8 best things about living in Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles is more than a concrete jungle. Think of warm year-round weather, sand, sea, hills, and valleys. Plus the bright lights of th…

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By Editorial Team

three people holding surfboards above their heads walk out into the water near the pier in Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles is more than a concrete jungle. Think of warm year-round weather, sand, sea, hills, and valleys. Plus the bright lights of the entertainment industry that’s always hosting events. Beyond its obvious appeal, whatever draws you to Los Angeles, there are diverse pockets of L.A. life to discover. From the vibrant food scene to the creative economy –  for an extra nudge in making a move to the City of Angels, here are eight top things about living in Los Angeles.


Mediterranean climate

The Los Angeles seasons can be defined by a spring more like summer, fall more akin to spring, and 50-degree winters. It’s an always sunny and mostly dry type of metropolis, with a sparkling Pacific Coast to boot. Living in Los Angeles, you may need to rethink the definition of a winter wardrobe or the concept of a cozy night-in. With a balcony or patio, you’ll turn into an expert host. The weather often tops the list when people name reasons to move to Los Angeles.


Laid-back (almost) everything

woman rides on mans back while he gives her a piggy back ride out in the california sun

The predominant theme in Los Angeles is laid-back, from a state of mind to style. L.A.’s laid-back nature is captured in the sun-kissed beaches with an easy-going surfer chill. The casual clothing uniform of a typical Angelino is a perfect match for hanging out unhurried. Whether you’re heading out for a sushi lunch or a gallery opening in DTLA, the look here is fresh-faced and low-key. For many, the laid-back vibe is a pro. While for others from busybody cultures, it ends up being a con. Know where you lie on the spectrum and keep in mind that your professional and personal lives may end up running at two speeds in Los Angeles.



L.A. does not have a majority population. In fact, it’s a city of transplants that make up the melting pot of ethnically diverse residents, languages, and cuisines. The locals that originate from more than 140 countries create the cultural heartbeat of the city. In L.A. there is a different neighborhood for everyone. Los Angeles’s best neighborhoods offer varied landscapes and amenities. Whether it’s Venice’s hip quirkiness or Los Feliz’s hillside elegance, each has its own identity. If you’re not sure which neighborhood to call home yet, you could stay in a furnished rental. Month-to-month rentals like Blueground’s furnished apartments in Los Angeles let you seek out where to live by your own schedule.


Healthy living

woman wearing exercise clothes drinks a green juice after the gym

Healthy living is easy to achieve and facilitate in Los Angeles. The idyllic weather invites outdoor activities. From running, rollerblading, surfing, or going to a class at one of the endless yoga and pilates studios. Eating out healthily is also easily accessible, from pressed juice bars to plant-based restaurants. Throw in the region’s agricultural production that produces fresh fruit, nuts, and vegetables – you’ll find it hard to avoid the natural nutritional benefits of living in Los Angeles. Of course, there is the famous Californian wine culture to tip the balance.


Food culture

Los Angeles is a delicious city to live in, literally. The vibrant food scene offers a constantly-evolving variety of cuisines and dining experiences. In Los Angeles, you dine by neighborhood. Head to Little Armenia (or Glendale) for Armenian, Koreatown for Korean or Boyle Heights for some Hispanic-inspired fare. From the gourmet food truck scene to contemporary dining experiences and authentic international eats, it’s a city made for eating out. To live in L.A. is to have the world at your fork. L.A. savory staples like sushi and tacos or sweeter treats like doughnuts and ice cream are just the tip of the culinary iceberg here.


Outdoor life

woman sits on a rock while hiking outdoors in los angeles

As the good weather makes it so hard to stay inside, Los Angeles is ideal for outdoorsy types. The natural landscapes transform from beaches to mountain ranges. A classic way to experience the outdoor scenery in L.A. style is hiking in a hillside canyon. It’s a scenic way to separate yourself from the suburban sprawl. Being based in Los Angeles also makes it a perfect location for a weekend getaway to national parks, resort islands, and more.


Contemporary careers

In Los Angeles, the typical nine-to-five job is not as common. In a freelancer-friendly city, many residents work remotely and independently or juggle portfolio careers. With L.A.’s close proximity to Silicon Valley, there is a growing entrepreneurial and start-up community working across a range of industries. From tech to entertainment and design, the Los Angeles creative economy is booming. There’s certainly no shortage of coworking spaces or spots to soothe your soul as a digital nomad in this city.


Arts and Culture

Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Getty in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a cultural mecca for contemporary culture to counter-culture. World-class museums and art galleries coexist with cool arts communities in The Downtown Arts District. Iconic venues like the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Getty Center are landmarks of the city’s legacy as the epicenter of the entertainment industry. Along with L.A.’s coolest music venues, housed in Art Deco theaters to a one-of-a-kind outdoor amphitheater – there are plenty of hidden gems to discover. Which will be your favorite?

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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