8 city-inspired drinks for a flavorful trip around the world

Transport yourself to a beloved city or get ready for an upcoming move.

Kevin Crain

By Kevin Crain

Three colorful cocktails

Thirsty for adventure? Just plain thirsty? Either way, some drinks magically transport you to your dream city or simply get you in the mood for an upcoming move. 

A popular type of German beer. A classic American cocktail. A unique English tea. Sipping each one lets you experience different cultures and flavors. 

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Keep reading to see our list of eight thirst-quenching drinks inspired by major cities across the globe. 

And because every Blueground apartment comes standard with a fully equipped kitchen, you can easily play mixologist and create one (or all) of them! 

1. London Fog

London fog drink

Earl Grey tea. Steamed milk. Vanilla syrup. That’s all you need to create a liquid form of the fog that blankets London’s streets. Creamy and cozy, London Fog is a latte-like drink that’s best enjoyed in a clear glass mug to take in the full effect of its look. 

While this hot tea was actually invented in Canada, it’s a great way to warm yourself up on perfect chilly days inside your London apartment or any other city you might call home. Craving a sweet, final touch? Add a drizzle of honey or a dollop of whipped cream.

2. Berliner Weisse

This golden brew was developed in the Berlin area beginning in the 17th century and was called the “Champagne of the North” by Napoleon’s troops. Pretty good reputation to have, right? It exploded in popularity in the early 19th century and gained a newfound appreciation recently in the U.S. 

Bubbly and low in alcohol content, the Berliner Weisse is a refreshing wheat beer that’s slightly sour and a bit tart. Whether enjoyed at your local Berlin Biergarten or at home, in the comfort of your Blueground apartment, it’s a delightful drink. Prost!

3. Manhattan

Manhattan cocktail

When it comes to cocktails, it doesn’t get any more classic than the Manhattan. Named after one of NYC’s boroughs, this drink menu staple was first whipped up way back in the 1870s. It’s made with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters and garnished with a cherry. Smooth and sophisticated, a Manhattan can be enjoyed not just in New York City, but around the world.

As you explore the Big Apple, you’ll discover numerous bars and restaurants with their own unique twists on the Manhattan. So be sure to get out and find your favorite! 

4. Singapore Sling

Two singapore sling drinks

Time to get tropical! The Singapore Sling was first made in the early 1900s at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. While there are a lot of different variations, the common ingredients are gin, brandy, soda water, and fruit juices.

Want to cool off from warm temps? After you hit up your furnished apartment’s in-building pool, be sure to savor a Singapore Sling. The island life is pretty great, isn’t it?

5. Boston Rum Punch

Yellow cocktail with cherry

From rooftop bars with skyline views to cozy pubs in the city’s historic neighborhoods, many establishments in Bean Town serve up Boston Rum Punch. And it’s been a popular pick for hundreds of years. 

In fact, Boston Rum Punch was offered in the tavern where the Boston Tea Party was planned back in the 1700s. Historic, right? It’s made with a mix of rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine, then garnished with a cherry or an orange slice. 

6. Parisian Martini

Parisian martinis pink and red

Sure, Paris is known for its love of wine, but one cocktail beautifully expresses the vibe of France’s capital — the Parisian Martini. All you need are three simple ingredients: gin, dry vermouth, and creme de cassis. The subtle blackcurrant flavor gives this tipple a sweet and fruity taste. 

You can enjoy it as you explore the nightlife in Paris or sip your own creation on the balcony of your Blueground apartment. Either way, this sophisticated martini is a great choice for anyone living, working, and checking out the city.  

7. Chicago Fizz

Also known as the Southside Fizz, this mixed drink named for the Windy City has a hazy history. No one is really sure who invented it or where it came from. However, most people believe it originated in the 1800s. No matter its past, this unique drink is a must-have when you stay in Chicago.  

The Chicago Fizz is made with white rum, ruby or tawny port wine, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, and club soda. Refreshing and a touch of tart, this cocktail is rumored to have been a favorite of Al Capone. 

8. Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea

Hong Kong milk tea

A popular drink in Hong Kong cafes, this easy-to-make tea is a part of the local HK culture. It’s also known as “silk stocking” milk tea because it’s usually brewed in a big tea sock that looks like a stocking. 

Only three steps are needed to make it: Brew your favorite black tea, stir in sweetened condensed milk, and either add ice or enjoy it hot. You can make it in your apartment’s fully equipped kitchen or try different variations throughout Hong Kong. 

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Kevin Crain

Kevin Crain

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