4 easy ways to embrace minimalism in your apartment this fall

Pare down your life (and your to-do list) with these simple minimalism tips.

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

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If you’re reading this from the comfort of a Blueground apartment, then you already know how a perfectly curated space can enhance your life. A pared-down aesthetic lets you focus on relaxing and making a space your own, whether you’re living alone, with a partner, with roommates, or with your whole family.

But embracing minimalism doesn’t mean becoming the next Marie Kondo! Even a small step or two can make a big difference to your space — and your attitude. At Blueground we want all of our guests to reap the benefits of flexible living, whether that’s living in multiple cities over 12 months or finding your perfect move-in ready rental apartment and staying put for years.

Wherever you’re living now, try these tips to pare down your possessions and obligations to do more of what you love this fall.

Clean Out Your Closet

Well, we had to start with the obvious one. Even if you packed only the bare minimum before you moved, it may be time to put away your summer clothes and pull out fall and winter staples. Before you do anything, decide on some goals. Are you looking to get rid of clothes? Store them? (Blueground guests are eligible for hefty discounts from Makespace, a handy mobile storage solution.) Donate them?

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Plan to spend half a day cleaning out your closet, and the other half rewarding yourself for a job well done with a trip to the bakery or a botanical garden. Be sure to clearly mark which items you want to trash, store, and donate. Finally, step back and marvel at your neat and tidy closet. That is your first step towards a more minimal life.

Plan a Digital Detox

We all need a break from our phones sometimes, but it can be easier said than done. But just half a day without your digital lifeline can do wonders for your imagination. Block off a Saturday or Sunday morning to go into airplane mode.

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A digital detox doesn’t have to be boring! Head to your favorite bookstore to pick up a new novel, magazine, or cookbook to get lost in instead of your phone. Alternatively, you could light some candles and listen to a meditative sound bath or pull the curtains and watch one of your favorite movies on your Smart TV.

Make Your Bedroom a Temple of Zen

The place where you sleep is arguably the true heart of your home. If your bed is unmade and your nightstand is buried in papers and magazines, that chaos may interfere with sweet dreams.

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Start with clean sheets and a freshly laundered duvet, then spend 10 to 15 minutes getting rid of any clutter in and around your sleeping area. A scented candle or oil diffuser adds the perfect finishing touch.

Look to Others for Inspiration

If these ideas are all too overwhelming — or your space is simply overflowing with stuff — start small. Netflix’s Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things follows the stories of several people who find happiness by paring down their lives, whether it’s getting rid of physical belongings or psychological hang-ups.

Each of the heart-warming stories in the documentary is a little bit different, so you’re sure to relate to one of them! After watching the movie you may just be inspired to tackle one of the other strategies outlined above.

We hope that these simple ideas for achieving minimalism at home will inspire you to focus on self care.

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At Blueground we want all of our guests to feel like they have a home away from home — whether it’s for a month or two or years. Our stylish furnished apartments let our guests indulge their inner explorers without giving up the comforts of the familiar. Find out more about the Blueground experience.

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