Private apartments for
senior citizens to shelter-in-place

With the nursing home population most impacted by COVID-19, senior citizens and their caretakers are now in urgent need of private short-term rentals that can offer safer conditions than group living facilities when it comes to weathering the pandemic storm. Our homes are equipped to offer comfort and safety for our most vulnerable population, along with lease flexibility so family members can keep their loved ones safe until long-term care facility conditions improve.

Ideal senior housing solutions

Those in need of senior housing options can rely on Blueground for temporary, serviced apartments - as a number of retirement homes, nursing homes & assisted living communities either pause resident intake or temporarily close during these unprecedented times. We offer short-term and fully-furnished housing for stays of 30 days or longer suited to the flexible care needs of your senior loved one. Our fully-equipped studios, one-bedroom & two-bedroom apartments come with functional furnishings, full kitchens (complete with all necessary cookware & utensils), fresh linens/towels, activated utilities, premium amenities and in walking distance to hospitals, parks, grocery stores, and all public transport. Need a repair, or have a general rental question? Our locally-based team is available by phone, email and app to guide you and your loved one through any request. Browse and book today, and move in tomorrow so you can relocate - an older parent or grandparent and their caretaker swiftly and safely.

Blueground’s short-term rentals for seniors

Blueground’s short-term
rentals for seniors

All-inclusive services
with safety in mind

Our senior-friendly apartments are professionally-cleaned with rigorous disinfection in between stays, and also include welcome kits with all your essential daily cleaning supplies. From booking to move-in, through to maintenance and cleaning, your care is managed by a trusted team offering non-intrusive digital and phone support for contactless service requests during social distancing measures. For repair requests or cleaning appointments, our easy-to-use Guest App lets you manage all your apartment needs so that senior residents get the service they need with a few simple clicks.

A private space of your own,
at a lower cost

Those who don’t require continuing care services shouldn’t feel pressured into paying for sky-high nursing home costs if they can avoid it. Blueground's homes are independently equipped with kitchens, private bathrooms, on-site laundry facilities and dedicated living and sleeping spaces that fit your budget. Starting at $99/night (based on 12-month lease pricing), you’ll be saving up to 55% over the cost of neighboring assisted living units, and up to 60% over downtown extended stay hotels. Our two-bedroom and three-bedroom options also make for economical shared living options when providing for caretakers or family members to live alongside elderly loved ones.

All-inclusive services with safety in mind

Easily booked online or by phone

Caregivers and retired residents can simply browse our site for their ideal furnished apartment by reviewing our live listings, complete with recent photos, floorplans, pricing and building amenity lists. We understand that senior residents may not have an updated credit score or may have difficulties finding a lease guarantor. Blueground is here to help find a payment plan that works.

Building and community perks
you want

Blueground’s apartments for senior residents cover your lifestyle wants and needs. Filter through our homes that offer elevator access and doorman services for added accessibility, security and on-hand assistance with deliveries, mail, and small repairs. Our homes offer you the privacy and safety you need -- secured instantly.

Centrally located for your convenience

We know centrality is key to making senior housing more ideal. That’s why we’re proud to offer private rentals based near local transportation hubs with superior walkability, as well. Blueground’s listing page allows you to browse using a map should you favor being close to a park, the waterfront, or a family member’s home. A number of our furnished apartments are also found in proximity to leading hospitals and medical centers, making them a popular choice with travel nurses and mobilized medical staff. Oftentimes found in locations that are better connected than those for long-term care facilities, you’ll have the life of the neighborhood at your doorstep. Our team is happy to help track down the ideal housing solution for your peace & comfort -- let’s talk!

Amenity-Supported Living Experience