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Check out these influencers, travel agencies, and destination guides focused on Black travel

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By Editorial Team

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February is Black History Month in the US, and a great time to reflect on the Black travel experience. In order to help our guests live their best lives ever, we’ve put together this collection of resources for Black travelers.

Blueground has furnished apartments in cities all over the world, making inclusive travel possible for all.

No matter where you decide to travel this year, these useful resources for Black travelers will help you stay safe on the road.

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Black Travelers International

Looking for inspiration? Black Travelers International has a variety of travel guides, advice on accommodations, and even group trips!

Their buzzy Facebook group is also a great place to connect with like-minded travelers.

Black & Abroad

If you’re interested in adventure or luxury travel, check out Black & Abroad. This specialty travel agency has trips you won’t find anywhere else.

You can travel with a group to destinations like Colombia, Ghana, and France, or work with the team to plan a custom trip.

Diversity in Travel Scorecard

Accountability is key to improving the experience of Black travelers. Martinique Lewis, who is president of the Black Travel Alliance, puts together an annual report that assesses how the travel industry is improving access and equality, as well as how much still needs to change.

Even if you don’t work in the travel agency yourself, the report is a fascinating read. (We were also lucky enough to host Martinique in two of our markets.)

Soul of America

If you want to travel in the Caribbean, Mexico, or US, Soul of America’s travel guides are essential reading. Given its coverage of more than 150 destinations, this site is an incredible resource for Black travelers.

There’s also a calendar of US-based events that are of especial interest to Black travelers.

Soul of America also has coverage of other destinations, including Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris, and more.

The Lady Who Travels

Are you a solo traveler or craving something outside of the box? Content creator Abigail Akinyemi creates incredible itineraries for Black travelers on her website and Instagram channel.

Abigail partnered with Blueground and stayed in six of our markets over six months. We shared highlights and tips from her life on our blog, Blueprint.

Travel Noire

This cool online travel magazine covers every aspect of the Black travel experience. You can find destination inspiration, time-saving tips, and the latest news.

Travel Noire also produces a series of city guides, making it one of the best resources for Black travelers around.

Are you ready to give up your year-long lease and embrace a flexible lifestyle? Blueground has apartments with luxury fittings and thoughtful extras in key cities around the world.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

The Blueground editorial team covers the best things to see, do, and experience in our cities around the world.