7 lazy dog breeds for apartment living

Looking for the best lazy dog breeds to join you at your new apartment? Consider these breeds, especially if you have a low-maintenance lifestyle

Editorial Team

By Editorial Team

man hugging a Pitbull puppy and it's licking his face

If you live in an apartment but want to get a pooch, consider some of the more lazy dog breeds.

While not every dog is well-suited for life in small spaces, there are many calm, easy-going pooches that will adjust easily to the lifestyles of their owners.

Here we offer seven of the best breeds for apartment dwellers, as well as everything you need to know ahead of time. 


Do dogs and apartments mix?

There’s no question that dogs and apartments don’t always mix. Living in a small space with a very high-energy dog is difficult for everyone involved. The dogs typically wind up unhappy and with a lot of pent-up energy.

In some cases, they may become destructive, chewing on carpets or in extreme cases, ripping up flooring.

When people make intentional decisions about the breed of dog they want, it’s easy to find a great match that can thrive in an apartment environment.

If you’re adopting from a shelter, and can’t get much breed information don’t fret!

Just be aware that certain dogs need and want more exercise and space to spread out than others. 


7 breeds perfect for apartments

These pooches are happier living in smaller spaces compared with others.

1. Pugs

Pugs are cheerful, affectionate, and playful.

Gentle yet stubborn, they’re chock-full of personality, easily adaptable, and very tuned in to their owner’s moods.

woman hugging her pug

Pugs are ideal for apartment living because of their small size and lower energy levels.

While they need some activity, they’re perfectly happy with a good walk around the block, after which they’ll take a long nap to sleep it off.

If these dogs get about 30 minutes of activity each day, they’re happy.

2. Shih Tzu

Compared to other toy dog breeds, the Shih Tzu is not jealous, demanding, or loud.

In fact, people who own these dogs report that they’re cheerful, warm, intelligent, and full of character.

They also have a stubborn side and are one of the more difficult dogs to housebreak. With love and attention, these dogs can become excellent small-space companions.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A dog breed that loves to please, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adapts well to virtually all environments. This is a gentle and attentive dog that loves people and wants to show affection.

Playful, intelligent, and friendly, this is a great match for anyone who wants an apartment dog, but has a higher activity level than would suit most easy-going animals.

cavalier king charles spaniel puppy laying on a pillow

4. Pekingese

One of the best apartment-size pooches, the Pekingese is both beautiful and laid-back. Known for being a loving lap dog, this breed is calm, quiet, and well-suited for older people.

Don’t let day-to-day laziness fool you. This pooch loves walks and will thrive with a few outings every day.

When they’re not sleeping in your lap, they will do what all other easy-going animals love to do: relax on the couch and watch the world go by.

5. French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are great companions, and they’re cute as all get out. Sociable and affectionate, these dogs are known for their quirky personalities and easy adaptability within a family.

black french bulldog at the park holding a stick

The females are especially loving and are the most popular of the breed.

They love relaxing and sleeping, but can also be very playful.

Frenchies will be happy with some cuddles and a good basket of toys.

6. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a cute, perky, active little dog that’s ideal for younger apartment dwellers.

They’re also great for people who want to get a playmate that works well in small spaces.

Alert, intelligent, and excitable, these dogs need plenty of mental stimulation but will thrive with puzzle toys and daily walks.

7. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is an animated, bold, personality-dense dog that definitely fits the description of a lazy apartment dog. To this dog, family means everything, and it will do well with devoted people that see to his or her needs.

While they’re not very sociable with outsiders, they love their humans and are great for apartment living.


Pet-friendly apartments

If you live in an apartment, there are many lazy dog breeds that will do just fine for your lifestyle. These seven are excellent to start with.

So if you’re unsure which dog breed will be right for you, ask around friends and family members.

They’ll be able to give you some recommendations to help you find the dogs that work best for you and will be the ideal fit for your apartment lifestyle.


Inside view of an apartment with wooden floor and a beige carpet on the left half of the floor. On top of the carpet is a a black coffee table and a grey sofa with a blue and white striped cushion and behind the couch is a grey wall with a small photo frame of the woods which is opposite a black flat screen television on top of a black tv stand. In the background is a table with four chairs next to a large window with a view of the city

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