5 safest neighborhoods to live in Austin, TX

These areas in Austin are ideal for newcomers and families!

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By Editorial Team

An aerial view of central Austin with the colorado river in sight.

 Folks really can’t seem to get enough of Austin, TX! Between a booming tech scene, zero state income tax, a rocking live music scene, and an undiminished cool factor, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to call Austin home. If the last decade’s population growth that added another 21% to the city’s count is any indicator, Austin is set to grow into a new stage of maturity soon. As with any place you hope to plant roots, safety plays a big part, whether expressly or implicitly, in whether you decide to stay for the long run.

Although according to The Austin Chronicle, the crime rates in Austin are steadily decreasing from 2022, the city continues to find itself in the average to moderate safety bracket with general crime stats a touch above the national average. Individuals, couples, and families hoping to stay for the long term will definitely want to look at a neighborhood level to determine which areas are safe to stay in Austin for the years to come. 

Based on statistical data from the APD and the NeighborhoodScout the following five areas are among the safest in the city of Austin to live in.

The 5 safest neighborhoods in Austin

  1. Rosedale
  2. Round Rock
  3. Buda
  4. Hyde Park
  5. Triangle State

1. Rosedale

View of Congress Bridge in Austin, TX

Family-friendly Rosedale is a top pick amongst the safest areas to live in Austin. This quiet area centered around Ramsey Park is loved by locals for offering a laidback residential feel, all while being close to the highway and other areas of the city. Bryker Woods and Highland Park Elementary Schools are highly ranked locally as other private schools in Rosedale. As a dog-friendly area, folks simultaneously feel comfortable walking alone at night knowing that there are others around at regular intervals. To back this up, according to AreaVibes, Rosedale’s crime rates are 15% below the city average. A mix of heritage walk-ups and newer builds give this area a blend of classic comfort and modernity. A “below-the-average” crime rate and a high quality of life, makes Rosedale one of the safest neighborhoods in Austin. All of your retail needs can be found nearby on Burnet, while big box stores are a short drive away at Central Market.

2. Round Rock

More than just a suburb of Austin, Round Rock is a small city unto itself as the headquarters for Dell and other enterprises. Just under 30 minutes from Downtown, Round Rock offers the space and amenities that many families are after when living near Austin. Meanwhile, Neighborhood Scout puts Round Rock’s safety rating at 22% above the national average. The economic backbone of Round Rock brings in professionals from within Texas, across the US, and from abroad. The 2020 census points to the area’s diversity with non-Hispanic white residents accounting for 47%, Hispanics at 30%, African Americans at 10%, and Asians at 8% (rounded). All of your retail needs (and an outlet mall!), leading hospitals, and great public schools are all found in Round Rock and Williamson County.


3. Buda

Known outside of Texas for being the home of the Buda Wiener Dog Races every April, Buda is still a hot dog of a suburb to call home year-round. Coming out to just under 17,000 residents, Buda is the kind of place where you definitely will feel part of a community. Data summarized by HomeSnacks shows that Buda is 27% below the national crime average and 37% below the Texan average. Retail and dining run all along Main Street from the I-35 exit through to the water tower in the south.


4. Hyde Park

Largely residential, Hyde Park is a perfect place for families to settle down with Shipe Park and Pool and the Elisabet Ney Museum at its heart. A lovely place to walk around, Hyde Park Historic District boasts Tudor Revival homes, Victorian builds, and wonderfully maintained bungalows with Queen Anne influences.

Park area in Austin, TX

According to Home by Four, at last, check crime stats from Hyde Park were 9% lower than elsewhere in Austin and 54% lower than in other cities in Texas, making it one of the safest areas in the city. The only common complaint along the lines of safety by local residents is the lack of sidewalks and uneven pavement. So even though it is considered a safe place to walk alone at night, do watch your step!


5. Triangle State

The new development at Triangle Commons is breathing new life into Triangle State. Walkable conveniences are all within a few blocks including fine dining, park space, shopping, and banking.

Italian restaurant in Triangle State neighborhood in Austin

Found at the top end of Triangle State, you’ll be bordered by Allandale, Brentwood, and Hyde park on all three sides. Responses collected on Trulia found that a majority of locals polled would walk alone at night and that streets are well-lit. Triangle State is the home for many families, young professionals, and travelers. That is why it’s considered one of the best and safest neighborhoods in Austin.

Factors to consider when choosing a neighborhood in Austin

Though not uniform across the board, a number of factors taken as a sum will give people a feeling of whether an area is relatively safe or not.

1. When looking at the streetscape, prospective residents will generally look at the type of housing in the area, how well it is maintained and whether residents actually make use of their outdoor spaces.

2. Sidewalks, consistent street lighting, bike lanes, and calm traffic are also good indicators of areas that are safe for pedestrians, cyclists, the elderly, and children too.

3. Folks can also consider looking at crime statistics in the area, with granularity to violent crime rates and property crime case numbers.

4. Anecdotally, a visit to the neighborhood can unveil whether police are attending to matters, patrolling, or completely out of sight.

5. Neighborhood life is also a great indicator of a safe area in Austin, whether there are community events or public gardens where people are hanging out versus stretches of unoccupied retail or empty lots.


Things to avoid when choosing an area to live in

When choosing where to live, there are a few approaches or mindsets to avoid when shortlisting your areas. These include,

  • Being too narrow in your search. Such as being specific about area names over ranked priorities like safety, noise, quality schools, etc.
  • Relying on areas that are crowd favorites without tuning into your own needs
  • Not taking your transport and commuting needs into consideration
  • Not asking other locals for their opinions and what direction the area is moving
  • Being unrealistic about what comes next. That means considering how your lifestyle needs may change. You might need to find a place with good schools for kids as they grow. Or a home near a park in case you adopt a dog.

The choice is yours when it comes to living safely, either on the outskirts or in the heart of the city. You can only determine what is essential for you to live within your comfort zone based on your own preferences. There are also several online apartment portals and premium property providers where you can search for good and safe apartments in the neighborhood of your choice.

Though not unanimously avoided and with different weights to each, there are things that renters should avoid when in search of a safe area. That should include:

Renters should avoid:

  • high crime rates
  • lack of public transit
  • being close to an airport or under the flight path
  • having a low walk score
  • racial homogeny
  • proximity to an industrial site

Austin isn’t just a city; it’s a vibrant tapestry of life. With its lively spirit and breathtaking scenery, it’s more than just a place to live – it’s a canvas for a thrilling new chapter. Our handpicked selection of the safest neighborhoods in Austin isn’t just about finding a house. It is about discovering your sanctuary, where worries melt away, and every day feels like a fresh adventure in the heart of Texas.

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