out you were less than truthful, they can evict you. Furthermore, you could lose your security deposit, and you could even end up being sued for damages and fraud. So, play it safe and just stick to the apartments where you know your pet is welcome.


Prioritize your list

Once you’ve removed all of the apartments where your pet won’t be accepted, take a closer look at each property. Put them in order of most preferred to least.

You might want to eliminate certain apartments because of their location or because you don’t like the furniture.

When inspecting a furnished apartment, you will often encounter used pieces with some wear and tear from the previous tenants.

However, when you’re trying to find a place to rent with your pet, you don’t have the luxury of being too picky.

Remember, even if an apartment listing claims that pets are acceptable, the landlord might still prefer a tenant without a pet.

In that case, if you’re competing against someone who prefers pet-free, you’re likely to lose, no matter how great a tenant you might be otherwise.


Visit the apartments and talk to the landlords

Now, it’s time to see the apartments and talk to the landlords. You want to make sure you aren’t wasting your time.

Unfortunately, a landlord won’t come out and tell you that someone else without a pet is interested in the apartment.

All you can do is have some documents with you that prove you and your pet will make great tenants. Include testimonials and references from former landlords and neighbors, as well as the documents showing all your pet’s shots are up-to-date.

When talking to the landlord, emphasize that you are a responsible owner and you always clean up after your pet.

golden retriever on the couch being hugged by its owners

Also, remind the landlord that you are less likely to move than a tenant without a pet precisely because it’s so difficult to find pet-friendly apartments in D.C. Meaning, the landlord will have a lower vacancy rate and fewer headaches to deal with.

As a bonus, before the landlord makes an official decision, try to arrange an in-person meeting with your landlord and your pet. This way you can be certain that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises later on.

Once they have agreed to accept your pet, don’t waste any time. Sign on the dotted line as quickly as possible! As you’ve seen first-hand, many other pet owners are hunting for pet-friendly apartments in D.C. and you don’t want to miss your chance.


A few places that offer pet-friendly apartments

To make the process easier, we’ve done some searching and found a few buildings with pet-friendly apartments. Some of these even take things a step further and offer amenities specifically for pets.

All of those named below are fully equipped and furnished, with kitchen appliances, and linens offered for rent by Blueground.

To find out which of these accept pets, sort the listing page by using the ‘Pets Allowed’ filter. Furthermore, you can schedule cleanings and maintenance through the Blueground Guest App. Getting rid of dog hair has never been easier!

  • 1500 Massachusetts Avenue: a pet-friendly building by Dupont Circle with a doorman, a fitness center, a business center, a lounge, and a rooftop deck
  • 425 L Street NW: lovely pet-friendly apartments in a building with a sundeck, a swimming pool, a business center, and a 24-hour front desk
  • 425 8th Street NW: stunning pet-friendly apartments in a building that includes a fitness center, swimming pool with hot tub, a doorman, and a courtyard
  • 2221 I Street NW: a pet-friendly building with a clubhouse, a doorman, a fitness center, a rooftop lounge, a sundeck, and a swimming pool
  • 1503 Vermont Avenue NW: beautiful pet-friendly apartments close to Logan Circle, which is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in D.C
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