The best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City

These neighborhoods are good places to start your Mexico City apartment search!

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A cobblestone street in Mexico City

Given its immense size and vibrant cultural diversity, it can be a challenge to narrow down the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City. The city stretches out over nearly 600 square miles and is home to well over 20 million residents!

Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat where you can commune with nature or you want to be at the heart of the action, there is a place for you in this booming city. Given the sheer number of neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City, it can be overwhelming to search for housing. Blueground’s move-in ready apartments in Mexico City are the perfect way to explore the best of the capital’s cultural landscape.

This guide will cover some of the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City. We have also included hot neighborhoods for digital nomads. For both the long and short term, the following areas can’t be beaten!

The Mexico City skyline

Read on to learn more about the following areas for long and short term stays in Mexico City.

1. Anzures

Anzures is a petite neighborhood that’s just steps from El Parque Tamayo, one of the city’s cultural oases. Thanks to its cultural attractions and a combination of upscale gated homes and chic, contemporary apartment buildings, Anzures is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City. The neighborhood is home to a tempting variety of cafes and restaurants along Calle Leibnitz. The biggest highlight, however, is the adjacent El Parque Tamayo. In addition to acres and acres of manicured paths and fountains, there are a number of museums within the park.

2. Colonia Centro

Located in downtown Mexico City, the Colonia Centro neighborhood is famous for its local markets. There’s also a host of cultural attractions set within the historic Parque Alameda Central. You can see a concert or a comedy show at the beautiful Teatro Metropólitan. Colonia Centro is also home to the renowned Palacio de Bellas Artes, with paintings by masters like Diego Rivera. The neighborhood is also home to a variety of chic cocktail bars and international hotels, making it a good fit for night owls.

3. Condesa

Another one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City is stately Condesa. Known for its wide, tree-lined avenues and ornate mansions, this is an elite area. It’s also a popular neighborhood for expats, thanks to its European vibe. Local attractions include a diverse dining scene and the lovely Parque España. Condesa is also an excellent neighborhood for after-dark entertainment. There are a number of notable bars, clubs, and lounges in the area.

4. Cuauhtémoc

Located just west of the city center, Cuauhtémoc is a stately neighborhood that’s home to a number of foreign embassies. The area is notable for its skyscrapers and elegant 20th-century homes. The neighborhood is also the setting for Mexico’s stock exchange. Cuauhtémoc has a variety of international fare on offer because of the number of foreign diplomats working in the area. On Calle Rio de Lerma you can find anything from simple taquerías to sleek international restaurants serving up fusion cuisine.

5. Escandón

Located just south of the upscale Condesa neighborhood, Escandón is a family-friendly haven. This is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City, thanks to the tree-lined streets that branch out from busy avenues. Escandón has a down-to-earth reputation, and it’s a good place to get your bearings when you’re new to the city. The neighborhood has great dining and shopping. Avenida José Martí is home to simple cantinas, taquerias and restaurants serving up regional specialties. The popular Metrópoli Patriotismo shopping mall is located at the southern edge of Escandón.

6. Juarez

Known for its gay bars and ornate 19th-century mansions, Juárez is an extremely popular Mexico City neighborhood. This is an extremely diverse area, home to many Korean immigrants as well as the Zona Rosa, a gay-friendly enclave of bars and clubs. As you might expect, the dining scene is extremely eclectic. You can find wonderful late-night options as well as authentic regional Korean fare.

7. Narvarte Oriente

Centrally located Narvarte Oriente is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Mexico City. Between the vibrant cultural scene and colorful art deco homes, the area is ideal for new arrivals to the city. Foodies won’t be bored here. Narvarte Oriente has many traditional taquerias and sidewalk cafes. After dark, there are dozens of bars and even a few karaoke lounges to explore. The neighborhood is also home to culture hotspots like Theater 11 July, where you can see avant-garde plays.

A gorgeous sunset in Mexico City

8. Polanco

Upscale Polanco is one of the most desirable areas in Mexico City. Residents live in lavish mansions or sleek new apartment developments. The neighborhood is known for its shopping and dining. Polanco’s Avenida Presidente Masaryk is the place to see and be seen. There is a number of upscale international restaurants and boutiques from world-famous brands. Another neighborhood highlight is the Museo Soumaya, which features more than 60,000 pieces of art, including many sculptures by Auguste Rodin.

9. Roma Norte

Another one of the best neighborhoods to live in Mexico City is bustling Roma Norte. This centrally located area is regarded as hipster central. Long popular with scenesters, this artsy neighborhood is increasingly popular with young professionals. Roma Norte has a fantastic restaurant scene. Foodies flock to Mercado Roma, a hotspot for international food vendors. There are also a number of bustling cafes and restaurants along Avenida Álvaro Obregón.

