How to take the pain out of finding parking in the city

Parking reservation services like SpotHero make it easy to book a secure parking spot near your Blueground home. This guide will help you get start…

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Looking for a parking spot can be truly time consuming, especially if you live in a big city. Whether you’re paying to park in a lot, a garage, or trying your luck with street parking, there’s more than a little luck involved.

Remember the episode of Seinfeld where George got into a daylong standoff over a parking spot right in front of Jerry’s building?

Luckily times have changed, and there’s no longer any need to drive around and look for a space.

Instead, you can use a parking reservation service like SpotHero to help you secure parking ahead of time.

Bottom line, we want your commute to be as hassle-free as the time you spend in one of our turnkey furnished apartments.

SpotHero partners with secure parking garages and parking lots throughout the US to provide customers with guaranteed parking spots.

How Does SpotHero Work?

The magic of SpotHero is that you search and reserve your parking spot well in advance, sometimes even before you’ve set out on your trip.

All you need to do is enter an address and the SpotHero app or website will automatically give you options for where you can park.

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You can use SpotHero to find parking for the day or to reserve a monthly parking spot near your home.

One of the coolest aspects of SpotHero is the ability to filter your parking search for elements like wheelchair accessibility, covered parking, and electric vehicle charging.

Once you’ve picked your spot, you will get an access pass for the parking lot or parking garage emailed to you. Your spot is yours for three hours.

If you need to park for longer than that, either adjust the time settings before you book, or find your pass in the My Reservations menu on the app or website and add more time.

Where Can I Park?

All SpotHero reservations are for parking lots or parking garages, so you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with secure parking and pay less than if you just drove up without a reservation.

Happily, SpotHero operates in all of Blueground’s US markets–and that’s just the beginning.

You can also use your SpotHero account to reserve parking at many US airports and stadiums, helping you not only save time but beat the crowds.

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Blueground partners with Spothero and other forward-thinking, convenience-minded companies that help our guests get even more out of their experience with us.

Blueground wants all of our guests to have a seamless experience from the day they move into the day they move out. We partner with innovative, customer-focused companies like SpotHero to help our guests get even more out of their stay with us.

Are you still renting the old-fashioned way? Find out more about the Blueground experience.

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Editorial Team

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