How to find the best Nashville accommodation

Land on the best place to live in the Music City based on these factors.

Kevin Crain

By Kevin Crain

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Looking for a change of scenery? It might be time to find a new rhythm in the Music City. As the capital of Tennessee, Nashville boasts a rich history, welcoming attitude, and plenty of live music. Whether you’re thinking of staying short or long-term, one of the most important things to consider is where to stay in Nashville. This guide will help you explore your options and make an informed decision. That way, your Nashville accommodation will lead to a memorable, stress-free time.

Define your budget

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Setting a budget for accommodation is the first step in the planning process. Consider how long you’re planning to stay, what tops the list of your personal preferences, and if there are any caps on the overall expense of your trip. Budgeting for a multi-bedroom apartment in Nashville is the simple part. It’s the little things you’ll really need to focus on. Like how much you’ll pay in taxes, what parking fees you’ll have to cover, and if you’ll get involved in any local activities that might have membership fees. These tiny expenses can add up. It’s crucial that you pay attention to them during your budgeting. Otherwise, your move to Nashville will suddenly cost much more than you anticipated. 

Explore different neighborhoods

Planning a visit to this iconic city soon? Another one of the key things to know about Nashville is the reputation of its neighborhoods. Each area has its own charm and unique features. From the historic vibes of Germantown to the trendy atmosphere of East Nashville, understanding the characteristics of each area is crucial. Factors such as proximity to attractions, safety, and local amenities should influence your decision when choosing a neighborhood. 

Consider the types of accommodation 

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Hotels, Airbnb rentals, houses, and experienced furnished apartment providers like Blueground. Nashville accommodation comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Of course, each type has its pros and cons. For instance, hotels provide convenience and services, Airbnbs offer a more personalized experience, and fully furnished spaces with kitchens give you a lot of flexibility. Take some time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. Your preferences, budget, and the type of experience you want play a big role in deciding your future living situation.

Look at the proximity to attractions

The location of your Nashville accommodation impacts your entire experience. First, think about what you like to do and what you want to do. Visit parks? Explore zoos and caves? Catch shows at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum or Grand Ole Opry? But also consider what you’ll need to do. For example, go grocery shopping and commute to work. It’s great when you’re close to key attractions and entertainment venues, but don’t forget the reality of your day-to-day life. You need to find the right balance. After all, being close to your favorite activities can save time and enhance your enjoyment of the city.

Check for amenities

The extras of your next location can make or break it. Seriously, home amenities improve your stay, so check out the facilities beforehand. Amenities like fast Wi-Fi, parking, gyms, pools, and more can make a huge difference. Don’t forget to explore nearby spots as well. When you’re searching for where to stay in Nashville, you can oftentimes find homes that are a short walk to parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and arenas. Then, simply prioritize these amenities based on your preferences and needs.

Read reviews & ratings

It’s never been easier to check online reviews and read local blog posts. These resources are right at your fingertips, so make the most of them. If you want the highest quality Nashville accommodation, be sure to explore platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google Reviews. You’ll get insights from fellow travelers that have had actual experiences. This can help shape your opinion of the exact place you’re looking at, especially if there are patterns to the reviews. For instance, look for mentions of a building’s cleanliness, customer service, and the guest’s overall satisfaction. Fortunately, Nashville is a great city for working remotely, meaning digital nomads have tons of great options. 

Book in advance instead of last-minute

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Deciding when to book your Nashville accommodation is a crucial aspect of your planning. Like they say, the early bird gets the home. All joking aside, early booking often secures better rates and gives you a wider selection. On the flip side though, last-minute deals can offer significant savings. The problem is you can’t count on that every time. Think about your travel style, flexibility, and the availability of promotions when deciding on your booking strategy. You may also even want to consider the season and weather, which can influence costs. 

Keep an eye out for deals & discounts

Take advantage of special deals and discounts to optimize your budget. Many sites offer promotions for specific dates, long-term furnished living deals, or packages for repeat guests. Explore websites like Blueground,, Expedia, and hotel loyalty programs to find the best deals that align with your travel plans. Even putting something in your basket or reaching out to the sales team can turn into a discount if you play your cards right. 

Think about transportation

How will you be getting around Music City? Look at all of the transportation options in the area of your home. Accessibility to public transportation, parking lots and garages, and proximity to major highways can significantly impact your experience. Are you willing to walk a ways to the place you parked? Will traffic impact your morning mood? Is it okay if you’re a little bit late to work? These questions may influence your decision. Just be sure to plan accordingly, especially if you intend to explore different parts of Nashville.

Don’t forget safety considerations

These are the five safest neighborhoods in Nashville. However, you don’t have to stay in any of them. What’s more important is that you take safety into account when selecting your Nashville accommodation. Look at neighborhood reviews, read crime statistics, and explore resources like local police departments or neighborhood watch programs. A safe environment contributes to a more relaxed life. In other words, you need to feel comfortable no matter where you decide to live. 

Get local insights & recommendations

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This goes hand in hand with reading reviews. Tap into local insights by seeking advice from residents, exploring online forums, and leveraging community suggestions. Locals often have valuable tips on hidden gems, local eateries, and lesser-known attractions that can add a unique touch to your Nashville experience. For instance, where can you find the best Nashville hot chicken or watch up-and-coming country musicians for free?

Stay flexible with your dates

Flexibility in travel dates can impact Nashville accommodation prices significantly. Use tools like flexible date searches on travel platforms to find the most cost-effective dates for your stay. Incredibly, if you adjust your schedule by a day or two, it can often result in substantial savings. Getting locked into the exact days of your stay is fine, but it may come at a cost. 

Review customer support & cancellation policies

Does your apartment building have reliable customer support? Is it free to cancel your Airbnb up to a certain point? Sometimes life happens. Unexpected changes might crop up. Since that’s the case, having a clear understanding of cancellation fees and flexibility can save you from unnecessary stress.

Music City, here you come!

Finding the perfect accommodation in Nashville requires careful consideration of budget, location, amenities, and personal preferences. By following our tips, you can make the best decision possible. Hopefully, this will lead to a stress-free and memorable stay in the Music City. Whether you choose a historic hotel or a spacious four-bedroom Nashville home, your new home will play a key role in shaping your experience. Happy travels!

Kevin Crain

Kevin Crain

Kevin Crain is a writer from Dallas, Texas. He’s dedicated to helping every Blueground guest live like a local and make their apartment feel like home. His favorite topics include active experiences, bucket list essentials, and hidden gems in cities around the world.