Equinox + Blueground: revolutionizing home & on-demand fitness

We’re partnering with Equinox to provide world-class fitness from anywhere.

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

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2020 may have forced us to change our perspective on workouts and fitness, in general. But at-home fitness has been a part of our lives for decades in some way, shape, or form.

For those of us hailing from the late 80s and early 90s, home fitness was dominated by legwarmer fitness models or, for the younger lot, Disney’s Mousercise.

No matter the platform or program though, one thing remained clear; people have, from the start, been captivated by home and on-demand fitness.

And now, Blueground + Equinox are partnering to create a new sort of fitness trend – on your terms.


How COVID changed our perspective on home and on-demand fitness 

Exercising has been around for a long time in varying forms. Whether yoga, tai chi, running, biking, or anything in between, we find and derive both health and satisfaction from physical activity, and gyms have long been a gathering place for all.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, gyms around the world closed doors and shuttered their entrances, thereby forcing long-time gym-goers to seek out new options. 

But what happens when panic-buying a Peloton or assembling a weight rack in your home isn’t in the cards, or you simply don’t want to be limited to one type of exercise?

Within days of gym closures and shutdowns being announced, fitness equipment retailers saw an immediate surge of sales in home fitness equipment.

Thus, home fitness comes to light, but arguably in a different manner than before. 

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Why home and on-demand fitness might be here to stay 

Even as we bid adieu to 2020 and focus on the hope of a brighter 2021, experts suspect that digital and on-demand or connected fitness is here to stay and may even grow in popularity.

Fitt Insider stated in one of its end-of-year newsletters, “Posting free content online was the stopgap solution to temporary stay-at-home orders.

As time went on, brands needed a new business model to survive.” 

Above all, prolonged shutdowns encouraged on-demand brands to shift focus while major names in fitness, like Gold’s Gym, YogaWorks, 24 Hour Fitness, and more faced bankruptcy.

And, by the year’s end, nearly 25% of all US in-person gyms were forced to close for good. 

Though the calendar has changed, much of the current societal restrictions remain and, even while some lessen, it seems plausible to think that fitness may have changed for good.

As companies began to adapt to survive, big names in home and on-demand fitness, like Equinox, were brought into the limelight, giving power back to the people.

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Equinox bridges the gap between traditional & on-demand fitness 

While the future of many brick-and-mortar gyms may be murky, some gyms have found a new niche, giving gym-goers the best of both worlds.

All in all, Equinox, known for its premier clubs, world-class personal trainers, and group fitness classes, worked to merge the best of the best into all-encompassing digital and in-club offerings so you can stay fit your way. 

Equinox offers its members arguably one of the most robust and revolutionized fitness apps around, called VARIIS. Loaded with over 250 on-demand classes from brand names like SoulCycle, PURE Yoga, and Precision Run, it’s the premier way to stay fit wherever you go.

But what really sets Equinox apart? 

  • With VARIIS, be in the front of your virtual class – from your Blueground apartment
  • Virtual & in-person personal training – expert trainers create custom plans based on your individual goals, which will guide you both in the club, or at home
  • Virtual and in-person pilates & yoga – gain strength and flexibility anywhere, whether in-club or at home, all led by certified instructors

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How Blueground + Equinox provide the complete guest experience 

Together, Blueground and Equinox offer the perfect package, letting you show up, start living, and stay fit, no matter where you go. 

Find your perfect Blueground apartment in top US cities, like Boston, Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, or even Los Angeles, and visit an Equinox in-club for a fitness experience like no other.

After establishing a task force that includes a team of leading medical and infectious disease experts, Equinox is building upon its already high standards of health, safety, and cleanliness.

Here’s what you can expect now in-club: 

  • Rigorous in-club cleaning and sanitation
  • Dedicated sanitation stations
  • Health and temperature checks
  • Advanced booking is required for reduced club capacity
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE), including face coverings & gloves

Additionally, as gyms continue to reopen, Equinox is innovating its business model and club offerings even further, offering open-air fitness and outdoor gym experiences in select cities.

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Best of all, Blueground guests can enjoy exclusive residential benefits for choosing Equinox. It’s a Blueground match made in fitness heaven, and our guests can expect all of the following (and more!): 

  • Preferred membership fee + flexible cancellation
  • Complimentary open houses for in-club experiences
  • Complete VARIIS access for virtual and at-home fitness
  • The Daily Check-In – curated content from certified instructors
  • Discounts & offerings for personal and private training in-club or at home

Ultimately, when you book your Blueground apartment, it is our goal to offer a holistic guest experience. From premium furnishings to work-from-home spaces, we believe in giving our guests a true home away from home.

Blueground partners with Equinox and other forward-thinking, convenience-minded companies that help our guests get even more out of their experience with us. 

And now, Blueground and Equinox are offering the perfect way for you to take your health and fitness goals with you while you do. 

The only question now is – where will you go next? 

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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