The 10 best coffee shops in Miami where you can work and study

These Miami cafes and coffee shops are ideal places to work and study while you take in the unique beachy atmosphere.

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

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Are you looking for the perfect coffee shop to work or study in Miami?

Heading to a coffee house can be a great way to be productive and still be around people and take in the dynamic cityscape of this unique destination. All of these Miami coffee shops offer a little something extra to make your day special, whether you are going to spend it studying or working.

Here are some of the best coffee shops in Miami where you can work and study.

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1. The LAB Miami

This members-only coworking space in the Wynwood Arts District is one of the best places in Miami to work and study. The LAB Miami has an incredible array of perks that make it an absolute pleasure to crack open your laptop.

If you choose to work or study here you can take advantage of The LAB Miami’s meeting rooms, open kitchens and high-speed Internet. The space also offens onsite tech support and office services Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The coworking space has a great location in one of Miami’s coolest neighborhoods, and there’s also on-site parking and a bike-share program available to members.

2. Capital One Café

If you’re organized and dedicated you should be able to work anywhere, so how about getting some banking done along with your next client email or request for proposal.

Coral Gables’ Capital One Café is an ideal place to hit the books since it’s in a convenient location and allows you plenty of room to spread out.

Whether you’re looking to work or study, this Miami cafe is an unexpectedly great choice. Just be aware that social distancing is required, whether you stay for a few minutes or spend the entire day working in this cafe.

3. Miam Cafe

Are you looking for a chic place where you can feel like yourself?

This bakery and coffee shop in Miami’s tony Wynwood neighborhood is another ideal place where you can work or study. Miam Cafe is located in The Wynwood Building and has an extensive menu of delicious brews and hearty lunch and dinner options.

Miam Cafe is committed to sustainable practices, with everything they serve sourced from organic local farms. It’s an easy place to feel so comfortable that you end up staying all day, whether you have work to do or not.

4. Sagrado Cafe

Another wonderful place in Miami where you can work or study is Sagrado Cafe.

This dynamic Downtown Miami hotspot is located on world-famous Biscayne Boulevard and is almost as good for people watching as it is for buckling down and getting through your to-do list. The elegant decor is also a nice plus!

In addition to its great ambiance and roomy environs, Sagrado Cafe has a thoroughly tempting menu. Regulars love the coffee, of course, and the Brazilian-inspired food menu is a winner all around.

Whether you need somewhere to work or study in Miami, Sagrado Cafe is a perfect choice.

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5. Bebito’s Cafe

Located in fabulous South Beach, Bebito’s Cafe is a favorite with locals and Miami’s many tourists alike.

Part of the reason for the popularity of this beachy cafe is the coffee itself. Bebito’s sources their beans from Central and South America to ensure the perfect kick.

After all, caffeine is a simple way to charge up ahead of a long day of working or studying in Miami. Bebito’s isn’t just a great place to get things done, it’s also a gourmet dining destination.

The cafe serves breakfast all day as well as lunch — and there’s also a wonderful selection of pastries and savory snacks if you’re not in the mood for a full meal.

6. Small Tea

If you’re looking for a coffee shop where you can work or study in Miami, Coral Gables’ Small Tea may be your dream location.

This adorable tea shop stocks a whopping 84 varieties, so you’re sure to find a brew to your liking on their extensive menu. The custom wooden drop ceiling adds a whimsical touch to the place and makes it easy to stay all day.

Just be sure you’re a committed tea drinker: even though they stock scores of different teas, Small Tea does not serve coffee!

7. La Social

Are you looking for somewhere a little off the beaten path to work or study?

La Social, a bakery and cafe in Miami’s Upper East Side neighborhood, is the perfect place to be productive and experience the city’s energy. (There’s also a second branch of this chic coffee shop in Downtown Miami.)

The coffee house has plenty of outdoor seating if you would rather work in the sun, and there is also a full food menu in addition to the usual coffee-based drinks.

You can opt for a salad or sandwich, or if you’re really hungry choose one of La Social’s make-your-own pizzas.

8. Suite Habana

Miami is famous for its Cuban population, so of course no list of the best coffee houses in Miami where you can work or study would be complete without at least one Cuban cafe! We love Suite Habana, a gorgeous coffee house in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood.

In addition to a full menu of Cuban-style coffee drinks, you can enjoy Suite Habana’s signature beans at home.

Even though this cafe has only been open for three years, it has quickly become a favorite spot for the local population.

Be sure to arrive early if you want to stake out one of the best tables to work or study!

9. Time Out Market

Why settle for just one coffee house when you can experience some of Miami’s coolest food and drink purveyors all under one roof?

Time Out Market is located in the city’s tony South Beach neighborhood, and it’s an ideal place to work or study.

There’s plenty of seating — the market is a whopping 18,000 square feet! — and an almost unlimited supply of delicious edibles. You can have arepas, chicken and waffles, Detroit-style pizza, and so much more.

Time Out Market is also great for people watching since it’s popular with tourists and locals alike.

10. Delicious Raw

We would be remiss not to add at least one juice bar to our list of the best coffee houses in Miami where you can work or study since this beachy metropolis is one of the US’s most health-conscious cities.

All in all, Delicious Raw is a Miami-based raw juice bar with locations on 5th Avenue, Davie, Sunset Harbor, and Wynwood.

In addition to being an inspiring place to get some business done, the healthy and tempting menu will keep you energized all day long. There’s more than just juice on the menu, too. Delicious Raw has a full food menu that includes grain bowls and inspired plant-based entrees like the Nobl Burger, a hearty vegan feast, and avocado toast with truffle oil.

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There’s also plenty of coffee for anyone who needs an extra caffeine kick.

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