The 7 safest neighborhoods in Washington DC (with 2023 statistics)

Are you looking to move to the US capital? Here are some of the safest neighborhoods in Washington DC

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By Editorial Team

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Are you thinking about moving to the US capital? Many people looking to relocate are targeting the safest neighborhoods in Washington DC.

The good news is that there is less crime so far in 2022 than last year, according to the DC Metropolitan Police Department. Although it’s welcome news that the crime rate in Washington DC has dropped, new residents will still want to be selective about where they live.

If you’re moving to the city alone, you may be especially concerned about safety. But even when you relocate with family or friends, finding an apartment in one of the safest neighborhoods in Washington DC can be challenging.

Each year, thousands of people move to the District with big dreams. That’s why the competition for good apartments in safe neighborhoods can be daunting.

Opting for a flexible-term furnished apartment in Washington DC instead of a year-long rental is a simple way to move. Short-term housing providers like Blueground have apartments in some of the safest areas in Washington DC.

A furnished rental takes some – if not all! – of the guesswork out of searching for a rental apartment. In addition to the peace of mind a serviced apartment brings, you will also be living in a carefully vetted location.

When you rent the old-fashioned way, you need to do most of the legwork yourself. The best way to start is by looking for suitable apartments in neighborhoods that work for your commute and lifestyle.

That said, you should start your housing search with the safest neighborhoods in DC. We took a look at the latest crime data to create a list of some of the areas you should target first.

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1. Adams Morgan

This culturally diverse neighborhood is known for its great dining and nightlife. It’s one of the best areas to live in if you plan on hitting up as many bars, clubs, and restaurants as possible during your time in the District.

Even though it’s known for its after-hours entertainment, Adams Morgan is a relatively safe neighborhood based on data from Niche.

Adams Morgan might be an ideal choice for art lovers, too. The neighborhood is the setting for the Morton Fine Art and the D.C. Arts Center, a notable art gallery and performance space.

2. Dupont Circle

Often called the city’s most beautiful neighborhood, Dupont Circle is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Washington DC. The entire area earned top marks for safety based on several factors.

Dupont Circle has a number of popular art galleries and a wonderful fine dining scene. This is unsurprising in one of the city’s most upscale neighborhoods. The neighborhood is only a minutes from Union Station by car and train, making it a great choice for business travelers.

3. Foggy Bottom

Foggy Bottom is a charming riverside neighborhood that stretches from the Potomac River to the western edge of Georgetown. Upgraded Home has named it one of the safest neighborhoods in Washington DC based on a multifactor analysis of crime statistics.

In addition to being quite safe, Foggy Bottom is home to some of DC’s best bars, restaurants and shopping. Many of these are located in the West End.

Other neighborhood highlights include the Kennedy Center and Rock Creek Park, a 2,100-acre greenspace with amazing river views.

4. Georgetown

Georgetown, the site of the world-famous Georgetown University, is another of the safest areas in Washington, DC. Data collected by Niche show that the neighborhood has lower than average crime across the board.

Georgetown’s charming cobblestone streets contrast with other more modern parts of the District. In addition to the university, there is wonderful dining and shopping. You can experience a variety of cuisines from around the world without having to travel.

This area is also ideal for people who want to be surrounded by greenspace. Nature lovers can kayak or paddleboard on the Potomac River or explore the many local running trails.

5. Glover Park

Glover Park is an upscale northwest Washington DC neighborhood. It also has some of the lowest crime in the District each year.

Glover Park’s dining scene is extensive, with something for everyone! You can find fast casual or traditional Italian or even Uyghur cuisine right in the neighborhood.

Another neighborhood highlight is Glover Archbold Park, the beautiful greenspace that lends the neighborhood its name. It’s the perfect setting for a morning jog or a weekend picnic. The Washington National Cathedral is also an easy walk from the neighborhood.

6. Logan Circle

Perennially one of DC’s trendiest neighborhoods, Logan Circle is also a very safe area based on recent statistics. Thanks to its central location, this neighborhood is close to just about everything!

Besides being one of the safest neighborhoods in DC, Logan Circle is one of the coolest! This is an ideal place to live if you’re the person who always wants to be first to visit the hot new bar or restaurant that just opened.

In addition to hip bars, boutiques, and restaurants, Logan Circle is known for its arts scene. You can check out the galleries or enjoy a contemporary play at the Studio Theater. or and take a long stroll by the restored Victorian homes throughout the neighborhood. The neighborhood is served by the McPherson Square and Mount Vernon Metro Stations.

7. Van Ness

A lovely neighborhood located north of downtown, Van Ness was recently named one of the safest neighborhoods in DC by Glass Housere. This beautiful area is the setting for several foreign embassies as well as the University of Washington DC and Howard University Law School.

For students, this is also a great area if you want take advantage of Blueground’s brand-new Studentground program. It’s a student housing solution featuring discounted rates for fully furnished apartments, rent-free when you’re away, flexible durations, and a seamless rental experience close to campus.

Van Ness is just a short distance from beautiful Soapstone Valley Park. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone who loves nature. The neighborhood also has a promising culinary scene! Connecticut Avenue is lined with international restaurants as well as quick options for students.

Choosing the perfect DC neighborhood for you

Even if you have decided to only look in the safest areas of Washington DC, there are some other factors to weigh as you begin your housing search.

A critical first step is to create a budget!

Don’t forget to consider the cost of utilities like water electricity, gas, Internet, etc. as part of your housing budget for the month.

Although you are looking for your rent budget, it’s important to consider that you may need to pay more than you are now.

Washington DC is one of the more expensive cities in the U.S., so be prepared for a bit of sticker shock. In the event that you can’t afford to rent a studio or a one-bedroom, you could always find a roommate!

Next, start searching apartment listings to see what your dollar will get you. The neighborhoods we have identified as the safest areas in DC are a great place to start.

If you are going to be traveling to your office every day, it’s a good idea to find an apartment with parking or good access to the DC Metro.

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But wait, what about digital nomads? If you will be working from home, on the other hand, you may be able to save on rent by finding a home that isn’t very close to public transportation.

Last but not least, the choice of where to live in DC comes down to your personal preferences. Do you want have kids? Then you may want to live near the best public schools? Are you into culture? In that case it might be best to be near the tourist hotspots.

Considering your wants as well as your needs is essential to find the perfect home. Happily, some of the safest areas in Washington DC are also near the heart of the best dining, culture and more.

We hope this rundown of some of the safest neighborhoods in Washington DC will make your upcoming move as easy as possible.

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