Top 8 apps for living in Los Angeles

We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 apps that are necessary for you to download when moving to Los Angeles from parking help to hidden beaches…

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

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Relocating to Los Angeles is both exciting and exhausting. Part of getting settled is navigating the new city, figuratively and literally. Browse this list of essential Los Angeles apps that will have you feeling like a local in no time.

From finding the best beaches to actually getting there, there is always an app available to make life easier.

The Infatuation App

Where do your newfound friends seem to find out about that new 90s-themed bar and the Korean fried chicken place?

Part of the answer is probably Instagram, but Angelenos are also falling for The Infatuation. This content-rich restaurant and bar app lists well-written reviews covering all corners of the city, presented in an elegant design.

Ratings out of 10, menu snippets, and food photos help prospective diners with their expectation management.

Wondering which coffee shop to work from tomorrow?

This app will guide you to your new favorite L.A. hangout.


Our Malibu Beaches

Admit it, you only moved to the Los Angeles area for those dreamy palm trees and sandy stretches. Skirt around the crowds by exploring the Our Malibu Beaches app.

With a directory of 43 beaches from Las Tunas to Leo Carillo, this practical tool breaks down entry points, parking spots, public bathrooms, and beach facts.

beach in malibu with a lifeguard shed

Twenty miles of pristine beaches await! Local intel in the app lists “how to find the elusive accessways” and “which fake No Trespassing/No Parking signs you can legally ignore”.

An in-city getaway has never been easier to plan.



The near-obsessive level of attention it takes to apartment hunt has led to the creation of a wide range of real estate apps.

The Zumper app is a good one to have in Los Angeles when looking to rent a house or apartment.

Live listings are searchable using the map so you can narrow in on that perfect one-bedroom in Playa del Rey (like those offered by Blueground) or a pet-friendly pad in Huntington Park.

When neighborhoods and accessibility matter in L.A., visualizing listings on a map is a lifesaver. Zumper even has real-time alerts that allow you to be notified when a new apartment that meets your criteria goes on the market.

The City of Angels presents itself as a fertile metropolis of opportunity but finding that perfect home can be more work than expected.

Before moving to L.A., consider a fully-furnished apartment, like those from Blueground, that has everything ready to go from Day One.

A turnkey apartment, whether a temporary living solution or a long-term convenient home, is key to a stress-free start in Los Angeles.


5 Every Day

Five local recommendations for every day of the year. This simple app is a curated pick of five new activities to try that day.

New arrivals and lifelong locals can receive an art, city, music, food, and wildcard activity suggestion plucked right from the city’s event calendar.

The activities are also plotted on a map so there’s no excuse for assuming there’s nothing going on near you.

Who knows which hidden gems you’ll find in L.A. this week?



Even your municipal government is plugged in. The City of Los Angeles’ official app allows you to settle your DWP bill, ask for graffiti removal, and pinpoint a sidewalk or pothole repair at the click of a button.

Residents are issued a ticket number when completing a report via the app and you will receive an email when the issue has any updates.

Not too shabby!


Postmates App

For those of us from a smaller city or town, getting around L.A. can be tiring. You’re in Marina del Rey and that poke bowl you’re craving is Downtown.

Well, you won’t starve tonight thanks to Postmates.

salad in a takeout container

Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

More than your conventional meal delivery app, the “able to deliver anything from anywhere” motto means that you can have everything from magazines to matcha lattes brought to you in under an hour.

Weekly groceries or last-minute gifts from a store that closes before you can get there?

Postmates will bring anything you need to your doorstep.

Kick back, relax and order away.



Whether on the way to LAX or coming home from a night out on the town, Uber is a must-have app on your phone.

All in all, new residents of Los Angeles might be surprised to see that there is a full range of Uber rides from Select (premium cars) to Pool (ridesharing).

Furthermore, Uber Eats has a foothold in the food delivery landscape in L.A. which means avocado toast and bubble tea have never been closer.


ParkMe App

Moving to Los Angeles means embracing the motor life and that goes hand-in-hand with the struggles of finding parking.

Once again, tech is the savior thanks to apps like ParkMe.

Before setting out for your drive, you can browse nearby parking lots and garages to input into your GPS.

two parking spaces next to each other, one occupied one empty

You can also pre-filter by “amenities” like validation (for those of us who love to shop) and video monitoring.

Should you need a parking spot at home or near the office, ParkMe also lists parking spots that can be rented by the month.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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