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Searching for a new apartment may include the neighborhood and number of bedrooms. As well as weighing up the pros and cons between a completely furnished or unfurnished unit. But have you considered building amenities? Depending on what city you are moving to, and your lifestyle habits, they can be a deal-breaker. Here, we run down the best building amenities to look for when you’re searching for an apartment, and how you can benefit from having access to them.


Top 10 Apartment Amenities

Here’s a helpful guide to the best building amenities for making your rental search more targeted:

1. Doorman

The privilege of having a doorman provides many services. It’s nice to have a friendly face to greet you every day, especially if you live on your own. Doormen are commonly found in high-end apartment buildings in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. You might be unaware of the myriad of tasks doormen undertake. A good doorman will get to know you on a first-name basis, which apartment you are in, and suss out your daily routines without being intrusive. They can handle package deliveries, maintenance checks, and even carry food delivery up to your door.

Safety is a big benefit of having a doorman. They will be there to make sure no strangers enter the building, so it’s residents and invited guests only. You may even end up living in a building with a doorman who can be of assistance with day-to-day errands. Such as booking a cab, dog walking, watering plants, and being on call to lend a hand if you spot bugs in your apartment. No wonder they are considered a top amenity for apartments in major cities.

2. Gym

Where’s the excuse to skip a workout when the gym is in your apartment building? Having the convenience of an on-site fitness center also saves you from having to spend on a gym membership. It cuts the time you would normally spend commuting to and from a fitness studio, as well as – fingers crossed – encouraging you to exercise at home. Instead of sharing gym equipment with the whole city, it’s a much smaller group of gym goers that use a residential fitness space. You can also build good relationships with neighbors who like to work out, which is another way to meet people when you’ve moved to a new city.

3. Pool

Playa del Oro outdoor pool

Living in apartments with pools is ideal if you’re moving to Los Angeles, which has plenty of sunshine all year round. With access to this hotel-like amenity, it’s easy to channel vacation mode in the evenings and weekends. Or make a pool workout part of your morning routine. Residential pools are also great for all ages, from kids and young professionals to retirees. Don’t be put off by pool maintenance, which can be tricky. It’s often included in the service charges in residential blocks.

4. Garage

Living in a city where you will be getting around by car, like D.C. or L.A. makes a residential garage a big bonus. In fact, for in-town living, it’s both a must-have house amenity and an apartment one. As well as having a safe and sheltered place to park through all seasons, you’ll increase your storage space. This is great if you live in a smaller apartment. Make use of this multi-purpose storage area to free up living space inside. 

5. Coworking space

You can improve a work-life balance if you work as a freelancer or take working-from-home days when you have a coworking space. It’s also handy to have a dedicated workspace outside your apartment but within the same building if your working on a side hustle. If it’s a creative project or business venture, sharing these types of spaces are breeding grounds for networking. It can also be easier to work without distractions in a dedicated workspace and improve productivity with amenities like printing and meeting rooms. When you work independently, it’s always better to make room for a dedicated desk space in your apartment. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to design a home desk space that works for you with some practical interior design tips.

6. Elevators

For disabled or elderly residents and guests, an elevator is a priority building feature. On-site elevators also make moving in and out much easier in high-rise apartment blocks. In addition to saving the strain of traveling up and down flights of stairs when you’re tired or have heavy bags to carry. You may have just clocked on that a doorman can come in handy in these scenarios too!

7. Air conditioning

Staying cool in the city is a breeze when you have air conditioning fitted within your apartment and rental building common areas. It’s not so nice to be too hot indoors or rely on a carefully positioned plug-in fan to cool yourself down in the summer. With air-con, you can be comfortable at home with indoor air you can live with.

8. Storage space

If you’re downsizing, in-between apartments, or moving with a lot of things you may be considering putting some things into commercial storage. However, there are some rental units that feature extra storage space in an apartment building which is safe, private and included in the rental fee. It’s also handy for storing things you’d rather keep outside your home, like a bike or garden furniture.

9. Outdoor space

apartments boston rooftop patio

Outdoor space in and around a rental apartment, like a balcony, a playground, a garden or a rooftop can definitely enhance the rental experience. As well as being space to chill out, take in a stunning city view or recharge in nature, they are great areas for socializing.

10. Washer and dryers

In cities like New York, laundry facilities in an apartment are a luxury amenity. Rather than have to take your laundry to a laundromat, it’s much easier, economical, and hygienic to have washer and dryer facilities on-site where you live.


Furnished apartments with amenities included

If you’re looking for a rental that includes some of these amenities, you can find them in Blueground properties in the city’s best neighborhoods. Are a pool and doorman both at the top of your list when looking for an apartment in Chicago? All you have to do is enable the filter of the amenity you desire and see what’s available.

As well as having these amazing amenities, Blueground apartments are fully furnished and beautifully decorated. Take advantage of their tailor-furnished apartments from studios to two bedrooms with all items down to the cookware provided. Upfront pricing means that you already have your condo amenities factored into the monthly rent and utility bill. The apartments really are the full package!

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