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Blueground is thrilled to announce our Nestpick acquisition and launch of the Partner Network.

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When we started Blueground 10 years ago, the goal was always to make renting and living around the world a seamless and flexible experience. Blueground’s Co-Founder & CEO Alex Chatzieleftheriou is proud that we’ve successfully grown organically in 30 markets worldwide with 15,000 apartments in our portfolio. Our mission continues to be the same 10 years later – to be the largest, global curated network of move-in ready, furnished apartments for stays of a month or more.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Blueground has recently acquired Nestpick, a global platform for those seeking monthly furnished housing. Not only is this our third acquisition in the last seven months, but more importantly, this acquisition allows us to launch our newest product and strategic growth initiative, Blueground’s Partner Network.

The path to continue expanding our global network is now taking place via two strategies:

1) Expanding our core model which is to partner with landlords and then design and furnish apartments to add high-quality, furnished inventory; this has been our model since inception

2) With the launch of the Partner Network, we are now adding existing furnished rental supply by collaborating with leading operators

Nestpick is a digital platform connecting those seeking furnished rentals for 30+ days globally to thousands of properties around the world. This company has been very successful starting in 2016 and becoming a profitable company with millions of users, generating $80 million in gross booking value in 2022 alone.

The Nestpick team, led by Omer Kucukdere and Anıl Yeni, has built an innovative business focusing on the 30+ day sector, and their vision aligns perfectly with ours. While Nestpick will remain a separate entity, we’re excited to bring Omer and Anıl to Blueground to lead our Partner Network initiative. We will leverage Nestpick’s tech, integration infrastructure, and expertise as a global platform to guide our new Partner Network.

The Partner Network is invite-only, and consists of a curated set of pre-vetted, third-party furnished apartment providers and their portfolio of high-quality units. The network is designed to complement our current portfolio by introducing properties in new locations and augmenting our existing portfolio in cities/ locations that we are already active in.

  • The Partner Network will augment our already vast portfolio of 15,000 fully-furnished apartments globally with an initial addition of over 18,000 units from 10 providers, including Kasa and Placemakr, with the goal of hitting 50,000 units and 100+ partners in 2024.
  • All partners will be pre-vetted by Blueground and match the quality, service, and aesthetic that Blueground guests are used to.
  • The properties will be marked as Partner Network properties on Blueground’s website, creating an easier way for travelers to find trusted, high-quality furnished rentals for monthly stays.
  • Providers joining the network will benefit with increased visibility and access to Blueground’s global audience of both B2C and B2B guests.

The Partner Network marks another significant step towards changing the way people find and book quality accommodations for extended stays.

Thank you to the Nestpick and Blueground teams, our guests, partners and stakeholders for their continued support as we embark on this new journey. If you’d like to be part of the Partner Network, please reach out to Alex Chatzieleftheriou or Omer Kucukdere to learn more.

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