Furniture donation in Los Angeles

The best charities in Los Angeles for your furniture donations, with the perks of free furniture pickups in Los Angeles, tax deductions and more.

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Area of furniture donation

Are you too busy to fit in some volunteer work but still want to do a good deed? Find a new home for your old furniture through a furniture donation in Los Angeles to a local charity.

Used furniture can get a new lease on life in reuse by others. It also gives you a helping hand with access to furniture pickups and a place to drop off a furniture donation, rather than a trip to the dump.

Are you moving and trying to decide whether or not it’s worth keeping an item of furniture?

Consider the cost of moving with furniture, the condition it’s in, and your personal tastes. There are pros and cons to furnished and unfurnished rentals. Moving into a furnished rental lightens the load of having to deal with moving companies to carry heavy homeware around.

It can also be a lower cost upfront, without the investment of furnishing an empty apartment. In fully-furnished and equipped modern rentals in the style Blueground offers, you can show up and start living immediately.

Additionally, flexible and short-term leases are some of the usual benefits of a furnished rental, making it perfect for people relocating who aren’t in the position to commit to one place.

However, unfurnished rentals give you the freedom to decorate an apartment any way you like, often with a lower monthly rental fee. If you’ve already invested in quality furnishings and are looking for a longer-term rental, an unfurnished place could be the perfect blank canvas.

Whichever category you fall into, it’s always good to have a de-clutter. If you’re in two minds about what to get rid of, keep in mind the mantra of the tidying-up guru Marie Kondo – “Keep only those things that bring you joy.”

furniture and personal items ready to be packed up and donated to charity

What you can and can’t donate

You can use your own judgment on whether items are in a sellable condition and still have a practical use. Other items can be struck off the donation list due to federal, state, and local regulations or health and safety reasons. Most charities and thrift stores won’t accept damaged donations or the following types of items:

  • Used mattresses or bedding
  • Used refrigerators, washers, and dryers
  • Built-in appliances (dishwashers, cooktops, drop-ins, wall mounts)
  • Paint and construction materials
  • Infant car seats, baby walkers, playpens, and strollers


Did you know you can make a tax-deductible furniture donation? A donation made to a non-profit organization is tax-deductible by law.

So make sure to provide a written inventory and value of your donation to the charity of your choice. For more detailed information on tax deductions, we advise consulting an accountant.

All set on a clear-out and ready to dispose of unwanted or unneeded furniture?

Have a look at our selection of charities to donate your furniture to around Los Angeles.

Furniture Bank Association

The Furniture Bank Association is a national organization that relocates donated furniture to the most vulnerable members of society.

Typically, these are formerly homeless people trying to get back on their feet. Though each furniture bank is different, they are united by the same mission. They collect pre-loved furniture and household furnishings from individuals, private organizations, and public entities.

Their Furniture Banks also accept other homeware items such as electronics and decorative artworks. Check in by location to see what donations your local Furniture Bank is looking for, and how to donate by drop-off or collection.

Children’s Hospital Thrift Shop

At the very heart of LA, you’ll find Burbank. Though people often make a pilgrimage to this area for an IKEA outing, there are many one-of-a-kind thrift, vintage, and independent stores.

Like The Children’s Hospital Thrift Shop, a small volunteer-run thrift store that donates all profits to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. They accept donations of small furniture and living room sets as well as working appliances.

If you have larger items of furniture to donate you can contact the thrift shop directly to arrange the delivery or pick up.

L.A. Shares

Looking to clear out your home office or another workspace? Check out LA Shares, a nonprofit material reuse program.

They accept office furniture donated from individuals and the wider business community, then redistribute items free-of-charge to schools around L.A. Their main storage units are located in Wilmington and Griffith Park.

You can make pick-up arrangements for donations of office furniture and equipment, along with computer systems and printers.

Drop-offs can be made by appointment only by emailing or calling (213) 485-1097.

woman looking at clothing in a thrift store

Out of the Closet Thrift Store

Out of the Closet is a Los Angeles-based chain of thrift stores benefiting the nonprofit AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Also, known to regulars as “the best-kept secret in town,” they donate 96% of store proceeds to prevention, treatment, and advocacy programs. The stores accept furniture donations and offer a free pick-up service for items too large for donors to bring themselves.

However, they do not accept beds, old electronics, or large office furniture. Some stores also offer health and preventative services with rapid HIV testing sites and are handily located near AHF Pharmacies.

L.A. ROAD Thrift Store

This community-driven thrift store located on Eagle Rock Blvd in Northeast L.A. operates entirely on donations received from locals. On a mission to make the community a better place to live, they accept furniture and household items, including appliances.

Drop-off furniture donations in Los Angeles are welcome at L.A. ROAD during regular business hours. Or you can schedule a complimentary pickup – within a two-mile radius. Pickups beyond two miles are also available for a fee. The organization passes donations on to local homeless shelters, youth centers, community gardens, refugee initiatives, and more.

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