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Travel nurses around the nation enjoy endless opportunities to experience a new city, hone their clinical skills, and make an immediate impact especially when needing to be mobilized during extreme situations like a health pandemic or natural disaster. The life of a travel nurse puts you on the front lines of primary care, without forgetting the need for a convenient and fully-serviced home. Your travel nurse housing should be ready to receive you straight away with additional flexibility based on the job’s needs. With assignments that can last anywhere from an average of 13 weeks to as long as 6 months, work placement uncertainty shouldn’t make you have to compromise on the best turnkey solutions for temporary accommodations. In exceptional circumstances such as needs for quarantine, privacy, rapid response proximity, extended shift convenience, and staff and patient influx, we are committed to finding a flexible solution to your housing needs.

Ideal housing solutions for travel nurses

Blueground, a provider of thoughtfully-equipped and fully-furnished apartments for stays of 30 days or longer, offers studios, one-bedroom & two-bedroom apartments located near major medical centers across seven U.S. cities. We are proud to offer accommodations for medical professionals at leading institutions around the country such as the Hospital for Special Surgery, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital. With ideal homes that can be booked online or over the phone, you’ll enjoy the benefit of secure housing on arrival from a credible resource with vetted properties. Everything is ready for you from day one -- from fresh linens to activated utilities and hi-speed WiFi -- so you can jump into work straight away.

Ideal Housing Solutions for Travel Nurses

Reasons to book with Blueground
for travel nursing

One team by your Side

When booking travel nurse housing for yourself or your team, you can secure your home directly with Blueground through our website. Whatever your apartment hunt criteria are, from parking to a bedroom away from street noise, our Sales team is here to listen and find you the ideal home. We are in touch from search & book to move-in and move-out to ensure a seamless living experience that moves at your pace.

Easily booked online

No more phone tag with real estate agents, or unmet expectations by unreliable brokers. A tech-powered search and booking experience allows you to browse our live listings and filter for your ideal travel nurse apartment, price out a payment plan that works for you, and reserve in a few clicks. In a matter of hours, payment and leasing paperwork are digitally managed before arrival at your traveling nurse housing. Our Enterprise Sales team can directly bill relocation experts and travel nurse agencies for their travel nurses in order to easily coordinate payment by housing stipend.

One Team by Your Side

Amenity-supported living experience

Travel nurses, caregivers and medical professionals give it their all, day in and day out. That’s why our homes are the perfect match for frontline medical staff who appreciate having all the facilities they need within reach -- like a full kitchen, washer and dryer. If at any point during your stay you need a repair, extra towels or a spare key, our Guest App is here to help. Temporary housing for travel nurses shouldn’t feel any less than a home even if it is so for just a few weeks.

Flexible lease terms

Blueground works closely with travel nurses who get their assignments extended at the last minute. When possible, we make every effort to accommodate them in the same furnished apartment or to find a nearby apartment that matches their criteria and keeps them on the same lease. If you need to terminate your contract early, our leases can be adjusted accordingly.

Temporary housing with a monthly lease

Healthcare professionals on the road to backfill their colleagues are familiar with the hassle of finding temporary housing on a month-to-month basis. Typically, that used to mean reluctantly taking a basement sublet, signing into an apartment rental for longer than needed, and renegotiating terms after the fact. With Blueground, all of our apartments can be rented starting at just 30 days and can be signed for the exact length that fits your assignment (even if that means ending on a Wednesday or halfway through the month).

Amenity-Supported Living Experience

Value-for-money rentals

Don’t lose out on renting a van to move your belongings or wasting evenings and days off to buy and resell furniture. Living in a furnished short-term rental offers you both time savings and pocketbook savings by having a turnkey home ready for your arrival. Our two-bedroom serviced apartments are well-suited for travel nursing with a family in-tow, or for colleagues sharing a home while on day/night rotations.

The best alternative to a hotel

Considering a hotel near your hospital or medical center? If your placement extends to more than two weeks of a given month, make your dollar go the extra mile by staying in a one-bedroom furnished apartment. Not only do you gain dedicated sleeping and living spaces, but you’ll be saving on your food and dry cleaning bills, too, by self-catering for meals and laundry. Make your housing subsidy or travel reimbursement go further when renting. Alternatively, our studios can start at just $99 a night (based on average pricing for a multi-month lease).

Trusted apartment provider

You may not have the convenience of attending open houses in person for your travel nurse housing options, but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the pick of the lot. Reserve your home online with Blueground and rest assured that your professionally cleaned and inspected apartment will be ready on move-in day.

Value-for-Money Rentals

Proximity to hospitals

Blueground offers travel nurse housing based near leading hospitals and health centers, which also serves the needs of medical staff and elderly outpatients seeking conveniently-located apartments.

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