How a long-term furnished apartment pays for itself

The compelling arguments for renting furnished over the long-run including costs saved on an all-inclusive lease and the time savings in renting a …

Keenan Wong

By Keenan Wong

a furnished apartment from Blueground

The jump from the conventional world of renting unfurnished and moving with your own furniture, to suddenly renting a furnished apartment may seem daunting. The hesitations resulting from mass decluttering and unexpected overhead costs still present a barrier to many. Whether life has demanded a long-distance relocation where renting furnished just makes sense, or because you’re simply looking to live and move with less ‘stuff’, we’re here to show you what there is to gain from a long-term furnished renting experience.

a Blueground furnished apartment in Istanbul

Blueground, as experts in turnkey city living, manages expertly decorated apartments, supported by local guest experience teams to ensure you feel hosted and supported from booking to move-out. A flexible multi-month or multi-year lease with Blueground offers significant savings and is all-inclusive of curated furnishings, maintenance services and the ability to change between apartments at any point in your stay with us.

The status quo of an unfurnished rental

A HappyBeds survey recently found that 71% of respondents lost a night’s sleep from the stress of moving, with another 10% reporting that they lost a whole week of sleep from the anxiety! Concretely, moving homes is far from being a pleasant experience. Especially in urban centers, the house and apartment hunt can stretch for multiple months. Consider the following progression:

• Hunt down: Define your budget and property criteria while filtering through on and offline resources, word of mouth leads — and refreshing those searches throughout the day
• Hustle: Play email and phone tag with brokers and landlords and then rush to viewings in order to hold a spot on the waiting list
• Haggle: Negotiate broker fees and assemble paperwork for requisite credit and reference checks — often simultaneously across multiple properties in a competitive renter’s market
• Exhaust: Prepare for your big move by packing in belongings, selling off redundant items and ordering new appliances
• Wait: Spend your first few weeks in an incomplete home without a couch, utilities or WiFi; and waste evenings running out for missing housewares

The time and money sunk into the status quo

Below we break down the typical time and money investments needed upfront when renting unfurnished in the U.S. This is how a typical tenant renting an unfurnished apartment would lose eight weeks of their time waiting and worrying:

• Scheduling & going on apartment viewings: 2 weeks
• Waiting on credit, reference & employment checks: 1 week
• Finding a shipping service & then shipping your furniture: 2 weeks
• Disassembling, reselling or storing your other furniture: 1 week
• Taking specs, planning décor & making a new furnishings wish list: 2 days
• Ordering online & waiting for shipments to be delivered: 4 – 6 weeks
• Activating & waiting for utilities to be switched on: 4 – 7 days
• Assembling delivered furniture: 3 days

Further, this is how that same tenant would expect to spend up to $27,000 in initial sunk costs to get their new one-bedroom home ready:

• Broker fees (for select cities): 15% of yearly rent (typical 1BR): $6,300 – $8,400
• Movers & shipping of bulky items (in-state versus long distance): $1,500 – $3,000
• Unforeseen cost (temporary storage or interim lodging): $750
• New utility set-up costs (cable. internet, etc.): $500
• Upgrading or supplementing furniture, appliances & kitchenware: $11,000
• Accessorizing with new décor, towels & linens: $1,000
• Unforeseen moving cost (replacing items damaged during move): $1,000
• Interior Design consultation (optional): $1,000
• Moving out & shipping costs when lease ends: $1,500 – $3,000
• Disposal of goods when the lease ends: $750

What’s gained from the furnished living experience

Blueground knows the pains and uncertainties of going through the motions of a move. That’s why we promise additional value, convenience and flexibility when you have a furnished home waiting for you on the other side. Discover our all-inclusive pricing that covers our interior designer-led furnishings and local guest support. And in case you fall in love with our exclusive furniture collection, you can also choose to purchase select pieces and decor accents at any point in your stay (with additional savings afforded to our long-term guests). You won’t find greater convenience than having a guest check-in experience, and stepping into a home with everything in its place. Utilities are activated on arrival, with billing handled by Blueground so that WiFi and hot water are already switched on for that long-awaited shower. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly extended stay, simply filter by “pets allowed” apartments with Blueground.

When life dictates your next move, you can move out at a moment’s notice thanks to Blueground’s conveniently flexible lease terms. Guests can choose to sign into a month-to-month lease to renew by smaller increments on their extended stay, and even move between buildings or neighborhoods all on the same lease.

Our guests continue to value the decor expertise of our interior design and product teams which offer you ‘tastemaker’-level living. Our refined living spaces blend functionality with a fresh energy that promises an inspired morning, a productive day of WFH or evening with all of the trimmings. Step right into that Instagram-perfect magazine spread, while our ready-to-go homes offer curated furniture without all of the legwork. Falling for our furniture? Our Blueground for Home furniture collection is available for purchase by our guests who wish to bring a taste of their previous Blueground experience to their next space.

The simplicity of a furnished rental move

Blueground’s vision to make people feel at home wherever they choose to live starts from the moment they begin their house hunt with us.

• Browse through our online listings with live availability, brought to life with video and 3D tours, and matched with a Sales team on hand to answer your questions
• Instantly sign and secure your lease, and join our community of long-term guests worldwide
• Show up with just a suitcase and step into a move-in ready home with everything in place
• Relax knowing that our local support team is just a few taps away through our Guest App
• Continue your Blueground experience after move-out by purchasing a few of your favorite furniture and decor items from Blueground for Home.

Happy renting!

Keenan Wong

Keenan Wong

Keenan Wong is the former Content Marketing Manager at Blueground. He loves contributing expertise around relocations for expats on the move, and neighborhood advice for those looking to connect with their new area. His favorite trips involve a bike with panniers, and his favorite meals involve small plates and good friends.