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Make any relocation experience hassle-free by hiring one of the top relocation management companies in the world.

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Uprooting and relocating to a new place is rarely easy and can be extremely intimidating. However, relocation management companies (RMC’s) can help with the stress and anxiety that often accompany such a change. RMC’s provides outsourced relocation logistics management for all kinds of organizations.

At the same time, they help to accelerate the process and handle all costs.

It is very common for businesses to have to relocate employees for several reasons. So when this need arises, it is important to complete the task quickly and efficiently in order for employees to increase their productivity at their new destination. So, it’s best to find a relocation management company to assist as soon as possible. 

Why outsource to an RMC?

This is a frequently asked question, especially considering that employees can realistically handle their own relocations. This, however, can be difficult for some employees since relocation is not an activity they are trained or prepared for. It is also an unfamiliar process without assistance and can be extremely time-consuming, disruptive, and expensive.

That is why RMC’s can be useful, as they allow organizations to choose the practice that offers the most operational value.

Relocate on your own

Despite the many advantages that RMC’s offers, there is always the option to figure it out solo. Two key components for this process are hiring a moving company to transport personal belongings and finding a place for employees to live.

Companies like Blueground rent out fully-furnished and completely equipped apartments for a minimum of one month stays.

So, they are an ideal choice for corporate clients and business travelers.

Located in the most sought-after areas of cosmopolitan cities around the world, Blueground encourages the renter to simply show up and start living. Every property comes move-in ready and serviced via the guest app.

So, whatever request or issue arises, with the click of a button you can get help right away. From cleaning services to maintenance, to paying bills online, the guest app has it all. 

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Blueground is a streamlined and efficient option that provides a home away from home to make every move worth it. The tasteful decor and professionally styled apartments will be a haven to come back to after a long day of meetings out on the town.

Alternatively, renters can work from home in a designated office area. All tenant needs have been considered!

Top Relocation Companies

1. Cartus

Cartus has been named one of the most trusted industry leaders. It provides an array of relocation services including:

  • Home sale and household goods shipments
  • Settling into new communities
  • Logistical support for employees (domestic and global assignments)
  • Comprehensive program support for clients:
    • Group-move management
    • Outsourced relocation administration
    • Policy consulting and design
    • Relocation accounting and financial services 
    • International assignment compensation
    • Global supplier management

Cartus has nearly 2,900 employees in the U.S., the U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong, and China. It has over 60 years of living and working experience from more than 80 countries.

Further, Cartus has also achieved more than 4 million moves with a diverse client base.


SIRVA ensures a high-quality mobility experience for organizations and their employees. This RMC provides relocation solutions to a well-established and diverse customer base around the world. It is a global provider that can handle all aspects of end-to-end relocation within its own network including:

  • Global program management
  • Program management consulting
  • Pre-move services
  • Destination services
  • Moving services
  • Mortgage services
  • Settlement services

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SIRVA conducts more than 30,000 relocations every year.

Also, it operates in more than 40 countries with over 3,000 employees and an extensive network of agents and service providers.

3. Graebel

Graebel is an international full-service company that boasts a single source for all global employee and workplace needs.

Privately owned, it also offers web-based technology that allows clients to access data worldwide.

Relocation services include: 

  • Management
  • Employee policy counseling and entitlements
  • Home sale assistance
  • Inventory management and sales
  • Property management
  • Home finding and purchase assistance
  • Rental and temporary housing assistance
  • Settling-in services

Graebel relocates employees, teams, and even corporate workspaces while managing all the related processes and programs. The team includes 700+ globally-based employees in 165 countries on six continents.

4. Altair Global

Founded in 1989, Altair Global Relocation is the largest woman-owned, independent relocation management company based in the U.S. This RMC offers a comprehensive selection of U.S. and international mobility solutions:

  • Departure services
  • Immigration services
  • Reporting services
  • Destination services
  • Consulting services
  • Transition services
  • Client solutions

Through its intuitive platform, Altair has insight into every ongoing relocation. The company strives to deliver a seamless, customized relocation experience for every employee. 

How to choose the best relocation company?

If in short – by just comparing them.

When it comes to choosing a relocation management company, it is essential that you pick the one that is the right fit for you or your company (keeping individual moves and long-term relocation plans in mind). Ensure that your wants and needs are aligned with the RMC’s values and services.

Therefore, it is worth spending adequate time choosing the right company to do business with.

It is important to consider whether an RMC has the right cultural fit. How the prospective company conducts business is key when picturing the viability of the partnership.

You should also remember that this is a time when employees are undergoing a lot of stress.

Therefore, they will rely heavily on relocation consultants for support and empathy.

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Quality should always be a central component of supplier evaluations. Reviewing quality scores can provide you with great insight into other clients’ experiences with the RMC’s.

Read through client testimonials and case studies as a secondary source. Even reaching out to people posting testimonials to gain more insight into the RMC can provide you with in-depth information.

Furthermore, the flexibility of program offerings is significant.

Each company’s set of needs is unique, so their relocation program should be, too. You should have the ability to craft a program based on which services are necessary for your company.

However, keep in mind that not all relocation service providers offer this type of program flexibility. Be sure to ask ahead of time if the program will be tailored specifically to you.

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