10. Roma Sur

If Roma Norte is just a little too hip for you, Roma Sur is likely your ideal Mexico City neighborhood. Located just south of trendy Roma Norte, this family-friendly neighborhood has a lot to offer. One of the biggest highlights is the Mercado de Medellín, a vast green market that’s perfect for stocking up on fresh produce, meats, and cheeses. Roma Sur’s restaurant scene includes everything from simple street food to a variety of Latin American restaurants serving up regional specialties.

a plant vendor in Mexico City

11. Santa Fe

Located southwest of the city center, Santa Fe is one of Mexico City’s most modern neighborhoods. The area is characterized by gleaming skyscrapers and busy workday crowds. There are also several colleges set in Santa Fe. The neighborhood’s upscale culinary scene includes a number of notable international restaurants. You can also find cheaper fare and fast food in Santa Fe. There’s also the Centro Santa Fe, a shopping mall with hundreds of stores, and a number of international hotels with glamorous restaurants.

12. Reforma

Just off the vast Bosque de Chapultepec, is Reforma. This sought-after area is another one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City. Joggers and birdwatchers love the area’s proximity to the park, a true urban oasis. Reforma is also one of the city’s key business districts. One local highlight is the Paseo de la Reforma, the wide boulevard that gives the area its name. This historic avenue is lined with historic monuments, tall skyscrapers, and many of Mexico City’s top museums.

13. Colonia Irrigación

Tiny Colonia Irrigación is located just north of Mexico City’s tony Polanco neighborhood. This family-friendly area is home to a number of local parks, including the lovely Parqué Presa Escame. The restaurant scene includes regional Mexican fare as well as international options and the well-known Pantera Fresca ice cream shop. Colonia Irrigación is also home to the Acuario Inbursa, one of the largest aquariums in Latin America.

a cathedral spire in Mexico City

What is the most efficient way to move to Mexico City?

If you’re considering moving to Mexico, go ahead and take the jump! With unusually convenient visa processes, Mexico City is ideal for digital nomads and people who can work from anywhere. If you’re considering moving to Mexico City, you can’t start looking for a new home too soon. The neighborhoods above are some of the best places to live in Mexico City for new arrivals to. So, if your finances permit it, start your apartment search in these lovely areas.

Tip: don’t wait until you arrive in the capital to start looking for an apartment in Mexico City.

If the idea is to move to Mexico by yourself it’s extremely simple to search for short and long-term housing in Mexico City from abroad. On the other hand, it’s more complicated moving to Mexico City with family or friends. Because you’re considering several people’s wants and wishes, the search could take longer. No matter what, finding a high-quality apartment in Mexico City can be tricky. Many people start out with furnished apartments in Mexico City. That’s because a short-term rental allows for complete flexibility, unlike a one- or two-year lease.

Blueground individually selects and furnishes our apartments in all of the best neighborhoods in Mexico City. Rather than factory leftovers, we use high-end appliances and custom furniture. Renting a furnished apartment in Mexico City rather than an unfurnished apartment saves you a lot of time in the end. This is also an easy way to lock down housing in some of the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City.

What else do I need to think about before my move?

There are a number of factors to consider when you’re searching for an apartment. Here’s what you need to consider as you prepare to move to Mexico City. The biggest thing to remember is that the city is absolutely vast. The areas we have covered above are some of the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City. That said, there are many other wonderful areas to consider. Before you make your wish list of perfect neighborhoods, consider the following factors:

An outdoor market in Mexico City

1. Expenses

Start by determining your housing budget. Mexico City is quite affordable compared to many cities in Europe and the US. That said, you will need to consider how rent, insurance, transportation, and utilities will add up. When you’re targeting the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City your budget can spiral out of control before you know it.

2. Search area

Once you set a realistic rent budget, pick 3 to 5 specific zones to start your apartment search. Don’t forget, the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City are also likely to be the most costly! You will want to search for some of the city’s best places, of course, but you should include a few less expensive areas, too.

3. Commuting time & access

Are you working in an office in Mexico City? If so, it’s important to make sure you will have a reasonable commute.

Before falling in love with a particular neighborhood, do a little research. You should use Google Maps to get a sense of how long it will take to get to and from work each day. On the other hand, If you will be working from home this is less important.

If it’s unusual for you to need to travel to your office, your commute time doesn’t matter as much. There is some potential to save money on rent by choosing an apartment that isn’t located near public transportation.

4. Make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves

The choice of where to live in Mexico City depends on your particular requirements. If you’re working for a business in Mexico City, start by looking within a few minutes walk or ride of the workplace. It’s also important to also consider your wants. Before you actually look at apartments in Mexico City, find something that benefits you near your potential new home. That could be a bar or restaurant, a great grocery store, or a cool teashop. In a perfect world, there would be more than one attraction nearby.

Remember, the best neighborhoods to live in Mexico City aren’t the same for everyone. Each of the neighborhoods above are good places to start your Mexico City apartment search, but you should be sure to look at other areas, too.

Good luck finding an apartment! Remember, a move-in ready furnished rental is an incredibly easy way to move to Mexico City.

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