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San Francisco is one of the best city’s in the nation to raise a family. One big factor is the selection of top-rated international schools in and around San Francisco. This is an appealing aspect for many expats since it helps them to feel confident that their children are going to have a great educational experience in their adopted home. Here are a few of the best international schools that San Francisco has to offer. 

La Scuola International School

Children from the ages of 2 to 13 can experience an in-depth and impressive education at La Scuola International School. Rather than making learning rigidly structured and standardized, this school puts an emphasis on teaching children in a way that they learn best and have the most fun. What this means will vary from child to child. This is why the complexity of the subject matter changes based on the child’s skill set. La Scola also has the benefit of being located in Hayes Valley, which is known as one of the best suburban communities in the area. In recent years, this neighborhood has seen exponential growth in the number of fantastic eateries, coffee shops, and nightlife options.

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Instead of having a standard curriculum, La Scuola International School uses a three-part system. The first part is the Reggio Emilia approach. This puts an emphasis on the belief that children should be active participants in their learning rather than just being passive listeners.  The second portion of the curriculum is the International Baccalaureate. This globally recognized curriculum puts children’s academic strengths to the test. It also works to create a high level of responsibility and respect among the students. The third part of the curriculum is the Italian language immersion. Since it has been proven that bilingual children do better in various subject areas, this blended language program works to make the students fluent in both English and Italian by the eighth grade. 

Specialist Subjects

Using specialist teachers who are highly trained in specific subject matter, La Scuola International School is able to give students a high-quality education. These specialty subjects include visual arts, music, physical education, gardening, environmental studies, and tinkering. 

German International School of Silicon Valley

This K-8 school aims to educate children on the standards of both the American and German governments. In fact, German International School of Silicon Valley is the only school in the entire Western half of the country that meets the standards set by the German government. Their small class sizes and innovative teaching methods help to educate students in both English and German subject matter. 

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The school is continually expanding their capabilities. They recently added the eighth grade to their list of applicable grades for the 2019-20 school year. They have plans to relocate the school to the Castro community in San Francisco, which borders Mission District. This will be very beneficial for newcomer families since the Mission District is known for being one of the best neighborhoods in San Francisco. A second campus is found in Mountain View offering instruction from preschool to high school.


When it comes to extracurricular activities offered by the international schools in San Francisco, the German International School of Silicon Valley puts a bigger emphasis on music than almost any other school out there. There are several different groups dedicated to helping students fine-tune their musical abilities. This includes orchestras and choirs, and the Mountain View Campus location even has a school band. 

French American International School

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This school has a long history of educating students in both French and English. In fact, the French American International School was the first bilingual school in San Francisco when it opened in 1963. They take pride in being able to educate your children from start to finish with their K-12 programs.

Arts and sports

The French American International School also offers plenty of opportunities for students to develop their artistic and athletic side. The school teams up with various professional organizations to provide students with the best experience in theater, fine arts, music, and film. They also create athletic teams in several different sports including tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and cross-country skiing. 

Lycée Français de San Francisco

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While the other schools on this list enable students to learn two languages, Lycée Français de San Francisco uses a curriculum that allows students to learn between three and five languages. The school hosts students from the ages of 3 to 18. Everyone learns a minimum of three languages by the time they reach fifth grade. This allows the students to make an informed decision about which languages they would like to pursue in the second half of their schooling.

School camps

Just because school is let out for a week or two, that doesn’t mean that learning has to come to a stop. At Lycée Français de San Francisco, students are able to attend French Immersion camps during breaks or vacations. These camps aim to help children learn while also experiencing fun and creativity.

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